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  1. austinetc's, if I remember correctly the gentleman managing the website was or is a CruiseCritic member but has not posted for all long time (a year+). I wonder if he is ok? For accurate info you can mention the official website pegelonline.wsv.de The map on the computer version shows a massive amount of orange dots. All those stations are on low water. On the mobile phone version the station names are framed in orange. The situation should be clear then even it will fail to convey details that might not be understood due to the language barrier. Thank you again for keeping us going in that waiting lounge by starting a thread. SMILE notamermaid
  2. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Hello everyone! I am glad I am back here on the separate board. Big celebration, hand the Champagne flutes round, etc. Unfortunately, the situation on the Rhine has deteriorated over the last week. Will be back with some detailed info and the water level figures latest tomorrow. notamermaid
  3. We are back where we belong. But, oh my, could not log in at first and then it took ages to load on my smartphone. I am sure things will be better tomorrow on our river cruise couch. Probably not on the Danube. notamermaid
  4. I do not have a gateway error showing but likewise there is no river cruise general board, just the ports. notamermaid
  5. Hello everyone, here is the thread on the Danube for 2018. Thank you everyone for contributing to last year's thread, especially those making the effort to report from their cruise ship. Tips and info of a general nature on this splendid river always welcome. notamermaid
  6. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Greetings from the Rhine valley. Here is the thread for 2018 for everything related to the water levels of the Rhine and bits of information on the river. It has been an eventful January as regards weather and river levels; looking at last year's thread, quite different from January 2017. We started into the New Year with flooding, followed by storm, subsiding river levels, minimal snow, rising temperatures, more flooding and a lot of rain and grey skies. The cold crisp yet sunny winter days where virtually non-existent in my area of the valley. For those of you interested in details, this is the graph for the river level at Koblenz for January: [url]https://screenshots.firefox.com/StRg8DtBm0cqW5Vc/www.pegelonline.wsv.de[/url] I am not a technical person, the site says it runs out in 14 days. Hope the link works. In the graph you can see a line saying HSW M_II. It indicates the official level for river closure, and yes, the river has been closed twice this month, not just in the Koblenz area, but further upstream and partly downstream from there as well. We are back to a reasonable level now - for winter - but what February will bring noone knows. One thing is certain, the coming month will bring lots of merriment to the Rhine valley in the shape of Carnival! Today is another miserably grey day with rain and unpleasant wind, quite typical of what January has been like. Oh well, there is always the sight of the first river cruise ships sailing in March with the first new green leaves adorning the trees along the embankments to look forward to! :) Wherever you are headed this year on the rivers and oceans, safe travels. notamermaid