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  1. Thanks for the link. I must admit that I did not look into the Pfizer incidents that much as at first they looked and were kind of addressed in the media as being anecdotal or at least an individual risk that is standard when you vaccinate older people and many across the board, i.e. high numbers and all ages down to 50. Nothing flagged as a risk with the authorities that needed investigating as a general "flaw" of the medicine/medical procedure. I will try to give you some info but it is in German only. From the official report of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut dated 9 April. Up to 2 April Comirna
  2. I have never seriously contemplated riding in the sidecar. Perhaps I should give it a try. I wonder if hiring is an option around where I live. In this small but nice museum they will probably know: http://www.motorrad-museum-montabaur.de/start.htm They have a motorbike with sidecar in there. notamermaid
  3. Indeed it is. Bratislava was part of my river cruise and we had about four hours to explore. It felt not enough as I found it interesting to see the old, the communist and the new in a mix. I would like to explore more there. This street is full of international places to eat and drink in, reflecting the fact that this is a modern capital. Large cities had their appeal on this river cruise, but Bratislava had its own rough charm. that I preferred to Vienna which is rich and sophisticated - strange, I know. A wild card it is. notamermaid
  4. It is. I did not go in, but just enjoyed the fact that it looked out of place, like some giant picked up this pub in Scotland and dumped it there in this street. There is a Mexican restaurant next door which kind of is an unusual sight, but it fitted into the street environment more. Yes, I know. I did not want to make it difficult, just quirky. If one does not want to guess and eliminate places or go by a clue this one is easy to find on google... Now, waiting for someone to tell me, who is having fun in the background and has not posted for a while? Or someone new
  5. I have been able to find the study (not peer reviewed yet): https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.02.24.21251664v1 J&J have proactively stopped the roll-out of the vaccine in the EU. Slight correction to a previous post of mine: roll-out was to begin tomorrow, not administering of vaccines, that is/was due to start in Germany on 19 April. My apologies. No comments from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut yet in the news that I have looked at. notamermaid
  6. Hmm, I think I declared a wild card in a sleepy state last night. As no one has taken it yet I proceed and take it myself. Right, here goes. Just one hint: it is of course not as straightforward as it looks. Please name the city and river where this pub is located: notamermaid
  7. One thing has struck me on television lately and it is sad. I do not want to point fingers - especially as I can eat pasta in abundance without putting on weight - put you people over there in the US are a little on the heavy side. Sadly, almost all the people that CNN have named and remembered in a 20 to 30 seconds tribute - that I watched on many weekdays - were clearly overweight. And we have heard that old, male and overweight is the worst combination when getting Covid. Look after yourselves people, bin the soft drinks and take the cheese off the pizza, then take the stairs!
  8. Oh that is not good, I did not expect that at all. Here is a report: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/13/us-regulators-reportedly-call-for-pause-in-use-of-johnson-johnson-vaccine-due-to-clotting-issues.html That will have our own Paul-Ehrlich-Institut busy with thinking about this. We are set to administer the first shots in Germany tomorrow. Bug*** Australia will not be using more Adenovirus based vaccines, by the way, they are going to order more mRNA vaccines instead. Edit: checked CNN coverage - yep, very similar pattern to the AstraZeneca : all six cases ar
  9. I think it became clear that the OP will be on the Elbe as the Viking Astrild was designed for that river and presumably they will be on that ship. Tides are indeed not an issue unless you are on an itinerary that sails into one of the estuaries - there are a few where this would have a certain impact. For the Elbe there may be issues with high water in winter. Many landing stages are on water, i.e. they swim so that they will rise and fall with the level. Almost no adjustments are needed. Other docking areas are not designed like that, so adjustments are necessary for the crew to do with the
  10. @jpalbny Thanks for the info. Now I understand and do not need to look it up. "Bevor der Hahn dreimal..." is a completely innocent phrase in German... Do you read and read out the original King James Bible in the US? I prefer that one to the modern which I find lacks a bit of "verbal oomph". I have learned the German one of course, but have heard and read some comparisons of the English ones. notamermaid
  11. Good morning. ☀️ I hope the sun will give you all happy thoughts today. I woke up to a grey sky. Now I really want to know what that biblical quote is and why cc software would censor stuff from this most splendid of books. As we all know there is some real "parental guidance" text in there, but a crow? Must see if I can find this in German. Sorry about last night, my file with photos was inaccessible by the time Renmar replied, @Renmar thanks for replying fast, and I turned my smartphone off just after saying goodnight. Please feel free to post a photo - o
  12. Yawn... Kind of still awake but I will leave the photo for now and leave you all with a wild card. Please continue the fun without me and have a nice evening 🙂. notamermaid
  13. Right, it is the Nobel Gate in Zierikzee, Zeeland, which is between Hollands Diep and Scheld, but kind of an island or peninsula in an estuary. @Renmar is that correct? Here is a website: https://www.zeeland.com/en/visit/2261_en/the-nobel-gate notamermaid
  14. If I may be so bold... May I name this one? I would leave you with a little puzzle overnight if Renmar replies quickly, as I am nearing bedtime. notamermaid
  15. Aha! Renmar, you have brutally cut the roofs off... notamermaid
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