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  1. Thanks, AnhalterER1960. I thought the boats must be affected to some extent. I have had a look, you are right, the rain has improved the situation, Dresden being currently at 89cm. But as it peaked at 100cm this morning, I am not too hopeful this will last. As you said, not sure how long... So, if one wanted to travel on an Elbe steamboat, what would it be like? Here is a nice report on one journey: https://www.dw.com/en/bridging-the-past-and-present-in-and-around-dresden/a-50091270 notamermaid
  2. Today is one of those days that proves how quickly things can change on the river. And the companies need to adapt. Okay, this sounds a bit dramatic but it is not. It is just that the rain in the High Rhine area and in the Upper Rhine valley has made the river rise so much that around Maxau, that is near Karlsruhe, river traffic is on slow traffic status due to high levels of above 620cm. The level will peak in the next few hours and fast return to something closer to the mean. If you are on a ship and delayed this will be the reason, if you are not, great! By the way, by the time the crest reaches Kaub it will not hamper navigation, only the positive effect of plenty of water will remain. I leave you for this week with a Canadian article on the Rheingau region. It is the area around Wiesbaden and Rüdesheim filled with vineyards and well, other interesting sights. Enjoy. https://beta.canada.com/travel/riesling-castles-and-spas-on-the-romantic-rhine-plan-your-trip-to-southern-germanys-rheingau-wine-region/wcm/f57aaf2a-c6be-4e90-b51a-d72705b3a561/amp/ notamermaid
  3. Superchel, From the map you have provided I presume you were in Franconia, which leads me to think that you were stuck on the Canal - your draining ditch?? If so then I reckon you were either stuck during the lock repairs or it was the short time the Bavarian Danube was closed. Please give us a date - the week you travelled in. You do not have to give start or ending date, just one day to point us in the right direction. Sorry to hear about the rather unfortunate industrial dock. notamermaid
  4. It was certainly a bold move by CroisiEurope to build a ship for the Loire, this being the first ever cruise ship on that river. The Elbe has a longer history of travel for leisure and the paddle wheel design is tried and tested. But I agree that the ship is not so much the problem for the companies, but turning it into a sensible business economically is the challenge. I honestly think Viking should abandon the idea of combining the cruise with Prague. Berlin coach to ship at a reasonably close port with coach day excursion to Dresden would be closer to the truth of what is doable for them on the river. Then return via a short stretch of the Elbe downstream from Magdeburg might be better. But even that is a gamble. If all fails they could apply for a licence for even shorter boats on the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, Mecklenburg's lake district: https://www.visit1000lakes.com/ Joking aside, perhaps an outing when in Wittenberge downstream from Magdeburg to the lakes could be nice. Doable in one hour by car one way. notamermaid
  5. A quick look at the river levels on the Elbe. Overall, there has been hardly any change in the last week. A rise has been followed by a fall. Tonight Dresden is at 62cm and Magdeburg at 50cm. I hope I am mistaken but I cannot see the Elbe returning to reasonable sailing conditions in the next two weeks. A band of rain will be sweeping over the Upper Elbe tomorrow, but after that three days without rain follow. Sunday should bring more rain. Will it be sufficient to raise hopes for river cruising? @AnhalterER1960, are steamships sailing out of Dresden? notamermaid
  6. Thanks for the fabric photos. Heaven for those with the gift of sewing! I am not good at handicrafts but would certainly like to be in that shop to take in all the colours and feel the textures! I can kind of feel what you mean with seeing what you can do and what might be too much. After an illness in 2016 I have had to hold back doing certain things. I love trains and cities, so after three years I finally went back to London and travelled on the Underground. It was a major step for me. Hope you stay as healthy as can possibly be - and after this confidence boost perhaps even improve. notamermaid
  7. 1of4, Thank you very much for taking us along on your journey. I had not considered a Seine cruise before as I have seen quite a bit of Paris and are not interested in Monet's Garden or the WWII history excursion. But the photos of Rouen and the sail through the estuary - that is one heck of a bridge - are stunning. I went across the Queensferry crossing over the Fifth of Forth a few weeks ago but the Normandy bridge looks even bigger! Those food photos, my goodness a hole three-tier tray of macaroons! The ship looks well designed, too. Can I go on a Scenic river cruise please, PLEASE? Thank you again. notamermaid
  8. I would go for the 8 days Rhine itinerary on one of the lines you have mentioned. Scenic has been mentioned favourably, I would look into their itinerary as well. The Rhine and the Danube rival each other in popularity, so I think if you chose the Danube instead it would not be wrong. The Rhone has been mentioned as being a little less scenic, so based on what I know from a land trip the ports are great but to "show off" river cruising to your group stick to Rhine or Danube. Ignore the Elbe. But I will throw the Moselle and Main into the conversation as you will come across those rivers during your research. I like the itineraries of the companies that do the Moselle in combination with a part of the Rhine northbound or southbound. But for a 10day cruise Rhine with Moselle is also nice. I would love to do a Remich (Moselle) to Nuremberg (Main plus canal) cruise as offered by Avalon for example. Out of necessity a short stretch of that is also on the Rhine. This is a cruise 95 percent on German territory. However, you and/or some others in the group might want to do that as a second or third cruise - this type of travel can become "addictive" 😁. As regards your original question regarding cabin size. I enjoyed my French balcony very much. I was on an older ship but even there found the cabin adequate for the amount of time I spent in it. I have managed alright in smaller rooms in three star hotels. The lowest level where on the three passenger level ships you cannot open the windows - you are too close to the water line - might not be to everyone's liking so I would mention it to your group. Have fun planning. notamermaid
