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  1. I am the original poster and looking through the website photos, I definitely see advantages to the Classic floorplan. One thing I didn't notice before was the small slider vs full sliders in the Classic. I also prefer the TV to be opposite the bed. So thank you all. We have a perfect cabin!!
  2. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful responses. We booked a segment of a world cruise in 2025, and Classic was our only option. Very happy to hear the good reports.
  3. Are some still not renovated. If so, are the Classic suites really dated?
  4. I have been amused by how my question about dressing for dinner and sport coats morphed into a discussion of wearing baseball caps (loss of hair due to chemo not included). Any more REAL comments on what "normal people" wear in the dining rooms!! 😂
  5. We'll be going on the NYC to Montreal cruise this fall. Do people tend to dress up a bit more for dinner during fall cruises. Do any of the men wear sport coats?
  6. Can you tell me what wine by the glass costs? And there's a 20% service charge?
  7. Not familiar with mega ships, but we're on the Ovation in July. Do we have to make show reservations? How do you know what the shows are? I can't find information on my reservation page. Any info would be helpful.
  8. Should we exchange dollars to euros and/or shekels or do tour guides catering to Americans accept dollars for tips. I understand 5-15% of the price of the tour (per person) is the norm (the higher end for exceptional service). Any comments on that?
  9. Do you need show reservations on the Jade?
  10. Thanks. I think we have only one tender port and we have an excursion for that one.
  11. New to NCL. Do ship excursions have priority leaving the ship in port, or can anyone leave at their leisure. I'm trying to plan for times when we have a private tour waiting for us. How soon after docking might we be able to disembark?
  12. Another Skagway question. I'm rethinking our excursion in Skagway. What is the best tour to travel the Klondike Highway for the scenery but to spend enough time at a dog sled camp for the grandchildren to cuddle with the dogs as well as take the 15 minute ride? I've looked a Viator and other shore excursion tours, but I want to have the best possible experience with the dogs while going as far as we can on the Highway.
  13. I was hoping for something we could do for free because we have 11 of us taking an excursion in the morning. Big $$$
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