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  1. The only time I did a live was the one time I paid for "unlimited" internet. Internet worked well and wasn't glitchy, so it was easy to update and add pictures every day. I'd like to do another live this summer but it's Alaska so I don't know if I can justify paying for Internet when I should be able to easily have Internet in port.
  2. I haven't been on the joy but the only room I've been in on any ship that my magnets wouldn't work was a Haven room (Escape).
  3. They will open and close it by request, but we just leave it open. My tween needs space sometimes so she can go up there with headphones during the day to escape us if needed.
  4. Thanks! I'll only have about an hour left after the Ketchikan excursion, but will see how the day goes - that's the perfect option if we have time. And I'm not sure we can convince my travel companions to do a second hike in Skagway - is it safe for a single to do alone? Looks like something I would enjoy!
  5. This is my second Alaska cruise and looking for feedback on my current excursion choices. Juneau - Whales and Rainforest trails (last time did helicopter to Mendenhall) Skagway - Chilkoot trail hike and River float (last time rented a car and drove to Emerald lake) Ketchikan - Black Bear and Wildlife Exploration (haven't been there before) Anything else I should consider? We like nature and outdoor. Skipping the railway since we already drove that route.
  6. Thanks for the responses! Yes, my question was specifically about the multi generation trip I'm considering now, but I don't mind the input overall, in case DH and I can ever ditch the kids for a solo trip! (I WOULD like to try Virgin...) We have done the major lines and I wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something. We haven't loved the last couple of Carnival. I generally like Royal but our last one was on an older ship to Alaska - so there wasn't much, and the rock wall kept closing due to weather. I'd be happy to try them again, and the NCL ships are usually a good in between for the big family trips.
  7. The single is not "tagging along." It an unmarried senior citizen and a senior couple. They travel together, and it's expensive for a single to travel. It's disproportional, even if you can technically afford it.
  8. Because they now prefer Haven for all the other amenities.
  9. All of them 😂 The current one we're looking at is Dawn, but this is an ongoing question. They were previously just getting 2 regular balcony rooms, but now prefer Haven and trying to figure out the best way to make it work without paying 15k for one person.
  10. 3 adults - 1 couple, and one single. Single wants private sleeping space, but not the teeny tiny kids size space. Haven preferred. Does this exist? Haven prices are silly for a single to have their own room.
  11. Because I have no self control and would never fit into my cruise clothes. But once I'm on the ship, give me cookies and chips!! And hash browns. And mozzarella sticks.
  12. I just looked back at my pics but like I said it was at the end of the trip, so I guess I stopped taking pictures of snacks by then! Whatever they were, hopefully they have them again this summer.
  13. Very important question about the tortilla chips - on our last cruise on the last day we requested some and the ones were got were seasoned like a BBQ type flavor and we loved them. Is this the type they usually are? We are putting together our request list for the next cruise now!
  14. What cruise line would you go? Which is your favorite of the mainstream commercial cruise lines, and why? And how do YOU think they compare to NCL when it comes to food and service etc? The more recent Carnival ones I did I didn't care for at all. Newer ships but I hated the layout. Didn't care for the service or food. Didn't like how over the top the cruise directors are. Only one recent one on Royal and it was an older ship. I would like to try one of their newer ships again but the service was excellent. The food was comparable to NCL (which I think is mediocre to good). Planning an extended family trip and trying to decide or see if there's anything I'm missing before I go back to NCL as my default. Youngest kid is 11 up to grandparents. Warm weather, easy to get to from the east coast. Christmas week. (We're stuck with school schedules...)
  15. I have the Encore booked. I wanted Glacier Bay, and to fly in and out of Seattle. But yeah, some of the port times are very short. Places we would normally think to find ouu own excursions seems risky with the short time. Or in Victoria when you don't dock until 8pm on the last night. Seems like a waste. Editing to add - I did Alaska once before. So I'm ok with a lot of ship time for the views, and seeing whales from the ship.
  16. Yup. You don't have to do the sled ride, and (when I went) it was only $7 each to just hang out with the puppies. We mostly went for my animal loving 8 year old but all had fun.
  17. EXACTLY. And where's the club? The grilled cheese?
  18. Yeah, I'm a NY native. This isn't a diner menu.
  19. I didn't make a reservation. Partially because I was nervous about renting a car, and timing. But timing was fine and there really wasn't a way to get lost along the way. We did it on the way back, so we would know our time frame better and how long we could spend. There was no large bus tour or anything when we got there to make me feel like I needed a reservation. This was in the summer of 22, so of course YMMV. The venue was super low key.
  20. Mozzarella sticks at the American Diner. No? Too soon?
  21. Now I'm dreaming of mozz sticks. Did NCL used to have a restaurant called Blue something (blue lagoon?) that had munchie type food late at night? Can't remember if it was NCL or RCL that I used to go to at midnight on the last night with my cousins. That and spinach artichoke dip that wasn't bland and watery like Osheahans. Ever since then mozz sticks have been missing from my cruise ship life.
  22. Nooooo!!! I was reading this thread thinking "meh. But I'll stop by at least once during a trip for mozz sticks!" Ugh. I'm a vegetarian and it's my go to greasy vacation food.
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