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  1. I don't think "Endeavour" is a great name for a ship - seems to me it includes failure! "I will endeavour to make a soufflé" ... not much hope it will rise. Whatever they choose I hope they spell it correctly though. What about - Clipper Cruiser Traveller
  2. Veuve means widow ... which is why the name! There is another couple on our cruise also celebrating an anniversary. I will go through the roll call, find out who and then plan something for the 3 couples! That should be fun!!
  3. You can take the boy out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the boy!! Just saw the last episode - the "almost-indecently-clad" lady was either properly dressed or I didn't notice her!! I liked the last episode the best of them all but there is still this theme running through it of enormous costs/wealth/snobbery and the sense from the voice over - mere mortals can't do this! Am looking forward to seeing the US one...
  4. The "wardrobe malfunction" was an American woman, sitting on a bar stool with a tee shirt that revealed about ALL. It was slipping off her arms, her "bosoms" and everything else. VERY bizarre. So was she...
  5. Jamais entendu -- Never heard of that. "la Veuve" or in English The Widow... Yes. When you think about it - not the right name for a champagne to celebrate one's 55th! Nonetheless I love it. And yes Jackie - there will indeed be a bottle in our suite when we board. BUT that will go in a flash. (Last time on Oceania there was a bottle of Laurent Perrier. I was unpacking and thirsty. I asked Ken to open a Perrier - soda water for me. So what does he open - the Laurent Perrier!!! Not a happy camper...)
  6. There are champagne stoppers but rarely will the wine keep all its fizz with those. And it would be a real shame to loose much of a bottle of Cliquot! I love that wine! We are celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary on our next cruise and I plan to order a bottle of "The Widow" that evening.
  7. Not only those near the front - people who step over others to leave so they beat the rush (I suppose for the lifts!!) The only time I walk out of a show is if I really cannot stand it and then as early as possible!
  8. On Regent the smallest suite we have had in recent years is the Seven Seas Aft on the Mariner. We don't mind that. But far prefer the Owners Suite or Vista Suite on Oceania. Next Regent cruise - Grand Suite in the stern on Splendour. PH suites on Crystal are small...
  9. Jackie - a BIG thank you for all the photos, insightful posts and in general for taking us along with you!! I liked Crystal more from your photos, descriptions etc than I thought I would. I was also very interested in Keith's (I think it was) background to why there are tables so close together and why Silk exists where it does... I still think the size of the suites is an issue for us. We are used to space at home and don't like to be cramped when travelling. But who knows ?? Merci mille fois - or as they say in parts of my country - merci vielmal !! Gerry
  10. we have had two lovely cruises on the Navigator and would be more than happy to sail on her again IF the itinerary suited us. I am less enthusiastic about the Voyager. have not yet been on the Explorer. Mariner - lots of cruises on her and no problem in returning. We will be on the Splendour in March - really looking forward to that. In sum: I do not think Regent has any ship we would really avoid and for most we would jump at the chance to go back!
  11. Thanks for the info about the various "Des Moines" Dave and Beaglemom. I learnt a long time ago not to expect the names of US towns to be pronounced anyway similar to the "original" European town!! Warwick UK (warrick) and Warwick NY (War -Wick) for example!!! Fond du Lac WI is of course another. But I had not idea there was more than one Des Moines. Those monks certainly got around!!
  12. here is a link to the video of the christening and the float out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDOGo3GfKVo That was quite a while ago... late winter I think.
  13. Last time I was in Des Moines it was in Iowa - has it moved ?? Jackie - have a smooth ride home, comfort those lovely cats and relax. You have been working way over-time on this cruise and we are all grateful. Now you need another cruise to get over the last one!!! Gerry
  14. Back to rental cars - next March I am renting a Hertz car in South Beach and dropping it at the airport. I checked my rental contract - no drop fees at all.
  15. Drop off fees in the US are not generally enormous - and in fact you might be paying more to drop it at MIA (airport) than downtown because there is often an airport facility charge. See if you can drop it downtown. And then compare the rates you get. I rent from Hertz - all I have to do to get alternative drop off points is to click the "Return to another location" button. Probably other rental companies have something similar. Also - look at a map and find a place to drop it near the hotel you decide to book. Miami is a big city and public transport is not great aside from the "loop" bus on Miami Beach. But the Cruise Terminal is not on Miami Beach!
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