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  1. Hello iancal - we are planning to use the bus from Santiago to Valparaiso. Plan to take a taxi from hotel in Santiago to the bus station. Question: did you purchase bus tickets ahead of time? did you need a reservation? was it crowded? did the bus stations in Santiago and Valparaiso seem safe? What time of day did you travel? Thank for any advice! We are traveling this December.
  2. We are on the Dec 21st Santiago to Buenos Aires Jupiter Cruise - and with Patrick Watts on Dec 31st in the Falklands. I will be sure to post updates during the cruise to let you all know how things go -weather-wise and more!! We (fortunately or unfortuantely) had to take this Dec 21 cruise due to family timing - we'll at least see how the Christmas and New Years are on Viking I suppose.
  3. We did a cancel and rebook - but Viking never offered anything and in fact, we lost the OBC we had. Thankfully our TA made that whole with a VISA Gift Card. Never underestimate anything. With Viking it seems that there is one thing certain - there is no set of procedures that are followed. Every situation in unique.
  4. Yes indeed! That is what we do as well, as we also have several trips on the books! And the Insuremytrip reps were also helpful to us and informed us of this option - which is nice! I was a little skeptical, but just this past week did my first "add on" as we paid for our air on our Midnight Sun trip (TAP Portugal from SFO-LIS-LHR). The "add on" was very easy to do and worked fine, which was reassuring! (Plus we had to change trip dates slightly as we adjusted to get better airfare with TAP now having great fares)
  5. Thank you planterx2 for your information. We will be on Lisbon to Miami in 2020 on the Sky. Since the itinerary takes you from Lisbon to the Azores to Bermuda and then down to Miami, I also had a little concern about the seas with this more northern route (versus the more southerly route that began with Columbus).
  6. We also have used Insuremytrip.com a lot and have been happy with it. For our Viking Cruises it has seemed to run for us roughly 7 % of the non-refundable costs. As expected, it gets more as we get older :) But can't do without it. Although we've never had to use it, thank goodness, we've had friends on the cruise ships who have had to - and made us realize how important it is. But like any other insurance, you need to buy it well before you need it! Thank you for the Tripinsurancestore.com information. We will have to look at that now as well. Then add in what we get from the credit cards....
  7. CCWineLover

    Hong Kong

    Wait and see what happens. That is a long way off (May).
  8. Hi Michael219 - Good points as well. Sounds like we're doing the reverse cruise! We are doing late June/early July as well, but on the Viking Sun leaving out of London and finishing in Bergen. Thus, we are going to do the train to Oslo (DIY) and look at possibly doing Flam. We were told by friends to stay at the Thon Rosenkrantz in Bergen and in Oslo as they are quite good, so we booked those. We don't generally have much luggage on a Viking cruise so we'll do our own on the train - not an issue for us. We'll "see" you sometime in early July as our two ships (Jupiter and Sun) cross paths up in northern Norway!
  9. Thanks for the tip Cyber Kat! Something to definitely consider (re: the experienced stewards)
  10. vnb2003 - so Viking's "standard" upgrade fare for business class is $1999 p/p? I am just now learning that you CAN do business class using Viking - depending on costs and desires for transfers/etc and help in case the airlines muck it up (see other posts on this one - the value of Viking Air sometimes when an airline abandons you). I had always thought that Viking Air was just economy and it was up to the individual to figure out how to add to get Business Class. Still not sure I'd do Viking Air for us though, since we tend to want to DIY tour ahead of a cruise and DIY for many days after. Seems like Viking Air is best for those who just want to fly in, cruise, and fly out.
  11. Mare you on the dec 21 Santiago to BA ? Or the Sun? Either way, may I ask what was the Viking “standard” business class fare from whatever city you fly from? Didn’t know Viking had s business class. That would be good!
  12. Perhaps the reference to an additional "serving station" by the Aquavit bar is in reference to the new, actually quite small "stations" on the 2 newer ships Jupiter and Orion. The "window" is a made-to-order" where for breakfast you can place special order omelettes, and for lunch fresh pasta, and for dinner it becomes a "noddle" station. It is a quite small window that is facing aft and between the Aqavit Bar and the port side gelato station of the World Cafe. It greatly improved the flow at breakfast as those who ordered omelettes (like me) could go to this separate station and not hold others up. We also enjoyed the lunch and especially dinner options. Some of the Chinese food was pretty good (spicy - which we like!) and the noodle/broth bowls were always good and varied. From an earlier post I did back in May for our Jupiter cruise: World Café -New made-to-order station aft, facing the Aquavit Bar on the port side, where you can order: Breakfast – Omelettes, ham, bacon, potatoes, and more Lunch – Fresh Pasta (varies by day) Dinner – Chinese stir fry (varies by day), Dumpling Soup, Noodle Soup
  13. Tough life, deec! Looking forward to meeting you on the Midnight Sun cruise. We finally got our air down, now trying to fill in the gaps on the pre and post DIY touring. As for South America, now that is requiring a bit of research and legwork as the various tour groups and comments are all over the place! We've signed up with Patrick Watts for Falkland Islands Volunteer Point Penguin tour but that's about it. Again - we like to do the DIY touring on the front and back of cruies. Going to do 8 days in Santiago/Valparaiso on the front and 9 days in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Iguazu Falls on the back end. Lots of planning and logistics, but I love it!
  14. Yes, that certainly has been the case thus far in 2019. That is one of the huge benefits of booking a future cruise while on board. You can even give them your travel agent at that time if you wish and it will transfer over - or you can wait for up to 60 days from booking to switch it to a travel agent if you don't yet have one. You can often get OBC's on your current cruise as well as other possible discounts & adjustments on the price of your new cruise. That is why we wait to book future cruises until we are on one - just visit the Cruise Consultant on board (usually they have an office on Deck 2, above the Guest services on Deck 1.
  15. Not always the case - it varies, depending on whether a sea day, or in port, or other factors. We had many days where both sides of the WC were open at the same time, just as there were others where one opened earlier and one stayed open later - especially for dinner. I asked the Restaurant Manager and he confirmed that they make specific decisions about opening for each day of the trip. So best to always consult your Daily (for closing times) and look at the WC itself to see which or both sides are open when they first state "opening".
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