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  1. So how is celebrity compared to Royal? Can I still get all dressed up for dinner? I'm looking at a southern Caribbean cruise for Christmas 2020. I was looking at the state rooms and trying to understand the catagories. Like is concierge a nice one? Not looking to break the bank but wanting something nice. Not the lowest but Not the highest lol. A nice medium. I forget the ship I was looking at ugg but it was leaving from San Juan Puerto Rico ( i think).
  2. I can see dates but my problem is there is nothing with Christmas dates. They are all either before or after. They must have something during the week of Christmas.
  3. Hello, How can I find which cruises are available for Christmas 2020? When I go on the Royal Caribbean website I don't see any. There has to be something. We tried MSC last summer and it was the worst cruise we've ever experience. Definitely not our cup of tea. Husband was talking about maybe taking a Christmas cruise now that the kids are all grown. Since I just bought a new truck haha maybe we can do a cruise in 2020 for Christmas. Sure would be nice to be somewhere warm with no cooking, no dishes to do and a lot less Holiday stress!
  4. Hello all. We have been to Grand Cayman a few times ( first was to get married). This time we are taking our 20ish yr old daughters so rather than renting scooters we are looking for a place to rent a jeep within walking distance of the cruise port. This will be in July on MSC Seaside. Any one have any info? TIA Sent from my LGMP450 using Forums mobile app
  5. Ok so heres the scoop. I am ( cough cough choke gasp) 51 now and in menapause. My skin while not wrinkled is starting to look dull and not as plump as it use to. I feel like it's looking a bit saggy around the jawl line. Others say I'm crazy but I dont like what i see in the mirror. My parents are 80 and look fantastic! So I know i have good genes as far as aging. My pores are looking bigger and I get pimples[emoji51] I never had pimples! Not acne just an ocassional break out. I don't wear a lot of make up never have. But I just started wearing foundation again because of my skin looking so Blah! So what do you all use as far as moisturizer...foundation...face wash. I'm not a big name shopper so drug store brands would be great. Also it would help if the advise was coming from others my age...no offense but when a 20 somethings or 30 yr olds says this works great it's because you still have young skin...lol. Any one have any helpful advice? Right niw i use ponds cold cream... L'Oreal moisturizer, and I found a Rimmel ( sp?) matte foundation that works pretty nice. Sent from my LGMP450 using Forums mobile app
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