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  1. Yes you're right. I'm so ashamed. I always never ever use absolutes. Correction, the UK website has the most comprehensive disclosure of available cabins that I have discovered
  2. Royal Caribbean UK website shows every available room in every category. Someone suggested this earlier but it might have gotten buried. This is how I found my corner aft cabin was available.
  3. I have no personal experience but a friend (whom I trust) highly recommended La Concha (she stayed in December 2018). All that you mentioned are also recommended here on CC. Seems you can't go wrong with any of those options! Have fun!
  4. Make sure you typed the e-mail correctly. I left out an s so they had never received my e-mail. I waited a week because I had heard they were slow to respond. Once I had it right it took 2-3 days.
  5. Bon voyage! Following! Can you clarify what you mean by your TA had to go to bat for you so you didn't have to pay more? Wouldn't your panoramic ocean view been more expensive than the deck 2 ocean view?
  6. EeyoreRN


    We are cruising the week before you and have booked this hotel for 2 nights prior to our cruise. We booked it for the price and the location. If you look for reviews on trip advisor and other sites you will find them very mixed, ranging from 2-5. The hotel's website indicates they anticipate being finished with renovations in May. A friend of mine walked by a few months ago and said the place looks lovely. I can live with a closed restaurant or bar...we aren't planning on spending much time in the hotel anyway. I'm willing to take the risk! I will be posting live from there with pics if that helps.
  7. EeyoreRN


    This is one: This is another: And finally:
  8. I want to do a live review in May and I'm just not having any luck with Tapatalk. I used that app for my last live thread and now I'm feeling frustrated with not figuring out how to post multiple photos from my camera roll while allowing space and text between the pics. Do I have to do all text and then photos with no spaces? I have a Google phone. Thanks!
  9. EeyoreRN


    One photo: Another photo:
  10. EeyoreRN


    This is one picture:
  11. We are from the NYC Metro area and also watched and waited for months. We were also considering driving to Philly and even BWI for the nearest non-stop Southwest flight. Southwest was pricey from NYC because there's nothing non-stop, and their model is you pay for both legs. So it's like paying 2 RT fares. Frontier flies direct from Philly and maybe Islip? But their fares come out kind of last minute and ended up not being all that cheap when we analyzed. They also have limited flights so if there's a problem with yours you can be in trouble. We found JetBlue the best combination of price and convenience. We ended up paying about $367 pp RT for non-stop flights from JFK. Could have paid less if we could have taken a red-eye on the home-bound flight late Sunday or wee hours of Monday but that wasn't an option for us as we have to work Monday. Hope it works out for you. Check Sunday between noon and 2pm for new schedule, and good luck!
  12. Regarding airfare, I watched for a long time...Fares never went down. If JetBlue is an option for you, their schedule opens Sunday. Lowest fares are available when they first come out. The biggest problem is the Sunday afternoon return, very pricey. If you can be flexible on times, maybe fly home early Monday morning you can find cheaper rates. Good luck!
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