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  1. The River Cruise Companies have already published their new methodologies under the virus. Just look at the news area of cruise critic. No mention of cleaning your own cabin or of paper plates and plastic flatware, but there are definite changes. The ocean cruise lines may follow similar procedures.
  2. We already have the vaccination certificates in our passports. Typhoid and Yellow Fever have been required for certain destinations for many years. I hope the anti vaccination folks won’t try to cruise and mess up the cruise world. Once there is a vaccine it would be irresponsible to cruise.
  3. We have used our cancellation from Seabourn to book a cruise in April. As of Jan 2020 we paid for our original cruise in full so we are sailing next year with money we consider spent. If I had received a refund, I am not sure where I would put the money to receive a 25% increase. Had we had it we probably would have lost much of it in the Stock Market. I am betting on Seabourn to continue sailing.
  4. Actually, many people can travel and just say their travel is essential. It probably is, to them.
  5. The large groups are also a problem in Luminae. We stopped eating dinner there because of the large loud groups. We book a RS and dine in a Specialty at night and at lunch. This way we can have a good dining experience most evenings.
  6. We have a BTB transatlantic scheduled for December. We have had two other cruises canceled this year. My husband and I are low risk, and not overweight so we are not worried about COVID 19. We will follow whatever the new procedures are on board the ship. We also cruise only twice a year so we can afford a nice cabin/suite. If we are confined to our cabin we will have a nice space and a large balcony. We also have a great supply of books on our kindles.
  7. Good for Barbados, I have always liked that island. I will be sure to spend money there the next time I visit.
  8. Lived through the Pandemic in 1968 and cruised that year. We had no masks, no lockdowns, and traveled freely. The U.S. had over 100K dead from the H1N1 flu. Guess we were a different society then. I will hopefully cruise in Dec on the QM2 and will take whatever precautions are required. Here in Maryland, we have to wear masks in public so I have gotten quite used to them.
  9. If you booked airfare and hotel through the cruise line you will get a refund or FCC. If you booked the air, you typically get the change fee. If you booked the hotel then you have to cancel with them. I make sure I book hotels that I am able to cancel without a fee. Most allow you to cancel at least 48 hrs in advance.
  10. I believe Celebrity and all of the other major Cruise Lines must wait for CDC before they can plan how to alter the on board experience or even when they can begin sailing. Don’t know when the CDC and/or State Department will allow cruising. When they do, we don’t know the additional regulations that will need to be followed. Emirates has informed us that we need to check in at the airport, not online, 4 hours before flight time. We must undergo COVID 19 testing. We must have a mask and a pair of gloves for each flight segment. We also can have no carry on bags. I believe they are using the 15 minute blood test.. It will be interesting traveling.
  11. I have never been sick taking Bonine (available in the U.S). The one time I used the patch I was very sick and I believe it was the patch. I was dizzy, dry mouth and upset stomach. Once I removed the patch I recovered. I believe it was taken off the market shortly after I used it but it is available now. The side effects of the patch are terrible.
  12. Before you go with another cruise line, you may want to check their boards and look at the refund complaints on those boards. You would be better off chartering a private yacht in the future so you would have complete control of your sailing.
  13. If Celebrity cancels your cruise, then you have an option of a refund although you will wait for it. Several weeks ago Seabourn canceled our rebooked cruise and they won’t be sailing until after 11/6/2020. Carnival plans to start earlier, 8/1, with a few of their ships. Guess they are all waiting for the rules from the CDC. They seem to be in charge of the cruise lines right now as none can sail before the CDC says they can.
  14. We are happily booked for the 12/8/20 BTB transatlantic sailing. Hoping it will go as planned. We have had all sorts of weather crossing the Atlantic from Hot weather and glassy seas in the summer to cold weather in September. We love the QM2 as there is so much to do inside the ship we don’t mind if the weather is bad. If you won’t be happy unless you can sit in sun by the pool you should go for a Caribbean or Med cruise.
  15. If you have the COVID antibodies then you are home free for at least some length of time. Did you end up in the hospital in Feb? My sister, a physician, says even if the flu shot isn’t effective against all flu it should keep you out of the hospital. In addition, if you are immune compromised, no vaccine will work well for you. That’s why you get an extra dose if your over a certain age. If you are overweight, hypertensive, have compromised lungs or kidneys, you are at high risk for every virus and bacteria and should definitely reconsider any travel.
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