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  1. We are in this “boat”. Unsure why 2021 cannot book now— passengers have been able to book culinary classes.
  2. We will be there for 1 night overnight x 2 -- about a week apart I was interested in an organized tour by a local tour operator that was for those who have been to SPB before -- without paying the private tour prices. (why would a local need a tour about vodka??) Based on your reply, we will not pre-plan anything for our 2 stops in SPB. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks Jan! We love La Reserve and have been worried about reservations — we are on B2B sailings for 2 months—
  4. My TA was also told I had to wait until on board for my 29 Aug Marina sailing. I check daily online as well, haven't seen any chance to reserve.
  5. THIS -- we were at the Admiral. Loved the hotel, but the bar was right below our room, and it was very hot out, so, not a good night sleep.
  6. Any suggestions for a 1 day / night tour that does not involve the major sites? We don't want to repeat the main itinerary that most agencies offer. Also, don't want to pay our cruise ship prices. Since our cruise is this Aug/Sept -- there is also the question whether the ship will sail to SPB. Our roll call is so quiet, I believe it wouldn't be possible to organize a private group tour, so would likely be just the 2 of us. We might be interested in a vodka/canal tour === and possibly the ballet -- without paying the cruise ship prices. Most agencies seem to require a full day tou
  7. They do -- I have ordered it in Toscana on an R ship. You may not like the price :). You could always bring a bottle (or several ) of your favorite -- with the $25 corkage, you will come out ahead.
  8. Most of us are making final payment with the understanding of 100% vaccination -- not anything less.
  9. Oceania just delayed their final payment and penalty 2 months --
  10. There is no "rule" that says you have to get off the ship on a port day. We often take a port day as a "sea" day, and we are not alone. Enjoying the view, eating on the Terrace outside deck, drinking a glass of wine on our balcony -- can be very enjoyable regardless of stamina.
  11. We have done 2 Oceania 180day world cruises. They are not an all inclusive line-- alcoholic drinks and shore excursions are extra. Internet is free, 1 account per cabin. They do include all non alcoholic drinks - including smoothies, specialty coffees and non alcoholic mixed drinks. As with most other lines there are perks for the full world passengers -- including free laundry, luggage delivery, visa services and medical care onboard. They also have a liberal policy regarding bringing wine and spirits on board for consumption in your cabin, or take the wine to a dining room for $25 corka
  12. GENERAL – HEALTH & SAFETY 1. Are face coverings required? Our cruises will operate with 100% vaccination of guests and crew, therefore face coverings are not required but are highly recommended where physical distancing is not possible indoors. On the Oceania website under Sail Safe FAQ
  13. I made a mistake, thought the conversation was paying the corkage for a bottle of wine— Never have taken a glass of anything from my cabin!
  14. No, wine only— I didn’t see the posts before I responded, IGNORE what I said about corkage. my bad—must have misunderstood— but, wait, port is wine, right?
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