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  1. It’s great that they can move this device to where it is needed. It is quite ugly and takes away from the aesthetics of the pool area. Having it movable makes sense.
  2. Our cruise is tomorrow on the Journey. Guess I am supposed to be upset about the Azamara amazing evening. Not even on my radar, when it happens it will happen. We have received no emails from Azmara.
  3. I am so glad we never are in a rush to get off the ship. It totally depends on Port Security and local customs police. We have cruised for over 30 years and have often had a delay for the ship to be allowed to debarked passengers. We also don’t count the on global entry as it depends on personnel being available for an additional s best to wait comfortably on the ship and let the crowds fight it out. Before we leave.
  4. Yes, see lines 9,10 and 11.
  5. Warn us when you are cruising as you will certainly use much of the available bandwidth when she posts. The only thing worse is streaming videos. I only hope for enough bandwidth to stay in touch and will not post photos. We once had a friend who was cat sitting for us. He sent 4 or 5 photos with each email and successfully kept us from uploading his emails as well as any others. This was on a transatlantic and internet service was not great.
  6. If 600+ guests appear at the port to embark at one time there will be a wait. The Azmara ships are not that small.
  7. Whenever you cough or sneeze without covering you mouth and nose you are spreading germs(viruses or bacteria). While they may not be currently making you sick they can cause illness in other passengers. If you have an attack it would be polite to leVethe public area and tend to your needs in private. Remember that quite of few of your fellow passengers are elderly or have compromised immune systems. Hopefully your doctor has given you medication to control your symptoms.
  8. If the new ships have 600 or so Suite Guests there will never be a concierge available to escort each one on or off the ship. Perhaps they should provide this to a more limited number of passengers in the higher end suites. If you are paying thousands more for a higher end Suite there should be additional perks. When Celebrity changed to the current suite program the Celebrity Suites were downgraded and only receive the perks given to Sky Suite guests.
  9. Sorry for your loss. Does this now mean we no longer need insurance to cover such events? Sounds like Celebrity refunded your unused portion of your cruise and OBC. This is a big deal if they didn’t have insurance.
  10. There is a capacity problem on the Hobbit tours. The one that actually goes to the WETA Lab is very limited as it is very small and only so many folks can be in the public area of the labs at one time. You shouldn’t have a problem going to the Hobbit village. It can handle quite a number of tourists. If you can’t get the Celebrity tour you should be able to get a local tour.
  11. Now that we are retired we cruise twice a year and we don’t stick with Celebrity. We love our home, family, church and volunteer activities so I can’t imagine being away from home that much. However, we are still healthy and mobile. Once we can no longer shop or cook meals cruising will become more attractive. It is much cheaper than a nursing home!
  12. United is not flying many of the 737 MAX9, they ordered under 30. Southwest, on the other hand, ordered 250 of the 737 MAX 8s. I would bet there will be a much bigger impact on Southwest. We are booked on United on an A310 to Florida.
  13. You will most likely have a day or two of rain, prepare for it.
  14. Why are you going back to Celebrity especially is you have the ability to spring for Oceanarium. I suggest to sample Seabourn or Silver Seas. I’d also suggest Cunard’s Grill Class but you would need to dress for dinner.
  15. Sorry, he didn’t make us feel better! On prior Celebrity cruises there has always been a DVD player hooked up to the living room TV. We are only Elite + so we probably didn’t get the best service. Seabourn and Cunard far surpass Celebrity in guest accommodation. We will be checking on service levels on Azamara later this month, just hope the Butler is more accommodating.
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