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  1. We are pretty happy with Blue Bay Beach although it can get crowded if more than one cruise ship is in port...apparently something that won't be a problem when you're in Curacao. It's part of a large residential and golf resort . IIRC and if prices haven't changed a taxi for up to 4 people from the pier to Blue Bay is $30 USD and adult admission is $8 per person. Admission includes use of a lounge chair, and there is food and drink available. I think it's best to arrange a pick up time with the taxi driver who takes you there as the location, while not terribly far from Willemstad, is a
  2. Well, you're wrong. The eviction moratorium doesn't fall into the same universe as the CDC's usual responsibilities for preventing the spread of disease, which is why it was so vulnerable to being overturned. The District Court judge's decision was about as narrow as could be. It's very clear that the ruling was based on the January 31, 2021 expiration of the law authorizing the eviction moratorium .
  3. The rule limiting cruises to 7 days is part of the Conditional Sailing Order that expires on November 1. Of course that doesn't guarantee anything, but as currently written the rule doesn't impact a 2022 cruise.
  4. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make because "including" certainly doesn't mean "limited to"...particularly given the last three words are "and other measures".
  5. I have no idea of what UK laws and regulations say, but in any event I'm sure the cruise lines would not have made these plans without making sure there were no legal obstacles. Given the US government's stance on cruising right now I don't think there's the slightest chance they would turn a blind eye, even temporarily, to the visa issue.
  6. The CDC already had authority over health and safety regulations for cruises as part of its role to detect and respond to health threats. The case you're citing turns very narrowly on the moratorium on evictions in the CARES Act expiring and not being specifically extended in subsequent legislation.
  7. First, the order of a lone District Court Judge is not binding outside that district. Second, that ruling was made on the narrowest of grounds, specifically addressing only whether the CDC's eviction moratorium was legal and has no applicability to what we're discussing here. To quote: "CONCLUSION This case involves the limited question whether Congress has given the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the authority to make and enforce a nationwide moratorium on evictions. This case does not implicate broader policy considerations regarding such a moratorium or depend o
  8. The Jones Act governs the shipment of merchandise. It's the Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA) that governs passenger transportation, but even that isn't the problem. The PVSA actually permits cruises to nowhere. The problem arises from the crew not having the proper work visa for cruises to nowhere. Our Department of Homeland Security considers a cruise to nowhere as never having left the US even though it normally enters international waters and the type of visa held by most crew members only permits incidental work presence in the US, such as would happen on a port day.
  9. Since cruises to nowhere are not legal in the US the UK cruises will not present the ful range of issues that have to be evaluated and dealt with here on US-based cruises . The various offshore homeport cruises run by the US-based cruise lines that are planned for this summer will provide a more complete picture of the full range of what has to be addressed.
  10. If NCLH "had submitted all their plans to the CDC weeks ago" why is it that this morning is the first time anyone has heard about it? Why is it that FDR did not say that in the letter he sent to the CDC this week? (The letter is included in this SEC filing : https://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/static-files/4bafe84e-bab9-46e6-bc40-f70917140639 ). The answer is that NCLH has never submitted its plans to the CDC after the CSO was adopted by the CDC at the end of October . In fact the cruise lines have complained that they were unable to submit their plans to the CDC because the CDC still needed to
  11. Emergent BioSolutions is not a "random company" picked by Biden and in fact is a longtime government contractor that has been supplying the federal stockpile with anthrax vaccine . Not a single dose of its COVID vaccines have been administered (see bolded sentence below): https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/06/us/covid-vaccines-emergent-biosolutions.html "WASHINGTON — More than eight years ago, the federal government invested in an insurance policy against vaccine shortages during a pandemic. It paid Emergent BioSolutions, a Maryland biotech firm known for producing anthrax vaccin
  12. Let's remember that Dr. Gottlieb was employed by NCL and Royal Caribbean to co-chair the Healthy Sail Panel, and I think it's safe to assume he was well compensated for doing so. Would anyone expect him to now say that the cruise lines couldn't sail safely ?
  13. I can't imagine using a zodiac to get ashore in Port Stanley if the cruise line wants its passengers to have a reasonable chance of living though the experience. I assume they use the ship's tenders . When we were there the seas were too rough and the port call was cancelled...something that happens fairly often as I understand it.
  14. No, CLIA's guesstimate of economic impact for 2019 was $55.5 billion for the entire US, not Florida, and less than half, $ 25.1 billion, was direct spending. The remaining $30 billion is a largely unverifiable estimate of indirect economic impact. While $ 25.1 billion isn't chump change, it's drop in the bucket of the US GDP, which was $21.43 trillion in 2019. Here's the full CLIA public relations puff piece: https://cruising.org/-/media/research-updates/research/2019-usa-cruise-eis.ashx
  15. Some experts are already calling it a political stunt that isn't legally viable. https://www.tampabay.com/news/florida-politics/2021/04/08/desantis-sues-cdc-to-get-cruises-restarted-experts-call-it-a-political-stunt/
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