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  1. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Hoyas96, as hbr77 has indicated both versions of amended itinerary do guarantee a motorcoach transfer unless Amawaterways puts the passengers on a train. The coach ride is likely to be on the motorways. They take you away from the river and cross the hills. In version A Ama could incorporate an excursion boat through part of the gorge (the most scenic part of the river by almost unanimous "vote" among tourists). In version B the time frame normally does not allow this. Version A I would except, Version B I would not. It will not be possible to nail down Ama to saying which itinerary they will do, but they might determine early which one it will be. I know this will not help you but German law clearly states that you are at least entitled to money back (not a cruise-with-us-again voucher) of a figure to be determined if the best section of the river you do not see. I hope that you can be happy with the decision you or the cruise company will take and that they treat you fairly bearing in mind that much money of yours has gone into this holiday. I hope you have a great cruise and things will work out better than the situation we have at the moment suggests. notamermaid
  2. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    nstarrrenburg, Thank you for posting the site. I have actually just concluded from that one (and one other) what I put in my post above! Before anybody thinks the two posts are a little contradictory: I have taken into account where the rain is over the next week, what is likely to come down as snow, and how much it is overall in number. Having put all that together, it does sort of look alriiight but is not substantial in that it will bring us to river levels that make for easy sailing. According to the water experts we will need much more rain than is forecast, to get us where we want to be. If we just want to not have to swap ships we can hope, but I am sceptical as Kaub is forecast to drop before it goes up (the river can always surprise us though). If we want to just not have to think about low water any more - river cruisers that is - we need way more rain. It is already being anticipated that despite any rain that December may or may not bring, this year will enter the statistics as being the driest year ever recorded in Germany. notamermaid
  3. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    I am looking out onto a sunny valley this morning. It is already cooler than a couple of days ago and this weather will stay with us now. Winter is coming. Yes, rain and snow next week with both frost and snow even down in the valley. The Rhine gorge hills covered in snow do like nice. Yet, rain would be better. Today and tomorrow will bring no rain to Germany and the outlook for next week is not too good as the overall precipitation is not substantial. At least until Thursday. Will next weekend bring more? Back to today. The first filling station in an area served by the petrol depots along the Rhine has completely closed its business - temporarily - as it has run out petrol. Shortages have not come to our town yet but my neighbour was complaining the other about the price she had to pay for heating oil. We can now all feel the events of the last four months in our wallets. Some groceries are up in price as well. Still, we all have food and if we want to safe heating oil, we can always find ways to: stay in a café, spend a suspiciously long time at the neighbours who heat with gas... or if one is desperate just stay overnight in the office. The river levels this morning: Maxau 327cm, Kaub 45cm, Koblenz 42cm. Kaub is forecast to drop a little further, below 40 is possible. notamermaid
  4. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    kathywin53, it is sunny hear in Germany as well. Have a great time in Amsterdam. The mild temperatures will not be with us any more after this weekend, I am afraid it will get colder and there will be snow on Wednesday, even down in the valley possibly. Would you like to share the name of your ship? Have you been notified of any disruptions to your itinerary? Have a great cruise. notamermaid
  5. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    As all sections of the river are basically passable apart from the gorge stretch in the middle for a 110m ship I would say it looks as though the logistics for your cruise just were not working for Avalon to stick to the itinerary. I am sorry for to say that what you are offered is far from exciting and I could understand it if you chose not to go ahead with it. Eurail pass sounds good. If you do that take a nice train - not necessarily the ICE - from Koblenz to Mainz and enjoy the scenery, with Christmas markets at both ends of that journey. Sorry to read that you have to make a decision for or against the cruise. notamermaid
  6. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    I found the video I quoted from in its English version: https://www.dw.com/en/is-the-rhine-drying-up/av-46299168 notamermaid
  7. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Not as of today, no. They ferry between Koblenz and Braubach. Sounds odd, but seriously, currently one ship seems to be either in Koblenz or Braubach constantly. I think they come from Cologne to Koblenz, go to Braubach and then return to Koblenz after the excursion. Then leave for Cologne again. But you would need to follow the movements more closely yourself on marinetraffic, I have not looked into the details much. Easiest way is to look for the Viking ships docked in Cologne. Check where they are 12 hours later. Then check again 12 hours later. Etc. You should see the pattern emerging. Should a ship disappear from radar after Braubach somewhere it has entered the Rhine gorge and the signal is lost for quite some hours. When it reappears upstream from Rüdesheim it has made it. A few go from Cologne to Trier, though, like the Viking Mimir today. I cannot see a passage through the gorge happening for a few days... See my previous post. notamermaid
  8. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Earlier today, the BAfG (Federal Institute of Hydrology) published its 19th update on the low water situation in Germany. Says it all really, it means that - as they skipped a week - the situation has officially been going on for 21 weeks. Just a couple of details. The title photo shows a dam that is much lower than it normally is. Remains of former farms and houses are visible and have become a tourist attraction. The dam now has so little water that it is not used for feeding the Weser river and a shipping canal any more. Just too hazardous ecologically, i.e. the habitats of flora and fauna at the dam. The short-term outlook for the Danube is not good as is evident in the graph for Hofkirchen gauge (graph in Abb. 4). In Abb. 5 you can see that all the graphs for Germany took a sharp fall in June and since then have not regained any level even close to what we saw on 17 June. On that day the two upper graphs that represent Duisburg on the lower Rhine and Maxau on the upper Rhine tell us there was mild flooding so we do not want to be there again, but the river never recovered from that sharp drop due to lack of rain. The low water "season" started much earlier this year than is normal (the level always goes down in Autumn). English summary at the end: https://www.bafg.de/DE/07_Nachrichten/BfG_Niedrigwasserbericht_181114.pdf?__blob=publicationFile To today. Maxau 331cm, Kaub 44cm, Koblenz 59cm. We are on the down slope again in the Rhine gorge. Forecast tells us 40cm at Kaub is likely, a figure less than that is possible. Pretty bad. Even worse when you have to rely to a great extent on the river with your company. Deutsche Welle has just published a short video showing the logistical nightmare. For transporting commodities nothing is as efficient as a ship. 2000 tons of oil fit into one ship, that equals 40 rail wagons or 80 trucks. notamermaid
  9. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Sjde, You are a bit in luck as the Johann Strauss is only 110m long which means she can sail a little better in low water than the 135m ships. How much this helps only captain and company now. If you are in doubt, do contact the river line again closer to the date is my advice. notamermaid
  10. notamermaid

