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  1. You're welcome! Yes, it's under COVID19 Protections: https://www.silversea.com/lp-refund-and-cancellation-policy-covid-19.html Great points @Catlover54. The posted policy goes through April 2022; I'll be eager to see if it gets extended in some form or if we enter a more aggressive "cruise at your own risk" situation. I'm booking cruises quite happily now because I have FCC from a cruise that ended abruptly because of an outbreak. I'd sure be scrutinizing the fine print if substantial cash were involved!
  2. So sorry you are going through this @fudgbug It's great that you are not feeling sick, but a setback like this would be difficult to handle. Your equanimity is impressive! This post got me thinking about what Silversea would do in this situation so I dug up this policy: Denial of Embarkation or Reboarding; Quarantine and/or Disembarkation If you, your family members, travelling companions or other close contacts are denied embarkation or reboarding, or quarantined or disembarked during the voyage, due to a positive COVID-19 test or being suspected of having COVID-19, you and they are entitled to a refund, or an optional FCC, for the cruise fare paid to Silversea in the event of denial at embarkation, or a pro-rated refund or pro-rated FCC for the unused portion of your cruise fare in all other cases. If you test positive for COVID-19 during the voyage, Silversea will: cover the cost of necessary COVID-19 related medical treatment onboard the ship; coordinate and cover the costs of any required land-based quarantine for you and members of your Travelling Party; and coordinate and cover the costs of travel arrangements to get you and members of your Travelling Party back home. We will also provide the same assistance to identified close contacts if they are required to quarantine onboard or are disembarked or denied re-boarding due to have been in close contact to a guest who tests positive for COVID-19. If a guest who purchased flights through Silversea is denied boarding at embarkation or reboarding, or is disembarked during the voyage due to a positive COVID-19 test or being suspected of having COVID-19, Silversea will coordinate the travel arrangements, and cover the airline change fees and any difference in the airfare for the same class of service, necessary to fly the guest back to the city of their original flight departure point. If such a guest did not purchase flights through Silversea, the cruise line will assist with coordinating travel arrangements necessary to get the guest back home but will not be responsible for any associated costs. IMO, this generous policy makes any recent fare increases more than worth it. I hope they extend the policy to cover my cruise next May.
  3. I think EBB deadline was extended to Sept 30--that's what website shows for the Shadow, at least.
  4. Once I learned to ask for the softer mattress I have loved the beds!
  5. I'll be next to volunteer, if Fudge doesn't work out 🙂
  6. This is exciting! Happy travels, and thanks for keeping us posted on the adventure!
  7. I'm booked on Cairns to Broome in May '23. Very happy to look forward to that one!
  8. @2lefty @Kenogoddess08 @poodle664 What a dilemma! I'm a big fan of Silversea but I understand what you're saying about difficulty with communication. At this time, though, I do have a sense that travel companies are building the plane after it's already taken off (or maybe that should be ship!) and the lack of specificity about fallback plans is understandable. If you really can't tolerate the prospect of itinerary changes, maybe now is not the time to do a world cruise. Are there legs of the journey that particularly stand out? Book those! I'm sure any or all would make for an amazing trip!
  9. This was an antigen test. She needed an appointment, and the schedule was pretty crowded so best to book in advance. They test at the drive-thru window. This thread is about Seattle; that's where I am. Here's a walk-in site I found through the City of Seattle website: https://www.solvhealth.com/book-online/g5y8Wg This one is not downtown (where the ships are) but the UW light rail station is right at the testing site. So it might take some time, but it's an option. Results are supposed to be quick. There's also walk-up testing at Harborview, near downtown, https://www.uwmedicine.org/locations/covid-19-testing-harborview Note that both of these links indicate they prioritize testing for people with symptoms. Good luck!
  10. You said you had been to Anthony's, but if you haven't tried the Bell Street Diner (downstairs from the more formal restaurant), that might be a good option. You can eat outside and you are right on the water. They have nice happy hour options too. Cafe Campagne in the Market used to be good if you like French, but it's been a long time since I personally eaten there. I think Ray's Boathouse is a treasure, but it is a long taxi ride away. This link has loads of tempting options. Any of the ones on Capitol Hill are walkable if you don't mind walking up a hill 🙂 https://seattle.eater.com/maps/best-restaurants-seattle-38
  11. Bringing on local chefs and wine experts was the approach on a cruise a few years ago on the Explorer, which JP described in that thread I linked. No shore activities at all, but lots of cooking demo's and tastings, plus things that seemed pretty spontaneous like a lunch at the grill featuring local foods and the visiting chefs. It was great!!! But it was not like the cruise Gourmet Gal was hoping to take on the Cloud, which did sound more shore-focused.
