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  1. Great! per my picture, I thought you would be far from the pool deck and "bandstand" area - far enough forward. And she's right, I forgot you are right near the lifts as well. Easy access to everything. I think you will enjoy it.
  2. You have the greatest handle! Love your optimism as well. Regarding Cruise Critic Boards, you should follow the other specific Viking Orion Bermuda Roll Calls, as well as the Forum that is JUST about these Bermuda cruises (no Iceland in it).
  3. Yes, respbj, I saw that as well. The $75 definitely caught my eye. I did a quick check on getting a COVID test near where we live and unless you are deathly sick or in health care or already have major symptoms, it will cost you $140. Yikes - how do all these people get tested for free?
  4. Thanks, Jim! I'm hungry and thirsty already !!
  5. Thanks, Peregrina! - we are on the June 29th Bermuda cruise. Have been to Bermuda several times and we've probably drive by motorbike on most of the roads. I can imagine the passage into St. George has to be spectacular. Did some googling and there are a number of pics and videos out there for it. We arrive at 8 AM so will have to be up early, but departure is at 6 PM so a wonderful cocktail sailing away should be fabulous!
  6. OK Jim. Fave Dining places in Old San Juan? If you feel like sharing that is. We hope to be there at the end of the Dec TA from Barcelona! (If that Viking Sea cruise takes place that is - hopefully so!)
  7. Good for you! We are on the June 29th cruise in Bermuda. We are "venturing" into Viking Air world, as we've done our own thing on our other cruises. We just worried about how it will go with COVID and doing our own flights. More power to you as you got a great deal! We do have a 1 stop at least from SFO-CLT-BDA but seats are at back of plane. IT is what it is. Hoping to have a great time on this cruise! We'll be up in Reno (Sparks) in late July to visit my old college roommate. Nice area. Time to get out and see old friends and visit new places !! Rooting for
  8. Fantastic, Vincent! We will indeed get to meet as we are also on the June 29th Bermuda cruise. We also figured by the 3rd cruise they might have things figured out a bit. Will be good to connect!!! Kent
  9. Good points! Hopefully we will back to those days of being able to ticket way ahead of time. For now, Viking people have told me as well as my travel agent, that during COVID times they are not ticketing until much closer to flying (the 45,55,or 70 days) with no exceptions. Hopefully by 2022 or certainly 2023 that will change. Reason: the airlines say they will be making major aircraft and schedule changes as we start to travel more and COVID starts to become less and less. At what point things will stabilize no one knows.
  10. We stayed on 6th floor once - 6048. I'm sorry to tell you we don't do that anymore. We always choose the 5th floor if we can. The two main issues were chairs and tables being dragged around at 3 AM by the crew, setting up for the next day, as well as the bands/parties by the pool. I took a picture of the Viking ship from the pier (I think Stockholm) on starboard side and then put labels on for the room numbers. This has helped guide me in picking rooms. 6061 is opposite 6060. So from the pictures, you "may" be OK - certainly better than 6049/6048. You would be on the port side righ
  11. As another non-World Cruiser - I echo what Clay said. For dinner reservations, never give up! So many people in our experience booked everything ahead of time and then as the cruise began, they started to change their minds. The back half or even 2/3 of every cruise we've had had restaurants open up daily even though they had been booked solid! Great tip Clay on the word "Panoramic"! We definitely figured that one out. There are good included tours too (from our concern) which explicitly state walking tours and show "Demanding". That's another clue that you might get to see a
  12. The one disadvantage of Viking Air is they don't ticket with the airlines until 45, 55, or 70 days (I've heard all 3 amounts from various Travel Agents and Viking reps the past week so who knows for sure) ahead of time right now and possibly into the future. If you go through the airlines you can do it obviously as soon as it is published and available in their systems. (usually 11 months out). We've usually done that on cruises and used miles and/or bought or upgraded seats to Prem Econ. or Bus class early so that they were available. However, when we had a Viking cruise cancelled last
  13. Wow ! How fascinating. It has always been on our bucket list to do the Coast Starlight from Paso or SLO down to San Diego! We've been to Bermuda 4 times before and love it! But that was years ago. We picked the Bermuda cruise because we are not too concerned about the excursions. A little disappointed not to wander into Hamilton though. Hoping the included walking tour gives time to go in a couple shops. Hope as well they offer the Caves excursion from St. George - that was quite interesting and would do it again. They show it on the Viking Web Site under the itinerary and c
  14. Welcome! We are just up the road (101) from you (well, about 200+miles 🙂 )! Grew up in Pasadena. This will be our 5th Viking Ocean cruise and yes, we absolutely love the ship life. As such we have had booked a Transatlantic for Nov 2021 this fall from Barcelona to San Juan. We really think that one will get cancelled which helped us decide to jump on this Bermuda Cruise! Join us.
  15. Our MVJ for Bermuda cruises works just fine today. Available to book reservations for The Restaurant for dinner. For other cabins I imagine others are open as well.
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