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  1. For that matter do any of the cruise lines post on here on a "regular" basis?
  2. I am having similar problems.. It was suggested that you call 855.932.1711 and report it to a HAL rep who will then send a report to the IT department. Be sure to have the apps owners Birthdate and booking number availble when calling.
  3. We always ask our stateroom attendant to replace our smaller ice bucket container in our suite to be replaced by an Ice Bucket (normally used for wine) and to please make sure we have plenty of ice.. On our last voyage they made sure to refill it 3 times a day.... never had a problem. (of course I slipped him a twenty when I made the request)
  4. @canadianbear I knew you would know!
  5. We must have had the same security officer. 😄
  6. Yes but as one that is managing COPD quite well I must say I think HAL is painting with a very large brush. (JMHO)
  7. May be.. I don't claim to understand their logic I only use mine per doctors orders "as needed" and haven't had to use in in over 4 months...🤷🏼‍♂️ But I still lug it when I travel (just in case)
  8. An Oxygen concentrator as shown below is small and stays with the guest or in their staterooms... there are no tanks for storage
  9. If one brings their OWN oxygen concentrator on board how is that depriving anyone else of the ships supply? That is what I don't understand...
  10. something is not adding up..... IMHO
  11. Haven't taken our first cruise yet, but out of abundance of caution I would take my original CDC card when ever I travel. Better to be safe than sorry!
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