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  1. Have you read Crystal's Clean+ ? Click on More Protocols, and in the next screen, click on Medical Centre. https://www.crystalcruises.com/crystal-clean
  2. Thanks to both of you. I appreciate your well written and thoughtful responses to my confusion.
  3. Snore 42 - thanks for your well-written, thoughtful and informative response. Much appreciated. While I may not agree with you that NCLH would not be deemed a business in Florida (business license, mailing address on all communications), their status with respect to tax laws is unarguably valid.
  4. I meant to add the order's wording as I have read it. According to CNN: The order prohibits any government entity from issuing vaccine passports and blocks businesses from requiring any such documentation. As NCLH is a Florida business, it thus cannot require any such documentation. But I would like to agree with you that the Governor's order may shoot himself in the foot with respect to cruises restarting and the benefits to the state's economy.
  5. I think the CDC reply could be quite easy: You have promised us that all pax will provide proof of vaccination. Unfortunately you can't deliver on that promise while the Governor's executive order is in effect.
  6. I'm trying to understand the Governor's order, as it relates to this discussion. According to CNN "The order prohibits any government entity from issuing vaccine passports and blocks businesses from requiring any such documentation." I assume he is trying to say that a cruiseline sailing out of a Florida port can't ask for proof of vaccination at boarding, and because Crystal is a Florida business, it can't ask for proof before mailing the cruise tix (even for Endeavour sailing out of Iceland). But is he also saying Floridians won't be able to prove they have had the vaccination
  7. For easy reference, here is the link to Canada's travel advisory: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travelling-outside-canada
  8. We also had this issue, and it worked very smoothly. Our bank said the card is never truly cancelled; it just carries a $0 credit limit. The credit from the airline was transferred to our active card almost overnight. But I had talked to the Security department once I knew the credit was coming. They were great to work with (darn those prepositions!), gave me a direct phone number and the name of a security agent to work with. Hope yours goes as easily as ours.
  9. crickette


    So a b2b is usually one booking. So only 1 set of FCC`s can be applied. But Serenity`s Caribbean cruises are not operating as b2b if you want to spend 14 days onboard. Does that mean each week is its own booking, and therefore 2 FCCs could be applied?
  10. Wish I could board Symphony in Kuala Lumpur to sail across the Pacific in order to position her for the upcoming 10-day Caribbean cruises. I`d be willing to volunteer so they could test out their new protocols on me!
  11. Yes! That was our first Crystal cruise and it was wonderful. Do you still have any souvenirs of that cruise? We have a few but didn`t bring home any Reflections, which I now regret. We had incredible dance instructors on that cruise. Do you remember they were about to be married, and our gift to them was the Bistro dishes? We met up with another couple who were on that cruise, at the end of the NWP cruise. So there are a few of us still around.
  12. Yesterday was the end of March. Crystal`s March 11 statement on refunds says they had refunded $164m by that date, and 37% of the outstanding refunds would be paid by the end of month. By my calculations, that would be $20m was to be paid out by March 31. Crystal also said 46% would be paid by the end of April, and by my calculations that is in the order of $25m. https://www.crystalcruises.com/advisory-alerts/issuance-of-cruise-refunds Crystal also made an earlier statement that they would process AMEX refunds, and US port cruises, and based on comments on this thread, the
  13. In many ports, it is very simple. You go about your day as if it was any other day onboard. However port authorities call the shots, not Crystal. In some ports, e.g. Miami, the entire ship must be vacated before it can be cleared. That means you must leave the ship (about 10 am), with your room card and (we recommend), a credit card for convenience and maybe your passport, and board again about noon with all new passengers. There is usually a special line for in-transit passengers. You are usually not required to attend lifeboat drill for the 2nd and subsequent legs.
  14. To add to the above response: the menus for Prego and Umi Uma are static. You can have your butler bring these to your cabin and leave them for future reference. Sometimes there is a daily special, which your butler can tell you - about late afternoon. The menu for Waterside (main dining room) changes every day. If requested, the butler will bring this menu to you when it is available - about mid afternoon. Many of us have requested that the menus be available on the in-house TV channels, but to my knowledge this hasn't been implemented yet.
  15. Here is a youtube video - a recent interview with Crystal's interim CEO. I believe he talks about capacity for this summer's cruises. I believe he says 900 rather than full capacity of 980. I haven't seen a transcript, so can't point you to the appropriate time stamp where this is discussed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxJVuDTSHog
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