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  1. Oh and if you bring an inflatable, rinse it before bringing it back into your cabin - we put it out to dry on the balcony without thinking and then the balcony was covered with sand for the rest of the week. Ick.
  2. I drank Pina coladas until my kid had enough cups to scoop sand with. That was the bulk of my plan but then some very kind family was leaving the beach and gave us their giant blow up tube float and my kids adored it for hours. I would absolutely bring one next time. Takes a bit to blow up by mouth, but very portable. It fits in the outer pocket of my suitcase, so I don't lose space.
  3. What room class typically has the bigger balconies with a lounge chair instead of a regular chair? I don't care what ship I'm on, where I'm going, how the food is, as long as I can sit on my own balcony in peace for half the day. It's time for me to step up the game and make sure I have a proper lounge chair. What should I be looking for?
  4. Does anyone have a link to a cross section view, to get an idea of what is on each deck at a glance? Like the map by the elevators.
  5. I was recently with family when there was an emergency at home. If they got off in Miami to return home, it would have been hundreds of dollars in fines and an expensive last minute flight. Instead, they waited an extra day and left from Nassau, and paid a $15 fee, and got a super cheap last minute flight. I can't speak for planning to leave early vs an emergency situation, but in our case there was no big fine to leave from Nassau. As for choosing between family and work, you just need to choose. We've all had big choices to make and you need to do what works best for you.
  6. I also have lots of love for the great outdoors and spinaker. It's been a long time though so I can't speak to the updates. I used to think it was sort of a boring ship, but since my last few we're on the mega ships, I truly miss the jewel/gem. The big ships have more "stuff" but is lacking those nice loungy spaces that weren't packed with people.
  7. Underwhelming but for just one week I found 2 books to read without a problem. And my elementary school kids flew through a stack of the series they enjoy.
  8. This past December in the Escape...there were a few of them but the most popular was probably Gerald. He would also be serving coffee in the garden cafe at breakfast, and come by singing "coffee coffee". He's awesome and yes, my kids are still singing it too.
  9. The bistro stack thing is good, but it's been on the menu for forever. Time for them to mix it up. La cucina has the most choices, and you can ask for multiple half portions to try a few things. I don't think their food is great Italian food but the options are nice and varied. Cagney's I get the stuffed baked potato and a few sides. They're willing to make a tofu dish, particularly if you call in advance, but I do like their veggie sides. Teppenyaki will make extra veggies but I can't sit and watch my food cooked in meat juice so I skip it. The MDR depends on if you like the choice that night. A few times whatever the main veg choice was I considered to be inedible (the pad Thai comes to mind. And a risotto dish that I don't think they make anymore). I try to plan my specialty dining around what nights the MDR options suck. I usually like the Indian food at the buffet, and the salad bar. I certainly never go hungry - the variety is great even when I think the quality is lacking.
  10. Wow, Beringer must have really upped their game since I last drank that stuff years ago!
  11. This week there was an angry guy stomping his feet at 5am because it wasn't open yet. (Sorry/not sorry...)
  12. I usually sail NCL, but have also been on RCCL and Carnival. I'm considering a summer Mediterranean cruise on Princess with an 8 and 5 year old. I'm not familiar with Princess, and wondering what it's known for, what the vibe is etc. Thanks!
  13. My kids hated it (5 and 8). But didn't have a good reason why. I sent them a few times anyway and they excitedly shared art projects, performed in a show, had face painting etc and appeared happy when they came out. But when I mentioned sending them the next day they protested each time, and when I asked if they wanted to go on another cruise they said "only if we don't have to go back to kids club." I thought the programming and facilities looked great and the staff was nice.
  14. Just out of curiosity, what is your preferred cruise line and ship, and why?
  15. I hope you can get in your workout at 6am, and move past a coffee packet error in order to enjoy your time. There's still sunshine and music and fresh ocean air out there to enjoy. Little things like that annoy me too, but being out on the sea is still better than a regular old day at home.
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