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  1. Unfortunately for those of us who like the Lavazza machines, which started my love of cappuccino, NCL has replaced these with Nescafe machines in the suites on Gem. So no more frothy milk. I agree NCL has raised the SF category prices too high considering the Gem is not a new ship. It is still one of my favorites though. As is Anthem. Beautiful ship. I love when Anthem and Gem are visible on the portbermudawebcam. My 2 favorites together. We used to go to Coco Reef when in Bermuda, but they have eliminated the free drink and raised the day price significantly over the past years to make it not worthwhile once you pay $50 each way for the taxi. The beach is nice as is the pool though. Lunch IMO is just ok. Glad you enjoyed Anthem.
  2. On many cruises on both lines, I find that both serve food included (in the cruise fare) that I like--enough that I cannot recall ever going hungry on a cruise! Can't comment on shore excursions--we never book with the cruiseline.
  3. We did it last November and enjoyed the day. Wasn't too crowded that day. Lunch was good.
  4. I just started a booking and got assigned a nicely-located cabin right away with the choice to edit that cabin, then I accidentally closed the window. oops. Thanks for the tip to call instead though to see what's available. Still toying with booking for mid-2020! I want to check this ship out.
  5. We tend to choose cabins more toward the stern or aft-facing. Forward cabins are my last choice even though I don't get seasick. If I had to rate it, I'd say forward feels most motion, stern second, mid-ship least. Also depends on the deck you are on.
  6. We viewed the Anthem solo balcony cabins on a cabin crawl. I think they're great for a solo person. I'm a big balcony fan though. Don't want to cruise w/o one. Note that if there are rough seas, you will feel it most at the front of the ship. That cabin with the big circle window is cool, but remember it's on an angle inward.
  7. Have to agree about Cagney's. We used our platinum certificate there on Escape in November, or maybe it was the 3 meal package--don't recall. We had a 2nd res for later in the week and after our 1st experience at Cagney's we changed it to Teppenyaki.
  8. Yes I saw this in the news. Heartbreaking. I cannot imagine how they feel. Makes me want to cry.
  9. While I did miss Chicken Diavolo and also the frootloop crusted french toast 😆 I really liked the new brunch menu options. It was a tough decision what to get! A problem I like to have!
  10. Refurbished and renamed. The stern area and our balcony itself showed its age. Still, we had a fun cruise in May and the redone areas, including the cabin interiors, are very nice.
  11. If the lanyard was a quality item, that would be one thing. But it is the junkiest plastic and you'd be lucky if it held your cruise card for a day. Loved the packing cubes and tervis tumblers.
  12. We boarded around 11:45 in May. I would say it slows down more close to 2. HOWEVER, the check-in process is excellent and fast. Be sure to fill out all your on-line stuff and have your boarding pass handy
  13. Check the member reviews section or search Sunrise reviews. We did the 4 nighter to Bermuda. here is my review:
  14. Thanks for posting the video. I like trying new ships out and will definitely consider this one.
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