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  1. Once again you've quoted a commercial for-profit passport expediting service. Two hints for you to keep in mind when searching for official information. First, the fact that this is a ".com" website virtually guarantees it's not a US government site, which normally are ".gov" sites, with perhaps the occasional ".org" for some quasi-governmental agencies. Second, please read the page you quoted. Right on the top of the web page it says "This is a privately owned website and not a government agency. Click to learn more." Sparks1093...I suspect your question is rhetorical, but in the event it isn't, this website clearly states in bold letters "The Six Month Validity Rule for U.S. Passports - List of Countries" so it's of no use for someone holding a Venezuelan passport.
  2. This list is from a commercial for-profit passport expediting service, not an official government source. Sites such as this one can't be relied upon for accuracy and should never be cited as a source of official information. I know your intentions were good, but you should take care to quote official sources.
  3. Your first statement, that I've highlighted in red, is not accurate. While it is up to each individual country to set its own passport requirements for those entering the that country, there are cruise lines that require every passenger to hold a passport with six months remaining validity regardless of whether any of the ports of call require it. In fact a ship might be on a closed loop Western Hemisphere cruise that does not legally require a passport at all for US citizens, but the cruise line has the right nonetheless to require every passenger to have a passport with six months validity. One cruise line I sail on, Oceania, has this requirement, and I know that other luxury cruise lines also follow this rule. Here's Regent Seven Seas' rule from their FAQs: https://www.rssc.com/frequently-asked-questions/you-sail As of January 1, 2016, U.S. passport holders will no longer be able to add additional visa pages to passports. Passport holders in need of additional pages will need to renew their passport prior to sailing. It is the policy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises to require passports for ALL travelers for all voyages, regardless of guests' nationality and ports of call and countries visited. You must obtain and carry a valid passport to board a Regent Seven Seas Cruises vessel. Passport Cards or a copy of a passport are not accepted. Passports must be valid for six months beyond the conclusion of your cruise. Please obtain or renew your passports early. Consult your travel professional or customs authority for documentation requirements for your cruise. Cruise lines can, and some do, set requirements more stringent than those mandated by law and regulation. I'm not saying that MSC necessarily follows this practice, I'm merely saying they can, and some other cruise lines do.
  4. I think you're risking finding few if any any mini buses if you arrive close to 6 as that's when the mini bus service is ending for the day. I've never stayed that late in the afternoon so I can't say exactly how late the facilities stay open. Beach season doesn't really start until late May so you might want to check the Rum Bum's website then for this year's operating hours.
  5. There's no sales tax charged while docked in Bermuda. Nothing has changed.
  6. Helpful, maybe. Gracious? You must have the wrong guy. Seriously, thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it.
  7. It's possible, but it could depend on whether they're strictly enforcing the rules that day as technically departing passengers are supposed to get taxis across the street. BTW, it's not at the parking lot level, which is the third level of the cruise terminal. You want the check in level where taxis drop passengers, which is the second level. (I'm calling street level the first level).
  8. FYI on our most recent cruise we made a last minute (morning of ) decision not to take one excursion and we received the $50 credit even though we never completed the excursion. Obviously we did pay for it as we were well beyond the cancellation deadline.
  9. For reasons I can't explain I've had it done both ways, capped at the excursion cost and $50 flat even though the cost was less than $50 on my last cruise. I can't conjure up any reason for it other than some foul up in the shore excursion office.
  10. It wasn't the cruise director who gave the percentage, it was the hotel director, a hell of a lot more credible source than your "any NCL cruiser knows". I'm done. Go argue with someone else. You're just pulling stuff out of the air.
  11. Wow, you've excluded 7% of the passengers. How generous. That doesn't even come close to reaching the percentage not having the drink package, between those under 21, those who book a "sailaway" rate that doesn't include promos, and those eligible for promos who don't take the drink package because they don't drink enough to warrant paying the 20% gratuity/service charge on the full retail price of the package. we don't because we rarely drink so it makes more sense to pay for drinks individually. The hotel director on my most recent cruise was asked about what percentage of passengers had the drink package, and while I don't remember the exact number, it was less than 50%...somewhere in the mid 40's as I recall. Further NCL is not the only cruise line charging sales tax while in port. It took me about two minutes to find confirmation that Carnival and Princess do, and I didn't even bother to search beyond that. So, don't worry about the facts. Fell free to just make things up to support your fallacious arguments.
  12. Sorry, but the only horrible and unhelpful posts were made by the OP, not anyone trying to answer the question.
  13. I've also tried it unsuccessfully. If you want people to answer your future questions you might want to drop your nasty attitude level a couple of notches. No one was trolling your post, they were trying to be helpful even if they didn't provide the exact answer or wording you were looking for.
  14. New or old, hardly matters, does it. Just joined cruise critic minutes ago and of course immediately jumps on a thread where you just know the bottom feeders will congregate. Biggest giveaway is that their second post, which responds correctly to another poster's question actually also answers their first post, so in one minute's time they went from pretending to not know anything to magically having the right answer. They're not even clever enough to hide their trolling for a minute.
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