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  1. And another ship is in quarantine - this one on the Main river. It is the Excellence Countess and she is docked in Miltenberg. A crew member tested positive. Again, all passengers were allowed to leave the ship. Report from regional newspaper online "Fränkische Nachrichten". notamermaid
  2. A German river cruise ship has been struck with an outbreak of Coronavirus. The Vista Serenity is currently moored in Piesport in the Bernkastel-Wittlich district. When Covid-19 cases were suspected at the weekend, all passengers left and were taken to Cologne, where the ship had started the itinerary from. All the crew have been tested since and 13 cases have been confirmed. The ship will stay under quarantine in that port. This article in German gives a photo and a few details. The cases add towards the count of the district. https://www.volksfreund.de/region/mosel-wittlich-hunsrueck/coronavirus-13-crewmitglieder-eines-flusskreuzfahrtschiffs-infiziert_aid-54174395 notamermaid
  3. Thanks for the info, I had not read that yet. I am really sorry, so disappointing. notamermaid
  4. Fancy and posh, but not exciting, okay. As I said, I have not been in. People say there are some special crystal glass doors that are clear and turn opaque when you turn the lock. Love their chocolates. Yes, confirmation from the OP we would like to have to continue. Proper winner announcement and perhaps a little story from vada_9 during his/her breakfast .😁 notamermaid
  5. Good question. Germany does allow UK people to enter, but you need a negative test or only to have stayed in the UK for a short time (completely useless that rule if you live in the UK) and potentially quarantine. The gov.uk relevant website gives info and links to other countries' websites: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus?priority-taxon=774cee22-d896-44c1-a611-e3109cce8eae The situation is monitored daily by the German authorities and updates to the risk zone list by Germany are very frequent. So by end of November the UK could be off the list again. But there is always the risk that the UK will take Germany off the (safe) travel corridor list (which would mean we are a risk zone). Of course you can still travel between the two countries then, but have to self-isolate for 14 days in the UK on return. I do not have high hopes for the sailings in November. Even if they go ahead I am not sure what being in the port stops will be like, seeing that many Christmas markets have already been cancelled. But I have no inside information, that is just my personal opinion based on the situation in my country. notamermaid
  6. Germany has declared more areas, i.e. mostly additional regions and provinces in Europe as risk zones, which is coupled with a travel warning. As the situation has really deteriorated over the last week this means it includes more countries as a whole. Those are Ireland, Liechtenstein, Poland and Switzerland. The UK almost entirely, apart from the scattered islands that Isle of Man and those in the Channel. As of 24 October. In effect, this makes international river cruising for the English language river cruising market in Germany and much of the European continent quite difficult. There are ways of doing it, for example with a negative Covid-19 test, but the situation can change any day, most likely for the worse. It looks like us Germans could be almost all alone on our rivers - again - soon. Or not sail at all if things get worse... notamermaid
  7. ljandgb, Have you been to the toilets of Café Reichard in Cologne? They are famous in Cologne and get quite a bit of mention on international TripAdvisor sites. I have been to the Café but not the toilets yet. notamermaid
  8. Here in Europe, things are going downhill at an unpleasant rate. In the UK a certain Mr. Johnson and a certain Mr. Starmer had an unhappy conversation in Parliament about Greater Manchester. From the sound of it, more such conversations could come. Wales is "closed". The Czech Republic is stricken by Covid-19 so much, it is scary. Belgium is sinking further with its rising cases. And my country Germany so much hailed for its response in Spring? We have recorded 11,287 cases in 24 hours, the highest ever since the pandemic began. This morning the health experts have spoken live in a press conference about the situation. Our health minister Jens Spahn was absent. He has contracted Covid-19 and is recuperating at home with "cold-like symptoms". Luckily, the scare we had with our President Steinmeier seems to be over - he has tested negative twice. November is going to be interesting. The temperature is nice here today and the sunshine is making the Autumn leaves glow in lovely colours. That is how I like my valley. Planning to go to the Moselle valley at the weekend. notamermaid
  9. @dogs4fun Going back to the subject of classical music, I thought I would link you the special Beethoven 2020 website of Deutsche Welle. Not many recent articles, due to the situation we have, but perhaps it is of interest to you: https://m.dw.com/en/top-stories/bthvn2020/s-12257 notamermaid
  10. vada_9, This is certainly an unusual sculpture! The whole river scene, the look of the public toilet and the red sandstone made me think it is in Germany. I am right, found it. Not going to say just yet. Till most of you have had breakfast. Want to see what you think where this is. notamermaid
  11. Rightiho. WILDCARD! Next photo for the quiz can be posted by anyone. Who would like a go? notamermaid
  12. I immediately thought of South America. I stipulated any river in the world (or canal) that is suitable for a river cruise ship. Size guide ship more than around 65m and more than 12 passengers. Mississippi, Amazonas, etc. Thought it best to leave out the smaller barge canals, like the Canal-du-Midi, etc. Hmm, looking at this again, I think Spanish or Spanish colonial. Not sure why, perhaps the white colour. Intriguing. notamermaid
  13. QueenofEverything, what a beautiful photo, I love the curve of the flower bed. I would go with capriccio's idea. I am wondering what river there is. They have a canal that is called Lisserbeek. And some ring canal. Anyway, tons of canals about in that area. And Rhine river counts as it is such a popular destination from there. I went to Keukenhof many years ago. Tulips are not my favourite flowers but they are so good for the soul, the signs of spring. I like the tulip arrangements in Koblenz near Deutsches Eck. notamermaid
  14. This week is the letter V and Deutsche Welle are in Villingen-Schwenningen. The two towns joined together in 1972. The former is older with a town wall partly still intact, the latter is the minimally younger one with more focus on industry and a clock museum that shows the town's history as a mechanical clock-making centre. Neither town is on the Neckar itself, but the countryside in Schwenningen district contains the source of the river. The two towns, as much as they are together in administration and politics, are very much divided in geography by a natural feature: the European watershed. Deutsche Welle: https://m.dw.com/en/germany-from-a-to-z-villingen-schwenningen/g-54081950 notamermaid
  15. I understand, djh1959. "We have no virus, hooray - and we have no hospitality trade left!" That's what it sounds like and the worry is here in Germany as well that some businesses will not make it through the winter. After all, restaurants run at reduced capacity still, etc. Large events are almost non existent. Trade fairs cancelled, the Frankfurt book fair online. These are massive losses for that sector, down to the assistant at the ticket office and the cleaners and all the small businesses connected. After the more or less unexplained rise in cases in Berchtesgaden that have led to a lockdown, people fully expect more such local lockdowns. A full lockdown for the country is considered a terrible idea and to be avoided at all costs. notamermaid
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