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  1. Dear one, I am so very sorry to hear about Snitch. It hurts my heart. I'm glad you found us again and I hope our silliness will somewhat lighten your and John's load. XOXOXOXOXOXO and love, Scott
  2. Texas Tillie - You'd think so, wouldn't ya Patty? XOOXOX Loved our times together on the cruise. Even on the Port side. 😉 nancygp - Thank you, friend. The puppies were beyond words and train was really fun. Yeah ... those stains. boblerm - You are very kind. Thank you for these wonderful words. I'm sorry I made Jeannie cry!!! Tell her I'm giving her a virtual hug!!!! RLMSLL - Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I was indeed BEYOND happy holding that four legged angel. And our suite will MOST definitely benefit. morneau - Yep. And thank you. jimbri - We SO love them. Thank you. ChatCat in Ca. - The dogs and puppies were beyond amazing and very special for us. Thank you. SkysTheLimit - Thank YOU for watching and commenting! NJBeaglemom - Thank you Nancy. We did indeed get occasional sun. But it never really mattered because the four of us just kept having SO much fun. NowVoyager2 - Thank you and ROFL!!!! Pink Cruise Shoos - The safest most loving place in the universe. May B - And YOU are too kind. XOXO mskatiemae - Thank you for always being so kind and supportive. And yes... we are four VERY HAPPY nutcases. Thank you again, dear people. Till next Friday. 😀😀😀, Scott
  3. Please to enjoy! Thank you so much!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 , Scott
  4. DOGS!!!!!! An AMAZING Crystal Shore Excursion! Please enjoy. Thank you !
  5. oakridger - LOL. Keith1010 - Thank you as always! NJBeaglemom - Thank you, Nancy. It is sooooo beautiful. RLMSLL - Thank YOU for watching and commenting. nancygp - Thank you Nancy. And NOPE we got to see PUPPIES!!!! SusieQft - Thank YOU for your kind words Karen. They mean so much to me. BeachTunes - Thank you so much. They are effort, but so much fun to relive. I hope our paths cross on the high seas as well! SkystheLimit - One of my most favorite parts of doing these is finding just the right music. Thank you for appreciating it! happycruising - Thank you! The music is Alaskan with added whale sounds. LOVE IT! ChansonDeLaMer - Thank you, as always, for your kindness and encouragement. We seem to be REALLY lucky on ALL our cruises in the 'spotting sea life' department. And you are right, my sister is a very, very special human being... but ugly. NowVoyager2 - Thank you SOOO much, dear one. And do we REALLY need ANY reason for another?!?! 😉 KenZSailing - BA DUM BUMP TISH! mskatiemae - Thank you. Because I am a pampered cow and insist on luxury, we can only afford one every two years (barely)! The wait is indeed HELL!!!! Thank you, you amazing people! Your words keep me going. 😀😀😀, Scott
  6. Keith1010 - Thank you, friend. Keep watching those movies! nancygp - Thank you for your always kind words. I hope your holidays are and will be wonderful. KenZSailing - LOL! I see NOTHING slippery about that slope!!! 😉 RLMSLL - Thank you! And YES, the carpaccio!!!! alwaysonaship - Thank you so much. Yes it is hard work, but it is also fun and your comments make it all worthwhile. mskatiemae- Thank you, dear one. Here's to sailing together! ryndam - Thank you guys! Have a wonderful cruise and raise a glass (or 10) to us! oakridger - Thank you so much Nancy. And June will be here before you can blink. NJBeaglemom - Thank you Nancy. And isn't Vancouver the BEST!?!?! jimbri - Thank you very much. liv2dream - Thank you so much, Carol. Your city and your country are SO loved by Drew/Gooch and I. orchestrapal - Thank you and LOL... CARPACCIO ALL AROUND! AtA - Thank you. We're saving our pennies for another cruise in 2021! Again, thank you, all you wonderful people, for being kind enough to not only watch, but leave me a comment. OXOXOXOXOOXOX and 😀😀😀, Scott
