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  1. I often ask myself that same question... the amount of money NOT spent of useless crap has more than paid for upgrades while traveling... several times over..... Joseph
  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I for one am very thankful for many things I am alive! I have a loving husband. I am fairly healthy. (considering) I was able to cross off a bucket list item this year ..something that was on the list since I was 17! (I was a delegate from Maryland Congressional District 6 to the National Convention in which we nominated or 46th President of the United States) I still have my humor. May you be as thankful.. Enjoy the Day! Joseph
  3. Thanks to all that responded.it appears thst 99+ Are willing to take the life saving vaccine with a 50-50 split on when to take the vaccine. Only one respondent declared they didn't believe in the science. FYI- I purposely did not want to identify voters. Agan thanks to all that participated. Joseph
  4. Lodge has great cast iron products...but for dutch ovens Le Creuset ist still my first choice..jmo Joseph
  5. Randy that makes perfect sense.. smart when one always errs on the side of caution. Joseph
  6. Just wondered when a Vaccine is made available will you get yours? Joseph
  7. I bought the Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening 15-Piece Cutlery Set with SharpIN™ Technology.. Love them .. reasonably priced (under $200.00)... nice wight.. but most importantly they do the job! Joseph
  8. I love the old jokes...funny... tacky... but clean.... they still get me to smile.. Thanks for an uplift today Joseph
  9. Very good point @cruiseej! Joseph
  10. I will be shouting.... AGREED! Joseph
  11. No offense intended but those folks are selfish..... Anyone that would choose not protect their fellow travelers are folks I would not want to sail with in the first place... Everyone has their right not to be vaccinated just like I have the right to be assured when I board a ship I will be protected from disease and death...I can understand apprehension, against an unknown vaccine and if that is the case maybe they shouldn't be booking in the first place.. jmho Joseph
  12. I must concur Terry..Although I must confess my crystal ball has been broken for quite awhile.. Joseph
  13. @TLCOhio / Terry As always thank you for your insight! Joseph
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