  12. Just took one of my kids to Walgreens for a test--results came in an hour. I wonder if they would let you walk up to the drive-through window?
  13. A recent visitor did the downtown dropoff because it was actually cheaper than airport dropoff. While your husband takes care of that, you can wait in the line to board, I imagine.
  14. Here's a recent thread that will give you a lot of good information:
  15. My agent asked if I wanted the credit, since she knew I would be living more than 50 miles from the airport at the time of the cruise. I took the credit, as I have no idea what the cost of 50 extra miles would be. My understanding is that all passengers are treated equally regarding this perq. There's a previous thread from when this first came out, in case you want to read about some opinions of Blacklane.
  16. I really don't think this needs to be a "go elsewhere" situation! Observer lays out the whole range of solutions for the classic fleet. And as you mentioned, I think your son might find it easier to eat outside the formal dining situation with a young child. Those meals can be slow and leisurely and could test the patience even of an energetic adult. Or you could go on an expedition cruise, which is the limit of my experience on Silversea. For dinners there, men's attire at dinner ranges from suits to very nice jeans. My husband has never brought a sports coat, getting by just fine with a nice sweater and some pressed chinos.
  17. Just checking in to say we booked our replacement cruise in Australia in May 2023! We didn't have luck with the fare-matching request, but while it was pending the voyage price was reduced when Silversea added an air credit. So we are pretty close to our original fare--close enough to seal the deal. Thanks, caradara, for your email. Fingers crossed that we both get to actually make these long-deferred trips!
  18. When we did GTY on the Explorer they upgraded us but we didn't know until we got on the ship. I don't know if we just weren't paying attention, or if it really was that last-minute. Wishing you a great trip! We've seen the Muse chugging around Puget Sound for a couple weeks now, and it's exciting even as a bystander!
  19. Caradara, I'm grateful! We're in the same situation. We would gladly lose the $1k OBC if we could match the base price. Unfortunately, I've not received your message. Would you mind checking the address--I didn't spell out gmail.com because I didn't want to broadcast my email address to the world (subtle, right? 😂 ) But maybe it needs a resend? I'm confident your 2022 voyage will happen, and you can report back to me about all the things we missed between Tortel and Valparaiso! Thanks! Kathy
  20. Those are reasonable points. Expedition cruises are unchanged by the "free excursion" perk, since they've always been all-inclusive. And I would be unable to use the airport transfer service because of distance from the airport, so that would also be at no cost to Silversea. (If I pay list price, I would benefit from a $100 reduction in fare.) I'm not unaware of increased costs, but since we patiently held that reservation for a year, even though it seemed doomed at a certain point, it would be nice to have the base cost hold steady when we had to forego other opportunities to book a different cruise.
  21. Hi caradara and congrats on your successful rebooking! I'm now trying to achieve the same thing with our cancelled Australia cruise on the Explorer, since the new schedule includes the identical cruise in reverse--but for a couple thousand $ per person additional. My agent won't ask for a straight-across trade on this rebooking unless I can tell her more details (passenger name and voyage). However, I can't get in touch with you because CC's message function is now disabled. If you are willing to share that with me privately, please email me at nativespud at gmail. Thanks in advance if you are okay with that, and no problem at all if you would prefer not to. I appreciate you considering it. 🙂
  22. The Silversea site now has the 2024 world cruise on the Shadow, RT San Francisco, beginning January 2024. No prices, but itinerary is there. There are also a couple more cruises listed for May 2023 on the Shadow. I want to see the Expedition cruises! Hoping it is soon.
  23. I'm not a fan. The price of all the cruises I'm watching just went up, some by $250 or more.
  24. I will seriously miss that bar--restaurant linking staircase! It's so retro and glam on such a sweet and unassuming ship; I just love the juxtaposition. And the position 🙂 I am really a fan of the Explorer and really felt at home while aboard. It's always so easy to make friends, a few of whom are pictured here as we worked on the perpetual jigsaw puzzle in the Observation Lounge.
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