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  1. Yes, the infinity pool "looks" nice and sort of "hangs" by the edge. Thought I'd post a pic of it. There is a hot tub up and above it. We did see people hanging out in the pool and hot tub. Understand the outside eating tables are all around as well, which does make a nice view when you are having dinner or drinks outdoors on the fantail.
  2. Well stated Cyber Kat! I couldn't have put it better. I totally agree - there is a special feel on board that Viking has managed to create. We look forward to getting back in that mode, no matter what the ports or itinerary are.
  3. We have been on the SKY and the SEA recently in different cabin classes, and can confirm that there is indeed a pull out line in the shower to dry things. It stretches diagonally. Very handy. The heated floor is also helpful! (A note on the heated floor - on our last trip on the Sea, it was not on the first night so we told the steward. He said he would check the master panel to verify if that was the issue and it was - presto - the floor was on the rest of the trip)
  4. That's interesting! We were on the Viking Sea in February and the same thing happened in Dominica for us. All the various tour guides were there, including their managers. We'd had such a fantastic trip Tubing down the River and then a wonderful guide for the afternoon included tour in Dominica, that we went over and thanked the tour managers and let them know. They were quite appreciative!
  5. Thank you Viking! No more alarm clocks just to sign up for excursions. Plus, for 12 noon Pacific time, it will still be evening in Europe for those cruisers. And depending on the time of year, it might not be too early in the AM for the Aussies.
  6. My wife and I (in our 60's) enjoyed our 2 VOC's so much that we booked several more while on board the last one. Per your concerns about "having fun", I think that everyone's definition of fun might be different. You should probably try to decide what things are most important to you since you won't likely find every top item on any one cruise line. There are pluses and minuses to all of them. We'd been on other cruise lines (that start with 'N') and didn't care for the loud parties (i.e. balcony issues on the previous post!), noisy casinos, waiting in line to get on/off the ship, boorish behavior, getting nickeled and dimed for everything, and more. I swore I would never do a cruise again - until friends took a Viking Ocean Cruise and highly recommended them... for us and our interests. Again - that might not be the right cruise line for everyone of you. If you are "a bit put off by Viking's casino/kids/formal nights policy ... I think those are all good things, in moderation. Photographers never bothered me", then perhaps Viking isn't for you. Viking does have a very loyal fan group I have seen and now know why. They have indeed become much more popular in just the last year, so they must have hit a good market niche with the product. This list came from a poster in a Viking Forum and I'm sorry I don't remember who to credit, but it was so appropriate. Hoping this gives you more insight. WHY TRY VIKING OCEAN CRUISES: Try it because you are tired of mindless entertainment. Try it because you don't need a casino. Try it because you are sick and tired of the nickel-and-diming. Try it because you can live without other people's children. Try it because you are more interested in the ports of call than in partying until dawn. Try it because you are never asked to pose for photos. Try it because you are never asked to pose for photos. Try it because you like cruising among friendly people. Try it because you are invited to BYO wine, beer, or other potables. Try it because you don't have to hide in your room to drink your BYO. Try it because there is no corkage fee in the dining rooms. Try is because specialty dining is included. Try it because there is no formal night. Try is because there is no bang-bang music Try is because there are nooks and crannies everywhere to read, relax, and just be. Try it because the tables in the cafe are set with silverware and napkins and a beverage server comes to take your beverage order as soon as you sit down. Try it because room service will deliver delicious coffee and juice, even on debarkation day, within 10 minutes of your call. Try it because room service is included and you can even have the free beer & wine at meal time delivered to your room. Try it because the free spa area is ubelievable! Take Viking because the staff can't help enough. If you have an issue they are quick, efficient, and do their job with a smile. Take Viking because even the service at the buffet is better than any other cruise ship. Take it because you love the regular English tea in the afternoon. Try it because you never have to wait much at all to leave or return to the ship. Try it because everyone, including the crew, greets you with a smile. Try it because you are a guest, not just a wallet. Try it because there are no inches of golf tables blocking the Atrium. Try it because you'll be sailing with 900+ people rather than 2500+. Try it because there is no karaoke. Try it because there is no bingo. Try it because people do not need to reserve/hog lounge chairs in the pool area or open decks. Try it because you will not see a flaming Baked Alaska parade Try it because of the Resident Historian and Enrichment programs. Try it because you'll never have to see a napkin waving waiter sing-along at dinner.
