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  1. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    A tanker got stuck yesterday near Germersheim, too little water under the keel. No surprise as such, but it turned out the captain did indeed leave a bit too little room. If was freed after a few hours and shipping was not interrupted. Another ferry has stopped operating, one quite a bit downstream from Düsseldorf. Worms got itself a new low water record yesterday. Cologne could do on Friday: https://www.ksta.de/koeln/nur-80-zentimeter-koelner-rheinpegel-steuert-auf-rekordtief-zu-31451966 with a photo of Deutz "beach" on the other river bank... At 9.30pm tonight local time Kaub got itself a new low water record of 34cm. azbirdmom, Thank you for the photo and your kind words. The current situation is unbelievable, your photo makes it hit home even harder. At the right side of the photo by the way, just visible, are the high water mark arrows, the lower one representing 4.60m, the higher one, 6.40m (at which height the river section is closed). What a difference. I shall try and recover over some snooker on telly and a hot chocolate. And hopefully forget that tomorrow it is not going to look any better on the river when I get up. notamermaid
  2. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Of the ships I am tracking marinetraffic has picked up the signal of the MS Casanova again. She is through and on her way to Koblenz! The Casanova is 103m long and sails for the German company Nicko Cruises. Over on the cruisecritic.co.uk this article has been posted: https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/news.cfm?ID=8927 notamermaid
  3. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    First: the brutal truth. River levels. Maxau 325cm, Kaub 39cm, Koblenz 32 cm. To compare: on 9th October the last levels I reported before the board shut down were Maxau 357cm, Kaub 64cm, Koblenz 58cm. Experts expect the levels to fall further until Friday. Another ferry, this time near Düsseldorf, has given up operating (for a while). Emmerich, the last gauge in Germany before the Netherlands, has beaten its new low water record by a few centimetres now. Despite this, the navigation channel is still over 2m deep there. Still, that is not much if your river cruise ship has a draft of 1.80m. What is an optimum level for cruising? I define as optimum to be out of the low water zone and sail without much worry. For river cruise ships let us say 50cm of water under the keel when full. Ships are recommended to sail with 30cm water but it can vary, it is up to the captain to know what is doable. Let us assume the ship has a draft when full of 1.90m (there has been mention of 2m on various sites as being around the maximum, I think 1.90m will cover almost all river cruise ships). For reaching an "optimum range" the levels would have to be then at Maxau 399cm and over, at Kaub 128cm and over, at Koblenz 108cm and over. Here is the big BUT: Ships can sail with less than the optimum easily, as we have seen this year (and in previous ones). Clever navigation including reducing the load by emptying tanks of water and fuel can help quite a bit. I decided to alert cruisers to water levels being so low that they could disrupt an itinerary when the level at Kaub falls below 1 meter. Ships, especially Viking, have done better this year and 90cm is probably a better marker for real disruptions. Smaller and therefore lighter ships have an advantage over the big ones of course. But how much difference does a lower deadweight of a few tonnes actually make? As I do not know this I am currently following some smaller ships of 110m or less to see if they can handle the Rhine gorge. Those are the Excellence Pearl, the Casanova, the Johann Strauss, the Modigliani and the Amadeus Classic. Oh, and the KD has stopped running its regular schedule Cologne to Mainz due to the low water. I have mentioned before that some docks are inaccessible now. Here is an article in German, but I think the photo says quickly what the text needs many words for: https://www.swr.de/swraktuell/rheinland-pfalz/koblenz/Niedrigwasser-des-Rheins-macht-Probleme-Schiffs-Anlegestellen-im-Mittelrheintal-kaum-noch-anfahrbar,folgen-niedrigwasser-100.html notamermaid
  4. Thank you for the update, beachlivin. Good to hear you folks are mostly happy considering the circumstances. The weather is splendid at least. Enjoy the autumn foliage. I hope your sunsets are as spectacular as ours here on the Rhine. I guess they do not mention a ship swap on the Rhine as that is a few days into the future, meaning far enough to allow yourself to hope for rain before making the passengers nervous. Alas, they might not be lucky as no rain is forecast before Friday and if that is going to make any difference on the Rhine is doubtful. notamermaid
  5. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Mark_T, roar, big laugh, etc. But to be fair, I would not expect a more detailed answer from the front line staff. What makes me unhappy is that some people might rely on things getting better for their river cruise in - let's say - four days time after having got such a message. Imagine their surprise to get an e-mail saying their cruise is cancelled/amended. Not good. I know there has been some rain on the Rhine, I saw it Monday evening, it's been and gone, not to return for some days... Things improving? My foot! Will be back with water levels and some maths after lunch. notamermaid
  6. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    On a general note: hotels and restaurants are o.k. these days with knowing about food allergies and recently established laws in the EU have made labelling more widespread but the language barrier could be an issue so I would make sure I knew the necessary terms in the language I will be encountering. One would mostly be fine, but just in case. For your more specific case as regards the Viking alternative hotels I would post the question in a separate thread to attract more answers from Viking cruisers. notamermaid
  7. Thank you for the link. Quite a bit of reading for long winter evenings if I have not got time before then. On a different note: gee, I still need to get used to the new format. The colours and shaded frames feel a bit "insipid", looking quite anaemic. notamermaid
  8. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Oh, that is a tricky question. Optimum for sailing is having at least 50cm of water under the keel, speaking for river cruise ships. With full water tanks and being full of passengers. For the three stations the figures differ and require me doing a bit of maths... Will be back later with pen and paper. SMILE. notamermaid
  9. As regards river closure in drought: In Germany it is up to captain/ship owner to decide what is safe. It was interesting to learn from a recent past cruiser that in Hungary the authorities do close river sections in low water, which explains of course the many reports of Budapest being closed. I do not know how the Austrian authorities handle it. However, docks in Germany can be both private or attached to local authorities. I sounds very plausible that the authorities allocate ships staggered to several ports to reduce chaos. notamermaid
  10. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Thank you, G.M.T. The article sums it up really. Austinetc, you are right about it perhaps being better not to read the article. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Severe drought with indeed the ground dried out nearly two metres deep. I will not comment on what the two factions if weather experts think will happen in the next weeks. If anyone wants to know, get the brandy ready and start the translation programme. Need to go, Snooker is on telly. Till tomorrow. notamermaid
  11. austinetc's, if I remember correctly the gentleman managing the website was or is a CruiseCritic member but has not posted for all long time (a year+). I wonder if he is ok? For accurate info you can mention the official website pegelonline.wsv.de The map on the computer version shows a massive amount of orange dots. All those stations are on low water. On the mobile phone version the station names are framed in orange. The situation should be clear then even it will fail to convey details that might not be understood due to the language barrier. Thank you again for keeping us going in that waiting lounge by starting a thread. SMILE notamermaid
  12. notamermaid

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Hello everyone! I am glad I am back here on the separate board. Big celebration, hand the Champagne flutes round, etc. Unfortunately, the situation on the Rhine has deteriorated over the last week. Will be back with some detailed info and the water level figures latest tomorrow. notamermaid
  13. We are back where we belong. But, oh my, could not log in at first and then it took ages to load on my smartphone. I am sure things will be better tomorrow on our river cruise couch. Probably not on the Danube. notamermaid
  14. I do not have a gateway error showing but likewise there is no river cruise general board, just the ports. notamermaid
  15. Hello everyone, here is the thread on the Danube for 2018. Thank you everyone for contributing to last year's thread, especially those making the effort to report from their cruise ship. Tips and info of a general nature on this splendid river always welcome. notamermaid