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  1. 1. I have no reason to dispute this schedule. 2. Can you grasp the number of ports these ships are currently scheduled to visit that will be cancelled? Making an appointment at your dentist in six months doesn’t make the appointment absolute.
  2. Maybe, maybe not. But this I will assure you this. You will see near zero travel from those that don’t get vaccinated. This will be a fact not only in the 2nd half of 2021, but for years to come. By 07/01/21, the door will slam shut on many travelers without vaccinations wanting to leave the US or even get on a cruise ship in US waters. We can debate what the total experiences of those vaccinated early travelers might be, but they will be vaccinated before they go anywhere.
  3. Possibly, but some countries depend upon tourism for a considerable part of their economy. If one has had a vaccine that’s 90+% effective, some will gladly welcome those tourists. Other countries may well shun those tourists. As with most things in life this definitely won’t be a one size fits all. This produces a real life competition between the richer north of the EU and the southern nations. This script in history is yet to be written.
  4. My direct comments were about booking new releases from the ship. I haven’t personally found the OCA to be incompetent. They were merely overwhelmed with an impossible task to be performed in a short period of time. I have book a future cruise, not on a new release, where the OCA did fine. No problems. For that booking, or my FCC, the notice always automatically goes to my TA. Our arrangements are then taken care of. There is no transferring my cruise to a TA. The cruise goes automatically to my TA! ( yes that’s a repeat!) Are people actually booking directly with O, te
  5. Expect the same announcements from Canada, EU & GB, most of Asia, etc. Accept it, you’re not going to get on a plane departing the country, or even legally cross an international border soon without having received the vaccine. It will be the carrot that allows more than 7 day cruises! Everyone on the ship will be vaccinated therefore those 10,14,20 cruises are safe. Still believe that on 1/21/21 the CDC reinstates the no sail order until either 7/1/21 or 10/1/21.
  6. Words have meanings! I think the interesting conjecture here lies within the title. Key West bans “ Mega” Ships! Interesting how overall small of ships were now defined as mega!
  7. The over hang on Deck 11 obstructs the view when looking out. It does not on Deck 10. Even when booking PH on the O ships we opt for Deck 10 PH2, not Deck 11. When sailing into a fjord, or even a mountainous island, a portion of the panorama is up not out. Taking photos can be difficult from Deck 11 cabins. At 06:30 I might not yet be ready to leave the cabin , and go up top, to get good shots. Never an issue on Deck 10 to do it on one’s balcony and get the full panorama view.
  8. There is a wet sauna and a dry sauna. The wet sauna is often called a “ steam room “. 🍷
  9. +1 Always enjoy using them. Well done. Just to clarify if needed, each sex has their individual steam bath.
  10. I would generally agree with this, however. We are now headed for 4+ months of a cold hard winter ( depending upon where one lives) with mandatory business closures and more isolation along with further spread of this disease. I believe as we hit 2nd Quarter 2021, and the vaccine becomes available to a growing share of the population, many of those current anti- vaxers will be waiting in line to get out of the funk. Four to six more months of this will change their attitudes. As their world then starts shrinking around them even more, many more will give in. Will there still be ant
  11. My recommendation is to never call the reps sitting at the help desk at cruise lines in general, and Oceania in particular. I agree that varied, and often incorrect, answers are often received there. OTH, the TAs utilizes a completely different network of Oceania representatives, than the general public, that I have found to generally be highly reliable. I do fully realize that some people don’t use the services of a professional travel agent or just consider them as sources of freebies and insist upon doing everything themselves. When I see multiple inconsistent answers to
  12. I believe you are confusing two totally different items. 1. Oceania has a long list of cruises that it is currently offering. 2. Oceania has a small subset of those total cruises, listed in the post above, on which they are offering the upgrade potentials. Does that explain it for you?
  13. Kirk; Many come here with questions wherein the answers are purely subjective and speculative. There often is no one answer. Others come with highly definitive questions where there is an absolute answer. The issue posted here is a perfect example of the latter. So, imo, this is a better question presented to one’s TA so to get an accurate answer from Oceania as opposed to 5-6 mere guesses from various posters. People can always do as they please, and accept whichever of the 6 answers that pleases them the most. Just not my recommendation to the problem.
  14. Ah! The reason I have a TA! I don’t have to guess or ask others to speculate! 😎
  15. I have been aboard ship once when new cruises was released and opened for bookings. What a cluster! Took them several days to get the cruises printed out and circulated. Unless you stayed upon until 2:00 in the morning good luck with internet on that cruise. About 650 people onboard wanting to book over 1000 cruises, with two days left aboard, with one OCA aboard! She didn’t have good internet connections either! I got an email off to my TA while ashore, and got everything we wanted. People got off the ship not knowing whether, or when, their cruise would be booked! I showed Guest
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