  7. Thank you Danish Viking. Interesting. It was Viking Cruises that told me, in response to my query about where we dock, that we are at Oceankaj (May 8-9). Perhaps that is because we are overnighting? and need certain supply loading facilities? The quote from Viking: " Typically Viking docks at one of two locations in Copenhagen, and is currently showing docking to: Oceankaj Cruise Terminal, Oceanvej, Free Port, 2150 Copenhagen. This location is just 5 miles North of city center, and taxis are available for transportation. "
  8. Hello Danish Viking - you have been so helpful with your great information! We are arriving in Copenhagen in early May - and just got word that we are likely arriving at the Oceankaj cruise port which they say is 5 miles away and advise us to take taxi's into the city center. We have purchased a Copenhagen Card to be picked up at the Visitor Center or Tivoli Gardens upon our arrival, which we thought would be at Langelinie Pier (20 some minute walk or #26 bus ). We are on Viking Jupiter on 8 May. Do you know if there are public transit options to get to the City from the distant pier? Or are we "stuck" with expensive taxi's? Thank you for any insight. Also - how much time then to allow for travel from this distant pier.
  9. To clear things up: Using the direct USB to charge your devices is and always will be slower than using the electrical power outlet. (Several of the USB outlets are located on the light stands and walls). Viking provides both. I did experience that using the USB was slower than using the electrical outlet, but sometimes more convenient. Note that even Apple recommends this: " Your iPhone will charge fastest from a power outlet, rather than via a USB port. Apple's official advice "for the quickest charge" is to "connect the device to a power outlet using the USB cable that came with the device and an Apple USB power adapter. "
  10. Agree with you regarding port intensive itineraries in the Baltics! On our recent cruise there, interestingly enough, many people really pushed it the first week of the cruise, going out and seeing everything possible - sort of like kids in a candy store! Then the 2nd half of the cruise, things slowed down quite a bit 🙂 - as evidenced by people cancelling reservations for dinner and hanging out by the pool in the afternoon! So pacing yourself is definitely a good idea!!
  11. At least you are coming from the East Coast so not too many time zones. We took a Baltic Cruise our of Stockholm last year - flew from SFO and got in via connection in Amsterdam around 2 PM. The key is the make sure to keep moving and stay up until it gets dark, to help reset the body clock. We also try to get some sunlight on the plane when it gets closer to Europe and the sun comes up. Then the excitement of the upcoming cruise takes over on day 1 and we are fine after that! We don't try to do much that first evening.
  12. You'll enjoy the PV1 for your first VO Cruise! Interesting, we've found that the PV3's often seem to book up quite quickly, compared to the other rooms. There are not as many of them but they are popular - ever though they are forward in the ship. Am surprised all the DV cabins were sold out - there are 90 something DV2's and probably as many DV4's. Just got off the Viking SEA on a PV3 - loved the ship and the captain/staff as well.
  13. Another agreement with Peregrina's advice. We did the Homelands cruise the last 2 weeks of May in 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed it. We specifically chose to go the Stockholm to Bergen route. We wanted to spend time on the front end of the trip in Stockholm (several days) and felt we'd be ready to get home when we finished the cruise. However, in retrospect, given our fantastic weather, we wish we'd done a post cruise on the train to Oslo and seen that. Check out some of the other Homelands and Into the Midnight Sun Roll Call discussions about that. There were some crowds that we expected (in St. Petersburg). In Tallinn it was crowded in the AM with all the cruise passengers, but we spent the whole afternoon walking about the city without many people at all, since they'd all gone back to their ships. We did not do Viking Air as we flew from San Francisco to Stockholm on KLM via Amsterdam (much better pricing and we didn't have to pay that $100 pp fee for not going direct to the cruise ship). We love KLM and also Schiphol Airport. Interesting notes, Clay, however, on TAP. We may have to try them next time when we do a cruise out of Lisbon and Rome. I had heard their new planes are quite nice - especially in business class. Stockholm, however, was our favorite city of all. As stated we only regretted not spending more time in Norway, Bergen, and seeing Oslo - so we are considering doing the Into the Midnight Sun cruise!
  14. Your trip sounds wonderful! Thought I'd add that we just finished the West Indies Explorer cruise. So sorry for those who had the broken train in St. Kitts. We took it and had an absolute blast! I think it also makes a difference, by chance, who you have in the car with you. I had to laugh - because, yes, many of were saying they were making those rum drinks pretty strong! We had a fun party though. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Unexpectedly, we also thoroughly enjoyed Dominica. It had indeed seen some severe damage from the hurricane in 2017 but was quite lush. We took a chance and did the Viking excursion of Tubing down a River. Turned out to be one of the highlights of our cruise! Absolutely fantastic - and got us out of our comfort zone - so fun - and it was a good group and a great set of guides. I would recommend that highly. Others you all mention - we did the Baths at Virgin Gorda, which sadly, was a bit crowded and we had some folks on our tour group who shouldn't have done this tour (mobility issues) which really slowed folks on the single file trails and trek through the boulders. But the waters were fantastic to swim in and the views quite stunning. Glad to hear about Bermuda and Hamilton. We are on a Viking Cruise next year that will be stopping there and good to know you can walk into town. Haven't been there in eons but it was quite beautiful!
  15. Excellent decision! That's what we enjoy about Viking - there are many choices for everyone's different interests.
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