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  1. Definitely the buffet. All you can eat of whatever's in the fridge, and you don't have to dress up.
  2. Very strict. Went on a cruise with a bunch of young teen cousins. All old enough for the teen club except one who was turning 13 a week after the cruise. She was not allowed.
  3. We cancelled. One member in our group is over 70, and concerned. I have little kids at home (they weren't coming) and I can't take the heightened risk of not being able to get home to them in a week. Cruise ship are petri dishes for lots of things in general, and though we have never gotten sick, there are too many additional factors in this. And even if we don't get sick or quarantined, it seems selfish to potentially spread this around our cities and workplaces, until we understand more about how it spreads and affects people.
  4. MDR is fine. I'm veg, not vegan, but many of the veg options are vegan. At the buffet, for lunch I love the Indian section - it's usually some of the better tasting food on the ship and a good place for beans and veggies. They make a veggie burger too if you ask. I *think* it is vegan. And always plenty of salad. The specialty restaurants are lacking. The steakhouse will make tofu if you request in advance but I usually just eat the sides. The bistro has one fine veg option but it has cheese. The hibachi cooks everything together, so while they have plenty of veggies, I can't watch it being cooked on the meat covered grill. O'sheahans has nothing o can think of and will usually act annoyed if you request a veggie burger.
  5. Thanks - I've been following carefully 🙂 which is what made me think I needed to do a little more planning for this one. Even on the smaller ships when we didn't need show reservations I found we would have to skip dessert to make it to a show on time.
  6. I usually like to wing it when it comes to meals on vacation, but I'll be on the Encore in this summer and also really want to see the shows. How do I find out when the shows are, so I can plan around them? And do I book shows in advance, or only once on board?
  7. What's the best way to get from the dockyard to Hamilton?
  8. We are doing 2 overnights with NCL. I've never done an overnight anywhere and want to use the time wisely. We are a mother and daughter, 40something and 70something both in good shape for walking. Not looking for a wild adventure or sunbathing. Not really into shopping. Any good unique experiences? A good beach for just some some scenery without planting ourselves there all day? Nature or wildlife experiences? Help me create an itinerary!
  9. Funny, I was going to ask if anyone tried the spaghetti and if it's comparable to Scarpetta. They're well known for it.
  10. A family member booked it, so I don't have the email. I'll check with them, but wondered if it was normal to not be there quickly.
  11. How long does it take after booking for a trip to appear on your MyNCL? I booked this week and don't see it there. I don't have the reservation number to look it up.
  12. I came across this yesterday when I looked - https://eatsleepcruise.com/2019/12/norwegian-encore-restaurant-menus-and-dining-guide/
  13. Yes, MDR. Specialty restaurants would be nice to have too. I know they don't change much.
  14. I know people sometimes post them here but is there a reliable way of accessing any ship's most current menus?
  15. Also, the private island is tough. No veggie burgers. Usually bad pizza, and premade salads. It's fine, but keep expectations lower there.
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