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  1. This article was updated in September 2017 and for the East Coast only mentions Brooklyn. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1214 This article says the Brooklyn hook up didn't come on line until 2016, and says Brooklyn is the second East Coast port with an electrical hook up but doesn't name the other port, nor have I found mention of another East Coast port anywhere else. https://patch.com/new-york/gowanus/cruise-ships-docking-red-hook-can-now-plug-onshore-power-grid
  2. As we often stay at that hotel we've had dinner at Sirena a number of times. The outdoor location is terrific, the food and service very variable.
  3. njhorseman

    Ferry Pass

    $31.50 for an adult, $16 for a child age 5 to 15 . The pass is not only good for the ferries...it's also good for the public buses. They've gone back and forth over the years on acceptance or credit cards. I won't be going until October, so I don't know whether they currently accept credit cards. Perhaps someone who's been there recently can answer that question.
  4. No, you don't get a credit for not using it. Please read the Terms and Conditions. You'll see the following: "No components included in this offer have any monetary value, are non-refundable and non-transferable."
  5. Carol..the poster I was replying to confirmed it's the Star, not the Sky. NCL did a couple of cruises from Brooklyn earlier this year...I think on the Jade. Both this year and next the cruises involve a ship that was not usually home ported in NY but were in the process of being repositioned.
  6. That coupon hasn't been valid since July 1, 2017 . From the official port website nycruise.com : Parking discounts and coupons are no longer accepted (effective July 1, 2017).
  7. No one's ever report a problem getting a parking space there. FYI...I think you're on the Star, not the Sky. 😉
  8. With the cars-only lanes on the Turnpike and the new Goethals Bridge, which has wide lanes, the drive is easier than it used to be.
  9. njhorseman

    Santa Marta

    That's the excursion. Needless to say some of the wording pushes factual boundaries, such as describing it as a 5-Star Resort, and the "only mountain in front of the ocean in the world" claim. I still haven't figured out what that means even after the tour guide tried to explain it to another passenger. Bottom line is that we enjoyed the day. The biggest drawback was the plethora of vendors on the beach trying to sell you things. Some even had badges saying that they were approved to approach the hotel's guests.
  10. Not sure exactly what you mean by "how bad"...driving in NY City is rarely fun. Without knowing where your starting point is it's hard to make a specific recommendation, but if you're getting on the Turnpike somewhere from Elizabeth or south I'd use the route through Staten Island.
  11. njhorseman

    Santa Marta

    I recovered eventually but it did slow me down for a while. The medical center on the Gem treated it properly according to my family physician. In the process they did extract $9.100 from my wallet...but my travel insurance fully reimbursed me. A good lesson in why you need travel insurance and why you should always travel with at least one credit card that has a high credit limit.
  12. I didn't say that you said that. I was just laying out the full set of options for the benefit of those who might be reading but may be unaware of the options that substitute for the birth certificate when you're a US citizen, but not a US citizen born in the US.
  13. njhorseman

    Santa Marta

    "Doesn't look like the most interesting port" is an understatement. Of course I may be biased because the first time I was there I happened to be coming down with pneumonia. I though I just had a cold, but by that night I knew it was far worse. Second time there we took an excursion that was an all-inclusive day pass at a beach resort outside of town. Expensive, but we enjoyed it.
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