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  1. The food in RG is not spicy. Oceania doesn’t do spicy as defined by 97% of the population. If she prefers bland, just tell the staff that and she’ll be easily accommodated. A demonstration of bland for you. Try Oceania’s version of salsa they serve with chips or Mexican dishes. All the peppers and spices have been stripped out and they give you this mostly disgusting sweet tomato relish and call it salsa! Something not to offend even the most spice averse!
  2. There is always the possibility that the actual tour operator lost capacity for some reason such as mechanical failure and the only substitution available was a smaller boat. So , for example, when originally booked it was a 20 person boat that due to problems a 14 passenger boat was substituted. I’ve seen this occur numerous times in the airline industry. Seen people bounced out of 1st or Business Class because of equipment change and capacity differences. Options are another flight, down grade to economy, or cancellation. Why might one not believe that boats can’t break down and not be quickly replaced, especially in some of the more remote areas? Everything in this life doesn’t have to be somebody’s fault! &@$# happens!!! The good news is the OP was given adequate time to make other arrangements. Another case in point on this issue. The customer service people sitting in Miami, or a regional office, usually does not know all the small details of what occurs half way around the world. Them not knowing the details is not some world issue. I continual see people screaming at airline reps because the plane was grounded in Omaha for two hours because of weather or had a maintenance issue in Denver which caused the delay. Screaming at a rep in Dallas over something they have no control, or even knowledge, is of poor taste. My bet is that the Oceania customer service rep hasn’t a clue as to the actual problem. They only know that as of today only 14 can go on the boat and they have to deal with it!
  3. Read your daily Currents! Most all shows start at 21:30 (9:30 pm). Some times they have special entertainment in Horizons at 5:15-5:45 with the Production Show Cast. Read your daily Currents! Read your daily Currents! The world is not always a one size fits all on every cruise every night. Read your daily Currents!
  4. Not all of O’s tours are for bus loads. Some are indeed capacity limited. Going out on small boats bird watching is a perfect example. First come first. Some ports of call are not set up, nor have the infrastructure for huge bus tours for all of the tours. I will say that I continue to be amazed at the number of cruisers that are always scrambling at 60, 45, or 15 days pre-cruise to find a shore tour.
  5. Some our favorite pictures are the two of our in formal attire. The wife enjoys getting dressed up with all the glitter on occasion. On our recent cruise I was wearing my sports jacket in the Polo Grill. On our way out, I stopped to say a word to a group we would be touring with later. One of the gents said “ Why are you so dressed up, we’re trying to get people to dress down for these restaurants!” He was barely cc casual. A lot of different motivations and opinions when it comes to dress aboard ship.
  6. My foie gras was very good. I wish Oceania made Beef Wellington! BW has Pate, my favorite being duck ( canard), but others will do as a cheaper alternative. Oceania uses some ground up mushroom paste instead of pate ! Sorry that Chef’s interpretation of Beef Wellington just isn’t BW😪!
  7. We booked our reservations 75 days out. There were no 7:00 bookings listed. 6:30 then 7:30. Where 7:00 bookings are typically available is on 7 day cruises were the first seatings are at 6:00 and the second seatings at 7:00.
  8. I would recommend not logging in until 9:01 PST. 9:00 may or may not get you in.
  9. For 2022 itineraries, I patiently await the arrival of the new Allura Class ships. I have one Future Sirena Cruise booked for next year and a Marina Cruise booked for 2021. The Sirena Cruise will probably be our last R ship. Bring on the A team!
  10. The one night we ate in the Terrace, on our recent Nautica cruise, it was Red Ginger night. Since we like the Red Ginger we opted to give the Terrace its sole try for the cruise. I could write a page on how bad and poorly prepared that meal was.
  11. We were on the Nautica and docked close in. Close in being defined as30 minutes as opposed to an hour out.
  12. On our 20 day Nautica Cruise we struggled to use our three guaranteed reservations in each of the Specialties. Our Butler offered more and we turned him down. Having seen the exact same menus in those venues for years it just don’t make them special to us anymore. Not once , in the Specialties, on our cruise were any fresh nightly specials offered. Even the nightly special pasta was out of the freezer. On late night departures and overnights we ate ashore. Let the newbies have the additional reservations! Other nights we primarily ate in the GDR. A couple of the meals in the GDR was better than anything we had in either Specialties. Our lone dinner in the Terrace was a disaster for reasons Lyn has often discussed. In retrospect, we have friends that will go to our favorite local restaurant three or four times per month and order the exact same thing every time month after month. That’s them not us. They’d love O Specialties, the menu never changes and if they could have gotten 20 reservations they’d eaten the same thing 18 times at least. We enjoy trying new dishes and new recipes with flavorful dishes. Each to his own.
  13. + whatever for the Marriott Circular Cage! We stayed at the Hilton in Moore’s in an over the water. Throughly enjoyed it and found its location more convenient than the other similar quality hotels.
  14. Our OCA aboard the Nautica said the first one would not be out in time for the 2022 ATW. She hadn’t a clue of what itineraries the ship may be doing. Here is my sole guess on this issue. Delivery dates for new construction can be fluid. Oceania may not have a “ firm” delivery date until mid 2021. Don’t be surprised if sailing on the new ship aren’t offered until September 2021 for cruises starting the 2nd half of 2022. It’s only September 2019. Dream On! Depending upon economic conditions in 2021, I don’t see the new class of ships having much impact on the O ships. If the economy, along with bookings, are struggling this new ship could send a R ship or two to the bone yard prematurely. Future bookings along with the world economy could dictate whether the 2nd A Class ship even gets built. The industry is gluttoning up on new cruise ships. Time and economics will determine how good the decisions to do so are!
  15. Katie; I am not one to carry anything I don’t have to. I check luggage at the airport and don’t play the carry on game that is now popular. That as a reference. I have dropped off at the dock both full cases of wine and six packs around the world with no problems. They have always been delivered to the door of the cabin with our other baggage. This includes Southampton last month. The only two places I personally know of trouble occurring are NYC ( Manhattan) and Seattle. A friend lost an entire case of wine in NYC, and another one ( funny enough) they opened up the box and stole all the reds and let the whites go through. I have heard similar ancedotal stories about the NYC Cruise Terminal. My counsel would be to check the wine at the docks and not lug it up the gangplanks every where except for American ports. There, I would carry the case myself.
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