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  1. As someone said, they were likely not trying to ruin/frustrate people but instead trying to "flatten the curve" and not get overwhelmed by so many cancellations at one time.
  2. You were SO right, Peregrina !! They seem to be doing 2 months of cancellations at a time. That means that about end of July we could get September/October cancellations.
  3. It just amazes me how Viking is totally contradictory in the way they handle things. We tried to do the same thing and apply a voucher to a cruise we had already booked in the future - and were told several times that the voucher could ONLY be used on a brand new booking, so we weren't allowed to do that. They even pointed to the language in the Viking statements about the use of vouchers that does indeed say "NEW BOOKINGS". They also said there is no refund of the differences if you don't spend the whole voucher. So difficult to figure out what is true and what is not. If you are successful in actually doing this, let us know. Viking seems to say totally different things depending on who you talk to.
  4. Oh- I am sorry to report that our voucher experience recently was almost identical to mhb1757 (above). We don't have a bad experience, nor did we have to deal with the many issues that many of you had. I almost feel guilty, given all the mess you all went through. I guess that we were just lucky, but it went so smoothly I was actually a little suspicious. Never spoke to Viking though - our TA did all that.
  5. Hi Peregrina - I must be confused. I thought you had to apply a voucher to a brand new booking, not one that was booked (without a voucher) but still had a deposit down and payment not due for quite awhile. How would you book a regular future cruise then - and apply the voucher many months later? Wouldn't Viking say you were apply it to an existing booking, not a new booking. Our TA told us we had to apply the voucher at time of booking (happened to be 15 months away), even though any additional fees weren't due until 6 months from departure. Again - it is likely the case of different rules apply to different people and different scenarios. No consistency or guidelines.
  6. Yes - I fully agree with you and that is what I had always understood. And that is why I have been somewhat surprised to read on cruise critic several posts whereby people are having their insurance (not cancel for any reason) cover their other costs than the cruise when Viking cancels. After hearing these, I thought and hoped perhaps I had missed something. But yes, each policy is specific but every policy I have examined has the same restrictions on non-payout for terrorism and pandemics.
  7. Interesting. Even though Viking did the cancellation of our June cruise, the insurance company would not cover our air, airbnb, and more - as I said, because they don't cover COVID 19 even if the cruise line is the one who cancelled.
  8. What trip insurance from 3rd party do you have? Is it cancel for any reason? Reason I ask is that we got insurance via InsureMyTrip and our Viking cruise was cancelled, but we cannot get anything back (cruise isn't the issue since Viking gets it back for us). Our issue is can't get airfare back or Airbnb back. They say COVID is not covered else all insurance carriers would be out of business.
  9. So glad to have had the chance Andy, to read your informative and inspirational posts! You truly are a glass totally FULL person - much appreciated! What an experience ! onthejourney - wow - I had been thinking often during these last months of CV about The Andromeda Strain !
  10. Yes - have been hearing that something will be on Viking TV this week.
  11. Thanks! Good reminder. So many different things going on. Appreciate the website. It does get confusing with different responses from posters who talk to different Viking people!
  12. Thanks, Clay! Now if we can just get anything back from our Biz fares on TAP for the June cruise that was cancelled. No word on that yet.
  13. Good to hear from you Dobie. Hope you are staying safe in Tucson. Guess we are all in the same boat so to speak! As I stated, my concern is that if we hold on and Viking doesn't cancel the cruise, but instead just shortchanges it, then where does that leave us? Plus, all the hassles of air flights, plus ports and countries that may still be closed? But the world has greater issues than these concerns. I believe we have until 120 days ahead to decide.
  14. That's a very good question, Danilov. We are actually scheduled for the first leg of this planned World Cruise on the Sun, leaving Miami for Dec 14, through the Canal and to Los Angeles. We originally booked it because it went to Cuba and the Canal. Even though it is still nearly sold out, I would imagine there are many who are waiting and wondering. We have the same final payment due on June 15 as our decision deadline date as well. Given the uncertainty in the world, it is certainly a risk to keep waiting beyond that, as Viking might not "cancel" the cruise but instead do different itineraries. How that applies to the World Cruise is anyone's guess. I have thought they may even go ahead and do Miami to Los Angeles with no stops in between and then perhaps just turn around and go back again. I am personally weighing how much I want to give Viking for a cruise that doesn't do the stops I want. We already have lost Cuba (not Viking's fault to be sure). Our inclination is to just cancel and move on. At least we have until June 15 to decide.
  15. From the many posts recently that state completely different results, it would seem that there may have been multiple types of cancellation policies. We had our cruise cancelled with the June 30 2020 group. We had a couple other cruises booked but not yet paid for. We took the FCV - and were explicitly NOT allowed to pay for any of these previously booked cruises with the FCV. Both via the Travel Agent and via Viking. We had to make a Completely New Cruise Booking. Secondly, not all Viking Cruises in the future are at reduced rates. Our "new cruise booking" was the same Into the Midnight Sun cruise that was cancelled for 2020 and we are now booked on the 2021 version. The cost for the same cabin was 23 % higher. So I think it depends on the cruise. I saw that a couple other popular cruises were also still pricey (like Iceland).
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