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  1. Highly recommend Luggage Forward especially for cruises. We have used it for every cruise. The staff in Boston are on top of everything and follow up with texts. Our luggage has always been on time or early. Not everyone can do a carry on for a two week cruise, I certainly can’t and I am a light packer. Some people can’t handle heavy carryons that they have to hoist into the overhead or tire easily dragging suitcases to airport. This service is great for those of us who prefer to travel stress free and still have our wardrobe choices at hand. It really helps at international ports where tax
  2. I always love fashion discussions (call me shallow) and cruise critic never disappoints. Whether gentlemen prefer to pack their tux or a nice suit & tie, those “formal” nights bring out the handsome in all our guys.
  3. On all our cruises on Seabourn & Silversea we saw some tuxedos on formal nights but they were in the minority. My DH opted for a suit or a dark blazer & tie & dress trousers on the various formal nights. I think men can wear what brings them joy within those parameters on those nights & still look “dressed”. It is a wonderful touch to see everyone dressed up weather in a tux or in less formal business attire. Informal dinning is always available. I think it is just the way things are evolving. The cruise lines know that requiring a tux is bad for business but still encoura
  4. Wishing you a wonderful trip, Lois. Looking forward to your reports.
  5. We sailed the Muse from Sydney to Auckland just before Covid hit, and there were a few cigarette smokers who my husband met in the Connoisseurs Corner which, I think was originally designed for fine cigars and whiskeys etc. It was interesting that the cigar smokers were mostly American and cigarette smokers European. The indoor area is quite separate but on the Muse but the outdoor area was not appropriate since it was next to the outdoor area of Art's Cafe, so my DH never ventured out there so as to not annoy anyone. On the Moon & Dawn, it is configured quite differently as the outdoor
  6. Yes, “free” laundry on Silversea requires you to dole out the big bucks for at least a Silver Suite. We did for other reasons but you only have to pack half the clothes. Our butler, Mark, came each morning to pick up laundry. I think there are other ways depending on your status with number of cruises…but don’t quote me on that.
  7. So right Gourmet Girl….,happy choices indeed. We dressed the same on both lines and felt very appropriate. Nice dress or dress pants & silk top for me and nothing more formal than dress trousers & blazer (with tie for formal night) for my DH. We loved both lines.
  8. We have sailed on both Seabourn & Silversea on the newer ships only….. Encore, Ovation, Muse and would be hard pressed to make large comparisons. There are little ones, which would not be a deal breaker in our case. We loved the Thomas Keller Grill on Encore & Ovation (best coconut cake ever), I was not a fan of the giant waiting room style of the main lounge on the Muse, but I think they have reconfigured that area on the Moon & Dawn. The entertainment on both was very nice, with a slight nod to Seabourn. I also give the nod to the CDs on the Seabourn , Ross & Handre
  9. Yes, man made viruses & made made vaccines & man made anti viral drugs. What a world we live in.
  10. That was an interesting article explaining the viral loads and transmission. It might explain why my daughter & son in law never tested positive for Covid despite their 3 small children (who they closely cared for) presented with mild fevers for just a few hours, but tested positive for Covid. We have been scratching our heads every since. The children were exposed through a teachers aide.
  11. Wishing You All a wonderful cruise. Thanks for leading the way.
  12. Hi Lois, It's hard to say...... The Muse back in 2019 had a superior Japanese restaurant, Kaiseki. One of our favs We liked La Dame but not sure why it's an uncharge. The mushroom soup was the draw for us. We really loved Hot Rocks, not everyone does, but we loved cooking our own steak or chop....every bite was hot & juicy. The staff will cook if you don't want to. We love dinning on the deck at night...it's magical La Terrazza is usually themed.....Italian Night was the best, but the Pizza restaurant on deck 11 was perfect for a quick "light" meal with a
  13. Thanks for sharing,Terry. The Spectrum Bay News quote from the lawyers make sense. It may be that DeSantis will be forced to agree to the vaccine required by cruise line, since he can't mandate what the other countries require when they leave port. He will still be able to keep his anti passport stance in Florida, but he needs to acquiesse to this particular industry. The cruise industry already has to make concessions regarding children under 12. Hopefully, this can be worked out so everyone feels heard.
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