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  1. To get into many of the establish venues, you will be required to present your passport and Covid vaccination record to be allowed entry. Let me add to the wearing of masks. Predominately outside, one is not required. But some high traffic shooing and tourist areas require them. A City Market or main shopping street for instance. Required on all busses, and public transportation.
  2. We are currently on the ship.All is very good, except the weather which is typically bad in July. If you have any specific questions, I’ll answer them for you. Biggest issue currently is that earlier masks were not required outdoors. Now more places such as Monet’s Garden and Honfluer require them everywhere. Don’t consider tryyto come if you’re not vaccinated.! We were on the Bon Voyage in Bordeaux last week. Can answer questions about that cruise likewise.
  3. In Europe now, cruising on another Premium line. Some of the angst and anxiety posted here is near comical. There are times when masks are required, times when they aren’t. Mostly, they are not. Everything is mostly open and somewhat back to normal. But, if one is just Sceeeeered to travel, I think staying home and hunkering is best. At this point, no one over here would even laughedly say FDR was being pruuuuudent not to be sailing. Merely to incompetent to get the fleet going again. Off for a private tour now!
  4. Jan; While I often reported that Nautica cruises to India, and beyond, we’re obviously problematic, the scheduled Nautica cruises in the Med and through to Dubai were not. Oceania could have done those cruises, into Jan 22, then went to dry dock for the Next refurbishments, then sold the new replacement cruises they now have planned . For their convenience they canceled all cruises on the Nautica through June including those in the Med where other lines are sailing. On a personal note, that cruise was my second straight Oceania cancellation of that itinerary. If Oceania
  5. Leaving tomorrow for a cruise on a different line that chooses to cruise. Oceania canceled my November 21 Nautica cruise for their convenience. If Oceania cancels my January 22 SA cruise, I cancel all my remaining Oceania cruises. Travel guides in Chile, Falklands, and Argentina all say they’ll be open by December. Brazil is questionable, but my cruise doesn’t go there.
  6. Life is a gamble. If you want to go in the cruise: pay up. If you feel more comfortable staying at home hunkering: cancel. Easy Peasy. We’re departing for a cruise in Europe on Saturday. Certain Premium lines are sailing. Life is an adventure. Not everyone likes adventure. Do what makes you comfortable.
  7. Whether there will be an accessible library with an assortment of books and magazines to thumb through, in the immediate future, remains an open question. I’m actually surprised any were available throughout the ship. They have been stripped from all offices, planes, trains, and common areas around here.
  8. I will amend this by adding that accordingly to several sources that have done both lines in Norway and the Baltic, Viking considers this their home turf, and they really excelled in their enrichment speakers and programs. This is not something Oceania puts much effort or expense in, but takes a rather low key vanilla approach. Norway to Viking is like French Polynesian to PG. If enrichment speakers and programs are of any interest to you, this may be a point of consideration.
  9. The differences between AZ, Viking, and Oceania are minimal. Itinerary, itinerary, itinerary. Choose the one you find most interesting.
  10. Have you taken the time to notice that other liners, even premium lines such as Viking, are sailing in July. Oceania has exactly one ship sailing mostly in September, and can’t figure it out? Should they have it figured out and planned for November, December, or January 2022? Apologist and Apologies only extend so far. If Oceania can’t schedule La Reserve Reservations 120 out into November, are they really serious about resuming sailing?
  11. Also means one must book Specialties before they know La Reserve options. Very poor planning on Oceania’s part. Possibly forcing passengers to cancel Specialty reservations for paid reservations for La Reserve, then having to rebook Specialties. We’re LA Reserve fans, but if this is Oceania’s new game, sell those tickets elsewhere. A chump’s game. If Oceania doesn’t care enough to determine a La Reserve schedule 90 days out, why should we care enough to wait and schedule?
  12. Viking starts sailing again in the Med next month so we do also. Ready to travel again. Have our shots. Oceania doesn’t hold a monopoly on premium cruises. Would rather be traveling than watching videos talking about it. Getting excited and ready to go! First our Amtrak trip to Spokane and Glacier, then come back and get ready for Europe next month. Sad situation. The Viking people are talking about cruising, while Oceania seems to be talking about continuing cancellations. Know how I vote!
  13. If those ships aren’t sailing soon, I can tell you where they’ll go. Scrap metal prices will tank with all the new supply.
  14. Supply and demand. A lot of current pent up demand. Will it continue into 23 and 24? Additionally, we are yet to see the effects of scraping all those older ships versus newer ships coming on line. Supply may have taken a bigger hit than many of us think.
  15. Our currently scheduled November cruise has been waitlisted since last September. Nothing recent about that. I understand that a lot of recently cancelled cruises have been rebooked waitlisting more 2022 cruises.
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