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  1. We have a cruise in June booked as a package with a UK TA which calls at 8 Italian ports. As your cruise itinerary has been significantly changed including the start and finish points you should have been entitled to a full refund of all monies paid under the Package Holiday Regulations 2018. We are hoping to have a full refund at a later date.
  2. We are booked on the voyager departing 24th June from Venice which calls at 8 ports in Italy. Unless a miracle happens this won't go ahead with the present itinerary. I don't want a cruise round the Greek islands which seems to be what is happening to the Regent cruises being rescheduled for May 2020. Having read the Regent Reassurance I must say I am not reassured!! FCC will only be based on cruise only fares!! In the UK we have booked a package with all the flights and transfers booked via Regent. The costs of these are not separately identified on our invoice as they are shown as "free" on the Regent publicity documents. There is government legislation covering package holidays in the UK called the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. These make it quite clear that the full cost of the package must be refunded. When I receive any details of changes to the cruise I have booked I will probably be pushing for a full refund not FCC. Also in the UK our cruise is covered by an ATOL certificate which gives us protection if Regent stop trading. This certificate is only valid for the cruise booked. If Regent hang onto your money for FCC we will not be covered if Regent stop trading and will be in the pot with all the other creditors - no thank you!!
  3. Thanks for the reply. Can I ask if you were transported in a car, van or coach and did you have to produce any documents at the gate. We have been to Lima before so don't need a tour. We also arrive late on the previous day so not a lot of time to sightseeing. Thanks again
  4. We join Regent Mariner in Lima on 16th November 2019 and are staying overnight at the airport hotel. We have a taxi booked to take us to the port to join the ship but wondered if the taxi will be able to take us all the way to the ship? Does anyone know what happens at the port gate? Do we have to leave the taxi and transfer to a shuttle bus to the ship? There isn't obviously a cruise terminal building so presumably we will also have to take our luggage onto the shuttle bus? Any advice appreciated.
  5. With the purge to reduce the use of plastic I wondered if Regent were still issuing bottles of water to take ashore? We join Mariner in Lima on 16th November 2019 and if necessary we will take our own reusable bottles for the trip and fill on board. The reason for my question is that when we sailed on Seabourn Encore round the Mediterranean in September they had switched to reusable bottles which were filled on board and not ideal to take ashore (the water also tasted peculiar). The bottles were also heavy and difficult to drink from so not ideal to take on excursions.
  6. Many thanks to you all for the helpful replies
  7. Does anyone know if the Seabourn Club "bag of laundry" includes ironing/starching dress shirts for example or is just basic washing and drying?
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