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  1. I rarely shop at Coles, but I’ll make the effort if the quiches taste good. I am coeliac. For frozen pies, I microwave for 2 minutes then into the oven on 160 degrees for 20 mins. Crisp and perfectly cooked. I’ve actually found gluten free pastry on pies to be nice and crisp. Frozen sheets of the raw stuff, however, is worse than useless!
  2. However, selling an Australian cruise for Australian passengers in Australia, I believe they have to comply with Australian laws.
  3. Hopefully I won’t have to test it out! My travel agent, CLIA masters, have also backed up that promise in writing though.
  4. Domestic travel insurance policies only cover flying and land based activities, not cruising. International policies cover if you need to be air lifted to hospital, costs to get you to the next port if you miss the ship, and medical costs on board the ship, etc. The South Pacific policy is the cheapest, then Europe and USA. Two cruises are west coast, two from Fremantle to east coast. Credit card insurance doesn’t cover domestic travel or cruising domestically. Ponant will completely refund if the cruise doesn’t happen. I think the days of border closures may now be over, but perha
  5. I have four domestic cruises booked this year, two of them (in August and September) completely within WA. So cruising has restart dates already. The criteria for the very small ships is that all passengers are Australian residents. Obviously no international tourists would have been allowed to fly in, anyway. There is mention of having a PCR test on boarding but no mention of being vaccinated. These cruises are before vaccinations are likely to be completed. I had to take out an international travel policy (for Australia, NZ and Fiji) as this covers domestic cruising. Evacuatio
  6. 8035 is midship. I was in 8022 on a transatlantic and had no problems at all. There was no noise from the pool deck above. I really like deck 8 as it is a quick walk up one set of stairs to the pool and buffet, and just one more for the Lounge.
  7. Oops! Sorry. Too many ships and cabins to remember. Perhaps also because in the Princess mini suite, the drawers/bench wrapped around a bit to create a divide.
  8. I have always found it to be more expensive pre-cruise as the conversion rate US$ to AUD is well below market rate. And the OP wants to utilise the best conversion rate. I definitely concur that you don’t pass on drinks, even though you can “buy” two at a time from the bar. However, you can always follow the advice above and track changes in AUD for the package. After all, no definitive decision is made until the last available date. Nevertheless I think purchasing onboard is the best value at the current exchange rate, but hold a watching brief by all means. (I remem
  9. You need to find a deck plan that shows the indents where bed heads fit. So far I haven’t found one. These diagrams also show if the bed is by the balcony or bathroom.
  10. Don’t pre-purchase the drinks package. Buy it once on board. You can do that on arrival or at any bar that day or the next. And just insist your cabin mate is tea-total. However she most likely will have to buy the soda package. You also tell the Purser’s desk at any time during the cruise that you want to be charged in US$. That way they don’t charge you a fortune (well, 3%) for their bank to convert. This is not through the cruise planner. It is worth confirming on the last day, too.
  11. I’ve booked on Ponant’s Le Soleal from Broome to Fremantle in September, but unfortunately still have to pay for two (excluding port fees). It is great seeing the small ships able to come earlier to Australia. Actually, Le Laperouse shifted over from NZ. I did not think I would be cruising much at all in the future, but I now have four in Australia this year! (Coral Adventurer, Ponant x2, Azamara Journey.) I still like Solstice class the best of the larger ships.
  12. Ponant is back in Australia this year with Le Soleal and Le Laparouse. I have booked the 10 night cruise from Broome to Fremantle in September. But......I am Western Australian! Right now I cannot see international guests being on board unless they do the 14 days quarantine in Perth first. IF they can get here. Of course, by September this hopefully will have changed. I’m sure the cruise lines are hoping so! The ship may well be full of Australians only.
  13. I do receive some emails from Azamara, but mainly those relating to the recent sale, but not upcoming cruises. I logged into my account today to see I still have points, but my cruising history has disappeared. I just assumed that was because there is now a new owner? Edit: All past cruises are back in now. It must have taken time to download in the new system as it’s been two years since I last logged in. Email settings correct too.
  14. We put our luggage out the night before, so picked it up in the ten, walked outside and our driver was right there. It was a shared transfer for us, but really quick and easy.
  15. If you still want the space of the family room, bid for the mini suite (sitting area with sofa and much bigger bathroom). If you like, and have time for, spa facilities, go for that mini suite. If you are happy in the standard size cabin, bid on the balcony. Many people have won their upgrade with a poor bid. The value to you of the amount you bid, only you can assess. How much per day is it worth for you? (You don’t say how long your cruise is.) There are more offers than available cabins, so good luck to you if you proceed.
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