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  1. We put our luggage out the night before, so picked it up in the ten, walked outside and our driver was right there. It was a shared transfer for us, but really quick and easy.
  2. If you still want the space of the family room, bid for the mini suite (sitting area with sofa and much bigger bathroom). If you like, and have time for, spa facilities, go for that mini suite. If you are happy in the standard size cabin, bid on the balcony. Many people have won their upgrade with a poor bid. The value to you of the amount you bid, only you can assess. How much per day is it worth for you? (You don’t say how long your cruise is.) There are more offers than available cabins, so good luck to you if you proceed.
  3. It will still be summer in the Southern Hemisphere, but Falkland Islands and Ushuaia are really far south and always seem pretty cold. LAYERS are necessary. Wind proof jacket a MUST. Being from England, you may feel it is much hotter in Buenos Aires than I would. LAYERS. Sleeveless/short sleeve top, cardigan, jacket. Ports throughout Chile should be pretty warm. Some stall venders and shops in South American cruise ports will take US dollars, some not. We’ve experienced both. If you actually spend any days in Santiago, you will need local currency, or preferably use a credit card to pay for meals. Buenos Aires’ shops and restaurants used to have the “blue” economy and prices were much lower if paid in cash US$.
  4. That's good. Much easier than flying to Rome. She's back where she started! I really like Spirit: good size and a good layout. Love all those rear decks.
  5. You pay $230 extra to choose a "free at sea" option. If the dinner package, you will then also have to pay the 20% gratuity on top -- which is $25.80 for the 5-meal plan. If you choose the drinks package, the 20% is greater again. So no, it does not seem worth it. Save on the ticket price and buy a meals package if you want to dine around.
  6. QE2 is a lovely ship but Cunard is not designed for children. You will need to entertain them yourself. It is only two nights. Depending on their ages, eat at the buffet rather than MDR. Play board games in the Winter Garden, and shuffle board on deck.
  7. I am not on a cruise on Norwegian Jewel. I was responding to another cruisers query because I have been on the ship before to New Zealand and have stayed on deck 8 twice.
  8. Having a beverage package has nothing to do with being in a particular type of cabin. Inside cabin passengers have drink packages too. Nor are room types printed on the cards. CALL is printed on cards of guests with the drink alcohol beverage package.
  9. Of course you can. Just make sure you have separate accounts and don't give permission for the other person to use yours. Swap room cards and enjoy your studio.
  10. I have sailed on Jewel twice, both times on Deck 8 near the aft elevators. No noise at all and very handy to O'Sheehans. Over the nightclub might be noisy though. Is your departing flight domestic or international? No problem for a noon domestic flight but you haven't much wriggle room for international. We had a medical emergency after leaving Auckland which delayed arrival in Sydney by 2 hours. That is why you need to allow extra time for flights. I would suggest 1pm earliest for an international flight, but 2pm onwards for peace of mind. Most ports you can walk around at leisure. Wellington has the boardwalks and Te Papa museum. There is a great playground along the boardwalk. Or just take the funicular and walk down through the botanic gardens. There is a playground halfway down as well as the duck pond. Enjoy your cruise. Carol
  11. Rather than take the ship's excursion, I booked a tour with an excellent local tour company and filled it through our Roll Call. We could also modify the suggested tour to have more time at one place, etc. We did the Lookout at Mount Lofty, Harndorff, visited two wineries and had a bonus stop at the whispering dam wall. Back to the ship with time to spare. Fabulous day out for our mixed international and Australian cruisers. I think I used www.seeadelaide.com.au. The company was highly rated on trip advisor.
  12. You can just use it for sodas, but you will still have paid the large gratuity. Just don’t choose that option. We have been able to change our selection prior to sailing.
  13. I rang the Qantas Premier Card insurer this morning regarding the 30 days of travel. Yes, ONLY cover for 30 days. If you are away from home for 35 days, the last five days you are not insured. BUT...... the whole complimentary insurance is ONLY for 30 days each year! That’s right, 30 days of travel each statement year. Ridiculous! I have four overseas trips booked this year, and four next year, one of which is 30 days. No problem If I either never claim or only need to once, but the point of travel insurance is peace of mind for every trip. I will be ditching the Qantas Mastercard and keeping the ANZ Platinum visa with reliable Allianz. Once again a timely reminder to read policies carefully and telephone to clarify any concerns. Those future tours had the deposits paid on the Qantas card. I’ll make sure the balances are paid with the ANZ card. My dealings with Allianz have always been good. The agents were friendly, caring and helpful and payment was prompt.
  14. I head off tomorrow, this trip being covered by the ANZ Platinum card. However I received my Qantas Premier statement today along with some changes to terminology in the insurance policy. It made me sit down and read it through again. Good news: interstate inconvenience insurance with no excess. Noted this time: transport accident insurance - to activate, the full amount of return travel has to be paid with the card, not just minimum $500. Excess is $500 rather than $250. Bad news: the "trip" must not exceed 30 days. This is a real bummer! My current trip is for five weeks. One next year is exactly 30 days, so it's a good thing I don't intend to stay extra nights pre or post tour. ANZ was longer, but not more than 3 months at a time (if I remember correctly). I like the extra points earned on the Qantas card, and the bonuses, but I will have to consider very carefully before deciding to remain with it. Only 30 days away is a deal breaker. I will have to telephone the insurer for clarification.
  15. Ruby Princess 14 night “New Year’s Eve” cruise from Auckland to Sydney including flights (and that’s from Perth). $5395 for the cabin with two passengers. $193 pp/night. Plus $100 OBC. Not quite the Carnival bargain, but pretty good for that time of year.
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