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  1. When we cruised Feb 13-17 out of Ft. Lauderdale they literally only asked us if we had been to China or near anyone who has been. Then they asked us if we had any symptoms of being sick. That was all they did. I was really surprised that even on the ship I did not see extra cleaning being done. In fact there didn't seem to be anything more than typical at all. Never saw anyone cleaning handrails or anything else. I'm sure they were but not in an obvious way like we use to see.
  2. Ahh sounds amazing. Are there less kids since the zippidy doo dah isn't there. Love royal but since I work with kids but my own are grown I could do with less screaming and splashing and more relaxing. I know I know i could do a different line but I like Royal. Oh and I'm looking for June 2022 out of Bayonne New Jersey. I think it's Port Liberty That way I'm not paying airfare again.
  3. When do the dates get released for summer 2022? I saw a cruise in summer 21 but probably should wait until 22. Hubby still not back to work yet since having knee replacement in Dec. So maybe i shouldn't book until we play catch up lol. But we just did a 4 nighter last week and now I have the cruisein' bug again😂😂. Also anyone have an opinion on the Empress of the Seas?
  4. Unless like me i do not have cash as i stated but you never read. Hubby is out of work. I'm putting OBC with a credit card. Don't wish to put the card as my account because i don't want to spend too much and have regrets. Just some extra on the account. Thank you to the people who were helpful. I called on my lunch break and added what i wanted just enough to have some fun , not enough to regret😉
  5. Thanks all. Hubby still on disability from knee surgery ( he's doing great but we didn't know when we booked that he would be getting it done) so I just want to surprise him with a little less stress.
  6. I wanted to buy some OBC for our up coming cruise. But when i look on my cruise planner there is no where to purchase it. How do I purchase it? Thanks.
  7. I like to have a hard copy of everything. I guess at 53 I'm a bit " old school" when i come back I put all my papers and mementos from each trip in a box. It's fun and when we have a question about which cruise or ship we did this or that on I pull out the box😁. To the OP I feel your pain. When I get happy over the little things and the DH just gives the " yeah nice" it kinda puts the pin in my balloon.
  8. Thank you for the grammer lesson lol. Like I said it's been stressful. Since Dec I've delt with my Dad in hospital , my aunt who i begged to come down for Christmas (his sister) in hospital the day after she got in😥, my other Aunt passing on Christmas Eve, my 82 yr old dad having pneumonia ( 2 weeks after his hospital stay for pancreatitis) , my 82 yr old mom had pneumonia, my son's apartment got robbed while he was at work, my hubbby had a total knee replacement and I had hand surgery.Then I had a few students come down with the flu and others with stomach bug all while i prayed I didn't get
  9. I'll be on the Indy on Thursday and would love to get a message. Without all the too expensive / over priced opinions does any one have an idea of how much a deep tissue message is? I've had a bad 2 months and would love to have all that stress and tension removed from my knotted up muscles lol. Thanks for any help
  10. It's past 1:30 did they give you all an update?
  11. you could stay home , go to the grocery store, work, church ...and get the flu...stomach bug...It's always a chance you take. I took my mom to church after an hour the mass was over and the priest said " i won't be in the back shaking hands today, my throat is Killing me and I have no idea what i have" . Grrreat! Then went to work 3 staff in the building were out due to the flue, a hand ful of students had the flu. 2 of My students had the flu and another was hospitalized with the flu and something else. I'm glad to have avoided getting sick since that all happened in January! Now I just need
  12. the letter tht someone posted here states they will reimburse up to $200 per room for anyone who flew in. You have to submit your receipt to the address they stated.
  13. Unfortunately we were there for the Harvey fiasco. Stranded for 5 days in a hotel trying to find money to keep paying for hotel and meals we had no way of knowing we would need. However that seems like nothing compared to this
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