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  1. Guess Lakesregion does not have a drivers license, medical insurance card, passport or cell phone. Your personal information is all over the WEB and is well know to the federal and state government. I wouldn’t worry too much about having a record of a COVID vaccine out there, in fact they already know. I had the vaccine administered at a state vaccination site. One week later I went to my doctor and informed him I was vaccinated. He said, no worry, it’s already on your medical records! All the state had was my name, very common, and my birthdate. They did, however, take my driver
  2. All employee personal information must be protected, especially SSNs and birthdates. Vaccine information is not that personal as no one will steal my identity or know my medical issues because I received a vaccine. This vaccine is needed to counter a pandemic that has killed over a million people. If you don’t want to do you part and get the vaccine, then be prepared to have some restrictions placed on your travel.
  3. Anyone trying to book a B2B this year should expect to be disappointed. Everything is in flux and you will just be frustrated. Book the cruise you would rather take and know it will not be the experience you had in the past.
  4. I am glad they have taken, or are taking out the bar stools in Michael’s or the Retreat. When we were on the Reflection only the folks who lived on the bar stools were able to get drinks. I wanted a sprite with ice and I had to go to the servers station and then the bartender just handed me a can. Service was not satisfactory so we went to other bar venues.
  5. We only take cruises twice a year for at least 14 days each. I cannot imagine just having a carry on and a backpack. When we go on hiking or camping trips we take just a carry on and a backpack. Checked suitcases are required especially when there is no laundry facilities for guests. I don’t want to wash clothing in the sink and then have wet clothing all over the bathroom or cabin. With a checked bag or two we have no problem dressing up for dinner. My husband doesn’t want to reuse shirts on a cruise. Judging by the smell on the elevators, other passengers were reusing their sh
  6. We took one Japan to Vancouver transpacific. We found the North Pacific to be much colder than our North Atlantic crossings. We did the crossing in May. We had snow in two ports in northern Japan and had no outside days on the crossing. Fortunately, Seabourn provided our Alaska jackets in Japan as we definitely needed them. I hope sailing the other direction gives you better weather.
  7. I don’t mind this at all and I don’t consider it a political action. This action is totally up to you so don’t do it f you don’t agree with it. I have received numerous requests in the past to contact my senators or representatives from other companies, or action groups. I do submit them if I agree with them. I have my reps on my contact list for easy emails as I have contacted them numerous times especially with complaints. Steny Hoyer is our representative and he is always sending emails about the actions he has taken. If I disagree, he hears about it immediately.
  8. In Maryland we received vaccination cards showing when we had the shot, what manufacturer, and the lot number. We had both shots but there is space on the card for two additional. They asked if we had insurance but not what insurance company we had. People who are anti gazers don’t belong on a ship.
  9. I hope the rapid PCR test will be available. It’s available at many U.S. airports right now and it would make sense for the airport at Athens to provide the test. It is expensive, especially at the airports, but the convenience is worth it. Before we traveled we took an antigen test before we drove to the airport, if it was positive, we were not heading to the airport.
  10. If you don’t want to change your flight reservations, book a land vacation before or after your one cruise. I believe Royal has the same policy on B2Bs. You might be able to get a cruise on a different line.
  11. That’s a good point, cruises will not be what they were pre Covid, especially when it comes to gatherings in small spaces. Celebrity has already discontinued some events, Elite happy hours, and Zenith cruiser dinner parties. I hope they will keep the unlimited dining in Specialty Restaurants as that, and the second bath, are the real draws to upgrade to a RS. If they need to remove some tables from Murano, it will be difficult to get reservations. Won’t be as much a problem for the outside venues and the Tuscan was never very crowded.
  12. As long as they allow unvaccinated children on board, we definitely need masks. I trust the tests that Hawaii requires but the testing required by the cruise lines may not be accurate especially in children. If we are vaccinated we are very safe, however the virus can spread between children and some may get very ill.
  13. We have been on Seabourn many times and it is not dressy! Yes, some gentlemen do wear jackets but they are never required. Everyone on board is treated (mostly) the same regardless of what they spent on their suite. There are no special boarding areas or lines, no concierge or suite class. You don’t have a set table or time, unless you are very special (we noticed one couple at the same well placed larger table each night). If you eat in the MDR you will be frequently invited to join others and this is a great way to meet people. There are also hosted tables and you receive a wr
  14. We would also recommend spending the night in an airport hotel. You can take your time getting off the ship and who knows how that will look this year. We like to arrive at the airport two hours before an international flight and have never had our luggage not accompanying us on the plane. Who needs to worry about catching a flight especially with COVID.
  15. The passengers traveled on this aircraft the same way all servicemen and women travel. If it’s good enough for those in service to our country, it’s good enough for the passengers from the Diamond. They had it better than my husband who said they were only provided canvas web seats. When you are being shipped home by the U.S. government, no cost to you, be happy with what you are provided.
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