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  1. Thank you for your responses. I have another related question. We received the 25% SM discount after having booked the minimum number of excursions. We are traveling to South America / Antarctica where several ports may get canceled due to weather. If Oceania cancels a port and we fall below the minimum threshold, do they still honor the 25% SM discount?
  2. I just logged into Oceania to review our account and see that they have now added another pricing category for Shore Excursions labeled "Unlimited". We previously booked 5 shore excursions on our South America/ Antarctica cruise which allowed us a 25% "Simply More" discount from the ala carte pricing. I also used a $400pp OBC offered through their New Year's Sale. When I attempted to do a price comparison between "Simply More" and "Unlimited" pricing, I found that several of our choices are priced as N/A under the "Unlimited" category. My questions are two-fold. (1) Do you have to book a shore excursion every day you are in port with the "Unlimited" package? (We have an overnight at one port, so I would assume that I need to book 2 excursions under the "Unlimited" plan.) and (2) If the tour that we prefer does not have "Unlimited" pricing do we pay the SM price w/ 25% discount or ala carte pricing? We are new to Oceania, so any guidance or thoughts are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you. Still considering our options and appreciate all feedback.
  4. Thank you. I tried that this morning, but it only said that I had none booked, but it would not allow me to book anything. I will keep checking back.
  5. How far in advance of the cruise can culinary classes be reserved? We are booked on the Marina in February 2025. Any other information regarding the experience is most appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you. I did not see the disclaimer. Fortunately, we looked 2 days later and they had availability.
  7. We have been notified that we are waitlisted for the only excursion that Oceania offers at this port (360 days out). I am having trouble finding a private tour from this specific location as they all seem to come out of Puerto Montt, which is our next port of call. Has anyone been able to book a private excursion in Laguna San Rafael? We would love to get up close to the Glacier via catamaran, zodiac, or kayak. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  8. I appreciate the above comments. My heart tells me to go to Volunteer Point, but my wallet is leaning towards Bluff Canyon Reserve (significant cruiseline discount). Thank you.
  9. We are debating between the ship's tour to Bluff Canyon Lagoon and a private tour to Volunteer Point. Any suggestions and feedback are appreciated.
  10. Thank you so much for your responses. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  11. Our friends have the cabin next to us. do the veranda doors open to allow us to visit with each other?
  12. Starting to plan for a pre-cruise trip to the Iguazu Falls. The cruise departs from Buenos Aires. We are considering flying from the US to Rio for a few days, then traveling to the Iguazu Falls for a day or 2, before heading to Buenos Aires. Does anyone who has done this have any suggestions? It appears that the cheapest airfare has us flying into the Brazilian side and out of the Argentinian side. Is there adequate transportation between these two airports to make this a reasonable DIY option?
  13. As the OP, I genuinely appreciate all of the feedback. We ultimately elected to book with Oceania as it included several other South American ports that we were anxious to visit, as well as Antarctica. If we love it, we have the option of going back on an expedition cruise at a later date.
  14. Does anyone have a picture of the extended verandas on deck 7 of the Marina? Specifically wondering if they have glass or solid railings. We don't mind the vibration, but we want the view. Thank you for your comments.
  15. thank you for your quick response.
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