  7. Gooch/Drew in a beret!!!! And so much more. Prego too. Thank you for watching, dear ones.
  8. nancygp - Thank you, friend! LC1950 - Thank you for watching and being kind. boblerm - Your kind words mean so much to me. Thank you! orchestrapal - You DID notice who DIDN'T get on one of the torture machines, didn't you? SusieQft - Thank YOU Karen, for watching and commenting. Means the world to me. KenzSailing - LOL. Yes. Strictly HIGH CLASS s**t from us! jimbri - Truly one of the most wonderful comments any of my videos has ever received. Thank you so much. Keith1010 - Thanks Keith. But you did notice who did not partake of the physical exertion, right? 😉 AtA - That, dear one, is why I do these. Thank you so much. RLMSLL - Thank you so much. We are a gang alright! 😉 NJBeaglemom - Thank you Nancy. That's why I do these. CruisinMommas - So happy you found us, Carol. We have a new You Tube Channel dedicated to Crystal videos. We are 'Crystal Cruiser Guys' on You Tube. To all of you wonderful and kind people who watch and comment, I thank you from the very bottom of my ample bottom and my heart too! 😀😀😀, Scott
  9. The title says it all! Well... almost all. Please watch and hopefully enjoy! XOXOXOOXXOX 😀😀😀, Scott
  10. Thank you, you dear people! boblerm - Thank you so much. Yes, a VERY important piece of literary majesty. No vast amounts of butter for Susan anymore. She was "Fat Adapting" then. Now she is strict KETO and has been for a couple of years now. It works for her. I'd slice my wrists. NCCruzQueen - Thank you so much and I hope you continue to enjoy them. mskatiemae - As always, dear one, thank you. I'll tell Susan and Leif that you were happy to see them. And believe me when I say... the happy HI-JINKS ensue!!!! nancygp - Thanks friend... and Ma'am, Ma'am, where are we? RMLSLL - It'll be up first thing Friday! Keith1010 - Thanks, Keith. You're always a great supporter. And you're very athletic. I wonder if that makes you an athletic sup....... oh wait..... sorry.... never mind. 😉 orchestrapal - Thank you, Doris. It indeed was wonderful. When the four of us get together it's like a bunch of unruly school kids having blast. fyree39 - Thank you so much. I hope I don't disappoint. cruisun - Thanks Ken. Yeah, we're a little obsessed with What's Up Doc. Our dogs are "Howard" and "Eunice" for cripes sake! angiepange - Thank you, dear one. YES you have to wait!!! LOL. I gotta make them!!!! NancyBeaglemom - LOL. Susan got "Fat Adapted" by eating all that butter. She doesn't eat that much anymore, but she is still KETO and has been doing great for over two years. I couldn't do it. I'd start killing people for carbohydrates. KenZSailing - Hope you had a great cruise. And you just wait for the ensuing Hi-Jinks!!!!! Thank you, you wonderful kind people, for taking your valuable time and leaving me a comment. It means the world to me. 😀😀😀, Scott
  11. So sorry this is so late in coming. Crazy family stuff, but all is well now. RLMSL - Thank you! Hope you enjoyed #2. And #3 is on the way for Friday! LC1950 - It always takes us about 2 years to save for our vacations so we always travel the best we can afford! And yes that is Julie London, wasn't she fantastic?! TER777 - Hope you are having or had a wonderful cruise! Keith1010 - Wow... haven't been called 'cute' in AGES!!! 😉 jimbri - Thank you for your kindness. NCCruzQueen - Thank you for your kind words, and yes that is our entertainment room. We wanted to make it look like the inside of an old movie theater. Work in progress. But we keep spending our money on cruises!!! Nancygp - Thanks, friend. I hope you enjoyed our Vancouver hi-jinks. fyree39 - Thank you Thank you Thank you! MayB - Thank you for always being so kind and supportive! mskatiemae - So sorry about your awning! But stick with us and we'll have fun despite it! Host Jazzbeau - Thank you! We were on a back to back from September 10 through 28. orchestrapal - Thank you so much. Picking the music is one of my greatest joys doing these videos. Cybercsp - Thank you and I hope your cruise is/was wonderful! ChansonDeLaMer - Thank you friend. Would love to sail with you again. rxlowry - Thank you and yes, CW (Cruise Withdrawal) is a very real ailment!!! riandei - LOL! I've got a couple done ahead of time, but not the whole series. Thank you, and yes our babies are the best. Dogs are the true angels in the world. NJBeaglemom - Thank you, Nancy, as always for your kindness and support. Crispy46 - #2 is up now and #3 will be up on Friday! Thank you. SkystheLimit - Thank you so much! Plenty more to come. Host Dan - Thank you Dan. I hope you continue to watch and enjoy. Thank you all, you dear people. These comments always warm my icy cold cockles. 😀😀😀, Scott
  12. Here's number 2, dear ones. Thank you all for your wonderful support. 😀😀😀, Scott
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