  9. Hello Telcom, Thank you for the info. Glad to read you had a lovely time on the Gefjon. It continues to look good as regards the river levels on the German Danube. Pfelling is now at 370cm and predicted to rise to over 400cm tomorrow afternoon. As long as the rain does not make the passage difficult under the bridge at Passau all that water hopefully guarantees uninterrupted sailing for the remainder of August. Passau gauge may well rise to 490 tomorrow and more the day after but there is still much headroom (the bridge becomes a problem for some ships at 630cm, according to the authorities). Germany will see a short hot spell without rain next weekend so looking ahead towards the first days of September we can expect the level to fall. By how much, the experts will calculate with their sophisticated computer programs on Friday and Saturday. Including Thursday, their figures look very good indeed. 🙂 notamermaid
  10. River levels today: Maxau is at 478cm. A good rise is forecast with the potential of the level reaching the mean water level (a statistical value calculated over a period of 10plus years). Kaub will follow with a good rise in due course. The level is currently at 173cm and could reach 200cm on Thursday. Koblenz is currently at 164cm. To compare: last year at Kaub on 18 August the level was at 73cm. notamermaid
  11. Thank you for your review of the itinerary and ship. What were your stops along the Moselle and from where did you take the taxi/van? Burg Eltz is certainly stunning! Enjoyed my trip there walking through the valley quite a few years ago. notamermaid
  12. Here is a short geography test (moan...) Now seriously, this is important, we really need to pay homage to this place this year (alright then...) The Rhine borders on or flows through Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and ...? Austria! And ...? Liechtenstein! Somewhere on the Alpine Rhine there is this little place - the sixth smallest country in the world according to German wikipedia - that celebrates its 300th year as an independent country this year. This is Liechtenstein on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liechtenstein And here is an article by Deutsche Welle: https://www.dw.com/en/300-years-of-liechtenstein/g-47168856 notamermaid
  13. Indeed. And the report of the BAfG authorities speaks of stagnating or only slightly falling levels for the coming seven days (counting from yesterday). Pfelling is currently at 352cm, a big drop which was to be expected after the high volume of water the Danube carried from rain in Bavaria and further upstream. Rain is forecast to start during tomorrow and increasing till Tuesday (some rain clouds have already swept over Bavaria today). So more water is coming down the tributaries and the Danube itself before the level has a chance to drop much further. notamermaid
  14. Thank you for the info, Kenster. Starting in Linz is quite unusual. Avalon really does things differently on this itinerary. Looking forward to your views on this trip. Have a great time. notamermaid
  15. Not really, but I am more confident about there being few problems than I was a week ago. Here is why: foodpolice told us on 8 August in post #340 gailellen12 told us on 8 August in post #342 The river level at Kaub where the first problems always arise is currently at 184cm. When we have a hot spell - as GeorgaRambler has pointed out - the level will fall. 10cm per day can happen then. While it is theoretically possible to reach a figure of 84cm in 10 days these does not automatically happen in the absence of rain. Even last year on hot days we have had days when the level fell by only 4cm in a day. A hot spell is not in the 14-day trend. The weather is unsettled and dryer days are followed by rain. Rain of note in the catchment area of the Rhine is forecast for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The Rhine has Lake Constance as a natural reservoir. This is filled better this year than last. 326cm last year compared to 390cm this year, as published by BAfG on 8 August. At currently 403cm, this looks even better for the next few days. schda, you wrote: "I am a bit suspicious of opinions that project favorable water levels beyond the next week or two." I can fully understand that. After last year, I was quite sceptical. Especially after rumours of a repeat of last year's drought came in. This has not materialized. The very prolonged problems of last year will not happen as they started in the third week of July. It is mid-August and we are nowhere near the low levels we experienced then. This does not mean we will not see low levels. I expect we will see a low at Kaub at some point - by that I mean a figure of 93cm or under. But how much lower than that and for how long, involving ship swaps and cancellations potentially, noone can say for sure. It is good to read that the captains on the water are confident about the coming weeks. For now, I am happy that August is much better than last year and there is the prospect of September being much less eventful than last year. notamermaid
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