    Low Rhine water levels- changing ships mid cruise

    To the OP, your thread/question has kindly been moved to the river cruising board and in the thread about the Rhine you will find what you need to know. As Peregrina651 has said, it is the topic at the moment. If you have any more questions ask away, it is best to state which company you will be sailing with and the dates if you wish to do so. notamermaid
  11. Hmm, eehh, hmm. I would like to say pretty good, but at this point in time I feel that any answer will result in somebody telling me off for it. In late winter things will look better, but snow melt and rain who knows when they will come to the Danube. Sort of low water in April or flooding blocking the river for a week? Hmmm. Over to G.M.T. who is better at reading the coffee grains in the Passau cafés... notamermaid
  12. notamermaid

    Amawaterways Christmas market Cruise November 25 from Vienna

    Esztergom is in Hungary upstream from Budapest. I had an excursion to the abbey or cathedral there (I do not remember its religious status). It is worth looking at if you have time. While the ship sailed round the bend we took the coach into Budapest. Not a great distance to cover between Budapest and Esztergom, so perfectly okay for an excursion. notamermaid
  13. The Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde has just published its 19th update on the low water situation in Germany. We certainly will not see any change for the better in the next few days. Their forecast for Hofkirchen gauge is not too good. Stagnation to slight fall of the level. Further into the future (up to seven days) the weather pattern will persist so while hope indeed dies last, I do not have much of it for a positive change to happen next week. notamermaid
  14. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    The situation on the Rhine today. Not much different from yesterday. Germany and its border areas will see very little rain over the next five days. River levels are forecast to go down. As I said last night the 54cm figure at Kaub that had been in the forecast might not be reached today. Indeed the level peaked at 52cm today and appears to be on the way down again. The current river levels: Maxau 340cm, Kaub 50cm, Koblenz 60cm. At least we are a bit better off than a few days ago. Where we will be in figures at the end of the week is not clear, apart from one thing: a return to anything close to the desired navigation channel depth is out of the question. Reports on the internet, in newspapers and on television tell of more shortages and rising prices of heating oil and petrol. Monday evening a tanker got stuck at Cologne. It was freed the following day. The river was closed for two hours during the rescue operation. BASF chemical works is contemplating buying flat-bottom barges to be ready for the future. Other companies have re-instituted or will do soon force majeure for their production. . Ferry service owners have had to lay off staff. One or two ferry operators have mentioned they might have to give up business altogether if conditions do not improve and no aid comes from the government. Not pretty. Still, it could be worse. Fate, do not be tempted please. I shall retire with a cup of hot chocolate, a craving for the desert in the photo that Mark_T posted and snooker on telly. notamermaid
  15. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Hungry, hungry, want desert. Please can I go one a river cruise? Moselle galore. How lovely! notamermaid