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  1. Just Google Discount cruise agencies, easy and the big ones should come up.
  2. Wouldn' t it be great if they refreshed the Elite bar menu? Most of cocktails went out years ago. But their Champagne is not bad and actually from France. I really enjoyed the Sky Lounge, sorry about choice of alternate bars which are crowded and dark.
  3. Like to do them last night, get waited on by multiple waiters. Usually a price reduction first night.
  4. He gets the money and we get the shaft. So far he has cancelled 3 of my cruises, including the 2021 WC which had the best itin yet. Other lines are cruising Caribbean; why not O?
  5. Only problem shipboard was a longtime waiter on Celebrity who called all the ladies at our singles table and asked them for sex. I was at alternative restaurant by myself that night and previously gave him a dirty look when he said" nice to see you back." They turned him in and he was put off ship at next port. Real problems come ashore. Never take any more $ than you need for that day. Paris, Rome and London worst pickpocket cities .esp. on trains and subways. I wear a moneybelt under my clothes with zipper facing skin; They love backpacks, I rarely wear one reversed with zippers also
  6. SEATTLE, Please note Princess long lines I wrote of recently here. Very unpleasant in my opinion.
  7. I remember on Oceania Insignia WC 2015 ported in Papette watching a block long line on a Princess ship waiting to board. Princess ships too big for WCs. Would not work for me, hate lines . Also on my last Princess TA, food marginal. I now have 130 days on Oceania. On above O WC my total on board bill was $2.64 for a magnet. Did one Holland cruise in Caribbean yrs. ago. I counted 23 wheelchairs walkers outside MDR. Food also marginal. Cruisers were not ni
  8. First I would call Oceania and get a bunch of their brochures. I would consider booking with O one of their 2 week min. Europe cruises. Your corner TA will not be familiar with Oceania and not able to recommend the best options. 7N will just give you jet lag and you will just be getting used to a cruise boat and come home tired. I booked 22N on Marina May 24, 22 Rome to Copenhagen with great ports.
  9. We were on early March cruise last year when SJN port would not let us in and next Cruise was cancelled. 4 MONTHS for refund ( we are Elite plus). Got Oceania WC refund in one month. Patience.
  10. Guess by now you get the lesson; no big bags and keep the small ones on table or lap. I bring clutches, evening bags or those little cosmetic bags, sometimes giveaways in tropical themes. All are feather weight and take up no room in your suitcase.
  11. Looking at Marina May 24,22 excursions; something new,additional excursions named Your World and Unlimited at lower pricing. Anyone have any info or experience with these? I assume you can buy through O or they would not be listed.
  12. Love SB. Stayed there years ago. Got to hotel at top of Gustavia and unit had its own plunge pool .Rented a scooter for a week and did a different beach each day. Beaches usually empty. SB is very French, pricey and exclusive. Shop owner told me they hate cruisers.
  13. O may be doing a short complimentary PR cruise for Euro travel agents. They used to do that in the states years ago.
  14. I think you need to talk to an Oceania agent. I was on Insignia 6030 for 71 days in 2015. It is the most forward of the Es. and only partially obstructed by lifeboat .It is an OUTSIDE cabin, no balcony or sofa .Window only. 6033 across hall same. The rest of Es fully obstructed by lifeboats; do NOT consider them, spend a few more bucks for an outside. I think Nautica is duplicate of Insignia. F and G insides also a consideration for saving $$. Call O.
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