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  1. We never fly SW...never cared for their business model.
  2. We too got full refund in less than 10 days... we booked direct.
  3. It always gets paid at least on paper... especially if it's a promo
  4. and he has pictures of the flowers to prove it!
  5. If I can't hand my appreciation over in person.. then just I don't tip.. I don't like myself for a day or two..(but I get over it) I know people who steal money from co-workers smh
  6. Does anyone else remember when they rolled out "specialty dining" the service charge was to tip the staff?.. not to generate income for the corporation.. just saying while we are in the camp of tipping for service I find it interesting the need to do so... Stay Safe.
  7. Yeah Mr. Bo I hear ya Life can be a female dog! 🙂
  8. Maybe the best to address the CEO of any company is old fashion snail mail with 1 forever stamp in the upper right hand corner of the envelope.
  9. Sounds like other than CC fielding calls at the end of the day they took care of you by putting you in touch with an expert!
  10. Customer Service isn't what it used to be.... Good Luck
  11. Captain's Club Assistance and Inquiries: 1-844-418-6824 Captain's Club Email Address: CelebrityEngagementCenter@celebrity.com
  12. As someone that has a dependent pacemaker I know how scary heart issues can be.... Stay in charge of your health! Stay Safe!
  13. Older than Dirt Reporting for Duty!
  14. Sorry to hear this.... were you able to document it so others may figure out what caused that reaction?
  15. They "may"... certainly above my paygrade!!
  16. Should happen once full approval for Moderna Vaccine happens(my best guess is in the next 21 days)
  17. They were offered and we jumped .. actually shortly after the recommendation from the CDC came out (Late July early August) Governor Hogan opened it up for others after HE GOT HIS. Both Pfizer and Moderna 3rd shots have been avaible here in Maryland for over a month now...
  18. We were lucky enough to get our Moderna booster on August 17th. (Walgreens Maryland)
  19. @LGW59 We are done!... after our next/last cruise we will go back to land adventures.. It has been a wonderful couple of decades... but cruising in general has ceased to live up to our expectations... We are truly thankful for all the the experiences we received both on board by wonder staff and crew from being invited by the Captain to watch sail away from a port of call to small smiles from crew walking down the hallway, the unpack once and see the world we were blessed to see. We truly were blessed. Cruising has changed unfortunately we decided not to change with it... Stay safe
  20. Bo I must say... I think David and I are almost at that point. In the Words of B.B. King "the thrill is gone"
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