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  1. Nashna, we checked with Oceania and no such luck here. No mercy from above, our full payment for 22 days on Sirena starting in Southampton May 12 is still due on December 13. Possibly because this cruise obviously never touches the United States and is in line with pre-COVID corporate policy. It was worth a shot, good to hear that Oceania was good to you.
  2. Nashna, did Oceania contact you or did you have to ask for the final payment extension?
  3. It may have been a false-positive. The following is from an article yesterday in "The Maritime Executive" . "The ship’s captain announced that they had a preliminary positive test among one of the 53 passengers aboard the cruise at midday today, according to cruise travel reporter Gene Sloan, who is on the cruise and reporting for The Points Guy website. Sloan said that shortly before lunch the captain asked all passengers to return to their suites and that meals would be served to them there while the ship launched onboard testing for all of the crew and passengers. As of this e
  4. Gotta agree, cruiseej. Baltics are next on our bucket list and we looked at Silversea, Regent, Oceania, and Seabourn. Seabourn, especially, after a fantastic Scenic Fjords and North Cape cruise in 2019 on Ovation. However, it will be Oceania Marina for twelve days in June, 2021. Better port visits, overnights, and a convenient start and end in Southampton. We tried all of last year to find a Seabourn itinerary that offered something different from the pack, but it seemed like there were so many one day stops in the big, tourist attraction ports over and over again. We have such fond mem
  5. Sorry, DaisyUK, as of 9:35 a.m. EST, there is no such announcement on any American network news sites or on any of the sites like "Cruise Industry News". Let us hope that maybe there will be some good news later today.
  6. Here is the latest from Mr Del Rio about how long it takes to make a ship operational again. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23616-del-rio-at-least-60-days-to-get-a-cruise-ship-ready.html
  7. Perhaps tied to reported record bookings? https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23536-oceania-says-it-had-record-bookings-in-labor-day-sale.html
  8. I have to agree with your comment on itineraries, Fletcher. We are trying to complete the bucket list of places yet to see either off of a ship or a cruise combined with our own creation of a land tour, possibly a cruise line pre/post tour. We always look across our 4 or 5 favorite lines to find the right cruise. With the exception of a fantastic 2019 Norway cruise on Ovation, we have had trouble over the last few years seriously considering Seabourn itineraries. Somewhat hard to explain, too little intensity in certain places, too much back-and-forth, too much revisiting of places that we
  9. Surface Warfare Officer. Surface line, mighty fine.
  10. This site might be of some help to you, GeorgesGal, although it is oriented towards ships' crews and does not cover all possible ports in the Caribbean. It might be useful for other destinations. https://www.wilhelmsen.com/ships-agency/campaigns/coronavirus/coronavirus-map/
  11. Here is an interesting article from "The Maritme Executive" about the small ports that cruise ships are using for lay ups. If I remember rightly, Eastport, Maine, as a lay up port was previously discussed elsewhere on this board. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/cruise-ships-arrive-in-unusual-ports-for-warm-layup
  12. Yep, our October 15 on the Legend just evaporated. Not possible to sail Windstar in 2021 as we are already booked on Oceania and Regent. Someday, we will sail again on the Legend.
  13. I find it very odd that neither HAL or Seabourn said anything about who is in charge after Ashford and Meadows leave at the end of May. Such announcements usually say something like "so and so, VP for stuff, will be acting CEO while the company conducts a search for a new CEO". I'm not sure if I should read something into this or not. Perhaps another press release will be issued soon that will correct the impression that both companies will not be rudderless during an executive search or may name successors. However, I very much doubt that the departure of these CEOs came up just last week
  14. Understand completely, dalliowner. We should be in Normandy now for a week before a twelve day cruise followed by several days in London with friends from Yorkshire and London. Will imagine that I am also on a Sky Bar, my "home away from home", and hoist my bourbon tonight in a salute to all of us that should be elsewhere after so much anticipation. At least we are safe and healthy.
  15. An unfortunate way to uncover this arcane policy, Dick Barton. And certainly not very customer friendly. IMO, these are the kind of policies that should be disclosed at the time that the refund and FCC offers are made. Especially since such little time is given to decide if a refund is in one's best interest. We were given two weeks to make a refund decision, which is what I am certain is the same amount of time that everyone is given. Without a disclosure of the FCC offer terms and conditions, the customer may make an assumption which they may think is logical and fair to the customer on
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