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  1. To answer the scooter question. Typically, yes. However, during times such as Peak breakfast hours, she may find it too crowded to easily manage. She may need assistance then. I might recommend on busy port days, she consider the GDR which serves lovely breakfasts. When we eat in the Terrace for lunch or dinner, we always wait until at least 30 minutes after opening to give those needing the time or assistance to get seated and served first. I don’t believe those meals create a problem. All of this is based purely on past experiences that may be moot in the future. We have no current idea of future requirements, if any, on physical distancing and new crowd capacity . If the lines are required to cut dining capacity to 50% and implement reservations dining in the Terrace, all past history is worthless.
  2. I’ve tried that. Only works when they’re not busy doing multiple other tasks. Does little good to beg to have your lobster or steak removed, when they are busy helping another passenger with their plate.
  3. With all these ship movements, don’t forget the ship have to either pay to have their sewage tanks emptied, OR get far enough offshore to make a legal discharge. Without passengers, the amount of extra fuel burned to maintain services and making a short run is minimal.
  4. Whereas the last few times on the Nautica all those items were cooked to cremation status, regardless of how ordered. Rubberized lobster so tough I could barely cut it with a steak knife isn’t appealing to me. The Marina does do a bit better, but that’s a station I typically avoid in the Terrace. If/ when I want lobster, it’s prepared much better in the Specialty restaurants.
  5. Makes sense to me also. Playing with numbers and saying an average of $10,000 per PIF passenger, that’s 5,000 passengers that can get their money back if the FCC option isn’t taken. Which do you believe buys more loyalty, a repayment of fares or deposits ; or a refurb?
  6. In these difficult economic times, there’s a lot of difference between a $5 million upgrade and a $50 million one.
  7. I go to restaurants for the great food, service, and pairing wine selections. I rarely look at the art work on the walls or the color of the paint. I go on specific cruises for the ports of call. If the walls are gray or woodsy it doesn’t matter to me. How did the food taste? This millions spent are wasted on me, but I realize it’s a big deal to some. I’m not into “ how big is your chandelier?” Others that could care less about itinerary, it’s a big deal!
  8. I got the email, plus the fancy brochure. Some interesting cruises on there, I’m just already booked up! Maybe for another year. Currently I have three O cruises booked and one river cruise over the next couple of years. Regardless of price, I have neither the time nor the money to book anything else currently. If a really attractive “ quiet sale “ comes along from by TA, that’s a different story! 😋
  9. 😢. That’s sad! You got him to retire, do a 6 month cruise and that happens! Hopefully we’ll soon sail together again ! 🍷
  10. Want to really see sad, take a delightful cruise down the Nile and see all the hundreds of preSpring Uprising river boats rafted up on docks or just tied to shore rusting away! Some have been turned into hotel space or apartments, but most just sit there!
  11. One of the sad parts in these conversations is the abbreviation TA is far to often used interchangeably, even in the same paragraph. TA gets used for both Travel Agent and the Travel Agency for which they work. Many of the perks discussed are provided by the Agency not the Agent, while most of the service is provided by the Agents. Agents are compensated by a variety of different methodologies, and often not by commissions. This is especially the case on high value “ house” accounts that demand significant rebates from the Agency.
  12. Corpkid; Great to see you back posting again and still cruising! Hope all has been going well for you and the mad ex Top Gun!
  13. We got ahead of the game. We booked the cruises we wanted that were available for booking. Now we buy FCC to use on bookings we want upon Initial release of the cruise. So we bought FCC last summer to use on cruises we would want that weren’t released until Fall.
  14. Unfortunately, we know about the rain, but we’ll be on the train. They have now instituted strict capacity controls at MP. One must now have a certified guide. The guides are limited to specific max numbers of tourists with time slots for each tour. The guides can now book up well in advance. You can no longer just show up and expect to get in and wander around.
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