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  1. Thank you for above .
  2. Hi ,looking at the dining options for Virtuosa ,some good options ,can anyone give any pricing for them please .
  3. We are just looking at MSC Virtuosa 29th June ,we haven’t cruised with MSC before and thought we would try a short cruise in case it wasn’t to our taste ,as I have read some poor reviews as to food and entertainment . The great selling point is to be able to sail out and back from Liverpool’s majestic waterfront. Also the UK should be fully out of lockdown by then enabling us to access ports . We will cruise further afield in the autumn if possible .My main worry is MSC are not mandating passengers have had both vaccinations .
  4. Thank you ,He cannot travel to Uk either .I am aware that Australian citizens have been to court over this issue so I will just have to wait till travel is reinstated .We will hopefully tag on a cruise after our visit.
  5. Hi ,yes I was referring to your post ,I’m sorry but although I have been on C/C for awhile I still can’t get my head around the processes.Thank you for your reply I have only just found replies to an earlier post so would like to apologise to those kind people who did reply with information .
  6. Hi , we are in the UK and desperate to travel to Brisbane but due to our travel restrictions cannot ,I am surprised that you are able to travel with the issues Melbourne have had .Brisbane has just had a 3 day lock down .are your dates for this year ?For family reasons we need to travel but have been advised although I gave birth to my son I am not classed as his immediate family ,this only applies to spouses ,partners or a legal guardian .
  7. Hello ,can any anyone help ,I am from the UK and my son living in Brisbane has told me we won’t be able to visit this year as OZ aren’t opening their borders to international travel anytime this year.I have just seen a carnival cruise being offered for November this year has there been a change anyone is aware of please .We are desperate to see our grandchildren by boat plane I would swim if I could .Thanks in anticipation of a reply .
  8. Hi I just thought I would share . My brother in law has just been contacted by Celebrity To advise him his Eclipse cruise in February 2021 has been cancelled .Well done Celebrity letting him know prior to full payment Date of October 25th.He was offered either a 125% Future Credit Or a refund of his deposit.he will take the refund as he already has some booked for 2021 but I am happy to see Celebrity now acting in a more customer focused way ,which will hopefully help with their Customer retention .It has renewed my faith in them . required
  9. Thanks ,how things change husband has virus symptoms we have just been for a test and should know in 2-5 days so we will wait to make any decisions . We haven’t tried Fred Olsen but have been on the Hal ships that they have bought and quite enjoyed them .But would love to sail out of Liverpool and some good offers on them .Just when we travel we like to meet others from around the world not just from the Uk and Fred has a reputation for the older crowd .We have sailed with some fun older people with great stamina but one year on HAL those on our table went to bed after dinner .We aren’t
  10. Thank you for the correction ,I am only asking as others seem to think the QE is now cancelling their original itineraries For 2021 and will be in the med till the autumn before sailing to OZ. We have just been advised in Liverpool we cannot meet anyone from other households inside or out as of midnight tomorrow. My children live in Australia and Dublin And i am desperate to see them and grandchildren . We were due to cruise from Singapore to OZ and have Christmas in Dublin so just want something to look forward to even if it is a long time away . warm regards to all .
  11. Hi all , I have just had an offer for a 7 day cruise with the QE2 from Southampton . As the saying goes if it seems to good to be true it probably is .Yet I am being drawn in as it is a no fly cruise and from Liverpool we can be at the port in just over 4 hrs and the price of £499 for 7 days In a balcony is fabulous.Just the thought of no flights is enticing ,if things go wrong we can make our way Home under our own steam .We have been on Cunard before not necessary our first choice but we did have bad weather No fault of Cunard but we felt the the entertainment was poor .We have go
  12. Sorry that was my mistake I thought you meant the U.K. brand ,I have been wanting to get that cruise out of my system for a while .
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