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  1. Very little accommodation is offered for the deaf or hard of hearing community. The masks also make it very difficult to leap read.
  2. Stores are not only out of COVID Test Kits, just take a stroll around any market and look at all the empty shelves. Prices have also gone up 20-30% on most products. Gasoline has almost just about doubled from last year. Cruise prices are looking like a bargain compared to everything else.
  3. There were quite a few Zeniths on the last cruise, are they now being admitted into the Retreat?
  4. CAn’t you just cancel your flight through Celebrity and book it yourself independently? Flights it’s right now are a mess with multiple cancellations and it is only predicted to get worse between now and the holidays. Might be better off taking the train, a couple on this board gave a good review of the train that goes to Florida. Our UA Flight to Miami in late January was cancelled and we now have a six hour layover in Chicago. Hope we can get better flights before then!
  5. Doesn’t sound a a great tour for someone using a roll at or. We did this tour and it was so rough, the driver actually looked for the roughest area of the “terrain”. My husband had to hold on for dear life and his neck ached for a week afterwards. They have done you a favor excluding those over 75. Guess they do mention people with backend neck problems but they don’t tell you they will cause neck and back problems.
  6. If you test positive for COVID you will not be getting on any flights back home until you test negative. This is not Seabourn’s rule. When we cruised in July we were aware of the COVID policy. We were on a B2B but if we tested positive at the end of the first cruise we would be off the ship. If you have a concern about this policy don’t book the holiday cruise. Any travel during this pandemic can be subject to all kinds of changes and/or delays.
  7. NYE is the most festive night of the year on the ships. Wear your most festive outfits. I pack along evening dress as it is easy to pack and simplifies shoes and hosiery. Don’t worry about pictures. It’s so easy to get another passenger to take your photo on your cell phone. Celebrity crew are also happy to do this for you.
  8. If the OP is concerned about the Level 4 do not travel ports, they should cancel and enjoy the Canadian winter. As long as the virus is still around all travel will be uncertain and will not be as carefree as before the pandemic. We have seen most of the Caribbean ports and would not mind staying on the ship.
  9. For the calories in one of those alcohol coffee drinks I would have to skip two meals! I wish I could eat and drink the way I did in my twenties.
  10. If he is traveling first class for the short coastal flight, you can bet he is in a high level suite. At least Alaska has First Class, United only has Business First and even on a five hour flight you just get a bag of chips or pretzels and alcoholic beverages. The wine we had came from a small single serve wine bottle.
  11. Betting they will also accept British currency. The large number of travelers from Great Britain would make them very familiar with your currency.
  12. I keep our USA “Ricky dink” cards safe in our passports along with our paper yellow WHO vaccination cards. Sorry you don’t care for your CDC card, we are proud and grateful for ours.
  13. I am sure some can always find a way to be dishonest. Let your conscience rule.
  14. If the OP is so disappointed by this upgrade, they should cancel. Being upset about a cabin is no way to start a cruise.
  15. I dislike flying and would always prefer passage on a ship. However, if I was not healthy enough to fly, I certainly would not be healthy enough to cruise. I still remember the unhealthy couple on an Azamara transatlantic. Severely overweight, one used a walker(used the seat to carry four or more drinks everywhere on the ship and the other in a scooter. They bragged about having to be medically evacuated from three cruises in the last year and that their doctors advised against any travel. They were using the ship as a nursing home and hoped they would die onboard. I can’t imagine why a cruise line would accept either as passengers. Believe they were top tier very loyal passengers.
  16. Unvaccinated adults should not be allowed on the ships. Seabourn is not allowing any unvaccinated passengers. On a cruise around Greece we were all tested before we boarded the ship and also before we debarked. We had to show both our vaccination paperwork and our negative COVID test results at the airport.
  17. It’s sad that writing a simple but thoughtful business letter is no longer within the ability of many. Luckily I was raised in the old days when we were taught as soon as we could write about writing simple letters. Now you can compose a letter on your computer or tablet, address and envelope and send it. Much more certain to get an answer instead of a quick delete of an email.
  18. I once lost a bottle of Bailey’s and mouse pad going through security going to a Cunard ship. Here I was thinking they were taken by the port security. Ten days into our cruise we were discussing this loss at our dinner table when a couple there said they had taken the package from the belt by mistake. When they realized this they kept it instead of taking it to the ships purser. They figured the bottle was illegal (never on Cunard) and didn’t want to get us in trouble. They did give us the mouse pad. I will bet your sunglasses were picked up “mistakenly” by another passenger who followed you through security.
  19. I also vote for snail mail. A nicely written letter is much more likely to make it to the CEO’s desk or to the “Head of Complaints” or wherever it belongs.
  20. Looks like it is part of the contract, Celebrity can remove items without your knowledge. If this is a big concern of yours, don’t travel by ship or plane. Celebrity made a. Intake by not notifying you but mistakes can happen. I keep my necessities in my hand carried bags.
  21. So sorry to hear about this most unfortunate experience. You should definitely cancel your six future Celebrity cruises. Your wife with her PTSD and anxiety problems will not be able to handle the future cruises after this devastating experience.
  22. I hope Dwayne has been evaluated by a cardiologist. Having heart problems after a vaccination for COVID would show a very increased risk for heart issues should you actually catch COVID.
  23. When we traveled through Germany in early July, the six month rule was in place, however, we didn’t need a COVID test. Now you need the COVID test even with the vaccine.
  24. When we passed through Germany on our way to Greece we were told our 2nd vaccination could be no older than six months. There are loads of immunocompromised individuals on the cruise critic board and they have received their boosters.
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