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  1. I don’t feel like I have anywhere near enough context on the cash burn to reach any conclusions. That leaves me reading the tea leaves on the operations side, which can be a completely futile exercise. Genting made modest steps during the suspension of operations to preserve cash, but overall they’re going full-steam on projects across the board with reopening and even expansion. ALL of these projects are expensive to launch, with construction, fitting out, staffing, etc... There are plenty of parts still paused (Lloyd Werft, idle ships, Global #2), but expansion continues on al
  2. Could it be you need to present yourself at the terminal by 2:00pm (and not onboard)? The old rules had them starting to process the final manifest and clearance at 5:00pm to sail by 7:00. With all the new processing requirements, documentation that they need to file with the Bahamas and testing they need to do, three hours isn’t THAT long. Not that it’s going to take three hours, but you would need to ensure that you build in enough time to process everyone, at least until you get some history under your belt. If 500 of the 900 people show up at 4:00, you’d have a real p
  3. I agree those dates are flexible -- they've moved before and likely will again if it's in everyone's best interest. The path forward for the industry comes more into focus (for better AND worse) every week, and investors, lenders and suppliers all seem to be benefitting from a clearer picture of what operations might look like for the next 6-24 months, and not just what 24+ months look like, and I've heard of a couple of cases with hotel like Genting's (but with hotel operators) where these deadlines have stretched on to the mutual benefit of everyone. That doesn't stretch forever, but I wou
  4. This is just my personal read on it from arms-length, but I think the challenge with Esprit is more structural than just customer-base -- they can move it wherever they need to. I think the restrictions, quarantine cabins, medical lab, etc., are most likely not feasible at this point on a vessel that small unless they deploy it on a mission somewhere with crazy per diems. Even then, it's capacity is less than a third of even Endeavor's. That doesn't give you much margin to play with until restrictions and precautions ease a bit more. Vince
  5. This is why CVB’s and economic development offices have so many staff members — they have to respond and stay on top of all of these opportunities. My biggest fear in describing all of that is that with all of the brain drain we’ve had in the travel industry this year and all of the cruise lines working on a skeleton staff, was someone at Crystal will read that and go, “wait a sec, I was supposed to receive bids on this?!?” LOL. Judging from what we’ve seen so far though both on these itineraries and the Bahamas press announcement, I definitely see components of each proposal.
  6. As someone who threw out multiple ideas for home ports, I took absolutely no offense to Keith’s comment. Crystal DOES listen to our feedback here, as we’ve seen many times over the years, but there’s just more to it than that. Home porting a ship in a particular port for a season isn’t like planning a one-time stop on an itinerary like Crystal usually does. This kind of thing normally involves local authorities putting together a bid package, either by a formal RFP process or a de facto one. Local authorities assess the needs of the ship (chandlers, bunkering, logisti
  7. I’ve sailed to Antigua on Symphony! It’s one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands I’ve been to. I’d go back in a heartbeat. I’m picturing the episode of the Simpsons where Homer designed a car. I can almost see the banner on the corner of the brochure... “First Modern All-Day All-Formal Cruise Line — Now With Trash Can Doilies!” (I’m just being funny, not saying feedback isn’t important. Crystal: Seriously, bring back turndown chocolates. 🤣) Vince
  8. I think that is key... Genting has always shown a preference for minority investors — as long as that model is working, there is less need to divest anything. Vince
  9. 😎 For their air bookings on tight dates I'm picturing them chartering a connecting flight from a major US carrier's hub similar to the ones I've had from them in the past, but I suppose that's always an option when it's free. 😉 Vince
  10. I have a feeling the other ports on the itinerary they could have used as a home port were probably up against other commitments that wouldn't have caused even worse compression, like St. Maarten. We're all working with lots of limitations in planning these days -- not everything is going to work for everyone, and some people are going to have to either be more flexible than they used to, or make other plans completely. I'd be fine with the air options I saw for the dates I checked from here. Not ideal, but not bad. For many others that won't be the case. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Hey, we tried! 😀 OTOH, I did see P&O is home ports some of their megaships there seasonally. It must work for something. Vince
  12. If you don't like double-connections, a ride/drive to start in Phoenix would make your single-connection options broader. Vince
  13. Nice itinerary! I'd happily do it if I could. Vince
  14. A lot of this is going to be case-by-case... With the vaccination requirement, that should help significantly reduce the severity and duration of someone's infection. Crystal outlined there will be separate quarantine cabins and also an isolation ward in the medical center depending on the severity of someone's illness, but whether your care plan involves quarantine or evacuation, and what evacuation might look like will depend on what local authorities decide at the time. It's just too early for any details like that to be set in stone. Vince
  15. I'm not worried in the least about the 'clientele they're attracting'. No flames, just respectful disagreement based on my personal experience. Almost everyone I know who has sailed Crystal (certainly including myself) has also sailed on mass-market lines -- either before, after or in between Crystal sailings. Also, the per diems aren't THAT low -- especially right now where there are huge bargains out there in luxury travel. I've paid similar per diems in the past for off-season or irregular sailings on Crystal multiple times. Yeah, I just realized that I
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