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  1. That's awesome OP! Congrats! I would be super excited too! We're doing the 4 night Sunrise next month and I'm excited to see how they've redone the ship. I'm sure it'll be great. IMO even a short cruise is better than no cruise! ENJOY!
  2. We check the 25" suitcase and carry a bag on. I don't think the larger suitcases fit through the scanners anyway.
  3. I would say it depends on where you want the space to be. The OS is a large cabin with couch/seating area, nice large bathroom and dressing area. Stayed in one on Glory with 2 others on a girls' trip. We enjoyed having the space in the cabin. 9C aft wrap cabins have a regular sized (and sometimes oddly shaped) cabin. Also, not all 9C are created equal. . . we were next to one on Carnival Dream and the balcony was smaller than on the Conquest class ships. On the newer ships (not refits like Sunshine and Sunrise) the 9C overlooks the Havana area. We are booked in a 9C on Sunrise very soon. The VS on Spirit class ships as described above are very nice too with lots of space inside and outside. If you're not platinum+ or buying FTTF, the OS will get you priority boarding if that is important to you. The 9C will not get that.
  4. NCL Jewel class is older than from 2011; I went on my first NCL cruise in 2009 on NCL Gem, which was third or fourth in the jewel class. (Jade, Jewel, Pearl, Gem -- not 100% sure of order) I like both lines and would go on any of them again! yes, there will be minor annoyances here and there, but overall, we've not had a bad cruise yet. We love the larger ships like Allure and Anthem, but Explorer (I know, not all that small) was good too. NCL Escape, Getaway, Breakaway, Gem, Jewel, etc. all good cruises too. happy cruising!
  5. Of course! I'll do a write-up upon return--not too long--not too short! 🙂 So it appears this will all happen in the cruise terminal: Carnival Sunrise’s naming ceremony which will take place at the Manhattan Cruise Passenger Terminal in New York on May 23. So maybe that's why the first check-in time that could be selected was 12:30? We're platinum and would normally show up at 11:30ish, but maybe will delay it if the terminal will be partially blocked. Guess we'll find out!
  6. OP: join the CC roll call for the May 23 sailing. Not many of us on there. It'll be a fun 4 day getaway. We will be taking the $8 shuttle to Horseshoe beach for the day. I'm looking forward to seeing what the ship looks like after its makeover. Carnival is doing a nice job these days with their re-dos. We liked Sunshine which was the old Destiny.
  7. Hmmm. How will this affect those of us on its first sailing May 23rd I wonder.
  8. Oh DER right. 😋 I was thinking of Sunshine I guess--the re-done Destiny. Horizon is only about a year old I think--we were on its very first sailing out of NYC in May 2018.
  9. Agree that I'd go on a newer/fresher Carnival ship before an old one. We enjoyed Carnival Horizon last year (technically not new but completely re-done) and it was very nice. We have sailed RC, Carnival and Norwegian more than other lines, and have had a good time on every one. Little things may be annoying here or there, but I don't diss any line or ship. And obviously, if you look at the cruise history below, we like variety. We also want to try out MSC maybe next winter to see what it's like. My opinions: Food comparable although RC gets edge (even NCL gets edge over Carnival), however, Carnival's steakhouses (NOT included in fare) are excellent. Nice variety that is included in your fare, though. Entertainment is better on RC and Norwegian than Carnival. Newer cabins on all of the ships are very nice and feel more spacious. We've not had what we would consider a bad cruise yet. Have fun on which ever you choose! 🙂
  10. The angled ones are nice. The aft-facing B1s are nice too and we had one late last year on Escape. Just don't get right under Spice H2O as the noise from above can be loud with music and dragging chairs. Occasional engine vibration and slight motion doesn't bother us. I would only take a B1 if I could choose it myself. I agree about the smoking comment--people think their cigarette smoke wafts away on an aft-facing balcony (incl. suites). It doesn't. It lingers and stinks up the whole area. Report it if you smell it as 99% of people know smoking on balconies is prohibited. It is also a fire hazard. Watching the wake is wonderful.
  11. WOW That link has a lot of info on it! A lot to view along the Hudson River. Note that Ambrose tower is long gone (last item listed). The channel markers just come to an end about an hour after you've passed under the bridge. You'll see the pilot boat hanging out at this point for the pilot to leave the ship.
  12. We've found that boarding NCL ships in NYC starts by 11:30am. Glad you got an earlier flight--hope it is a non-stop. They did the right thing by changing you for $0!! We cruise mostly from NY or NJ since we live here, and the ride out of NY harbor never gets old to us. All the old and new buildings; Freedom Tower, old Lackawanna station on the NJ side, State of Liberty--definitely an outside somewhere location for this! Have a great cruise. We enjoyed Escape a lot. (heck, I don't think we've cruised on a ship we didn't enjoy)
  13. Agree on this one. My guy got a FREE Carnival cruise offer (taxes only for select cruises!! I could not believe it!) a few years ago. The annoying part is I AM the one who does all the booking! Maybe someday we'll get an awesome offer! I guess we can hope. 😉
  14. . . .back to the discussion about the actual SHIP on this thread. . . We sailed on Sunshine after the Destiny makeover and liked it a lot. Thought Carnival did a nice job overhauling an old ship. New restaurants and all. We're going on Sunrise to Bermuda in May so I'll post a brief review on our thoughts once back. I'm looking forward to it and am happy to have an aft wrap cabin/balcony.
  15. You are right that Glory is an older ship. We've sailed on it a few times out of NYC, along with sisters like Liberty, Freedom and others in that size class. I prefer Carnival's newer ships' decor. Still I would take a cruise on Glory vs. no cruise! 😄 I agree the Carnival buffet is not great and we prefer NCL or RC buffets. We are fans of the Carnival Sea Day Brunch. That said, we have not yet had a bad cruise on any of those lines--including Carnival. 😁 They all have their plus-es and not-quite plus-es.
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