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  1. Thank you for your info, and for the note on Commodoredave. It's hard to capture the "right" info, and we appreciate any corrections/comments. Were your taxes/port fees refunded by cheque or crdit card? For some reason, I suspect that cheque refunds are coming through faster.
  2. Probably safe to say all of the above. Not much different than you read here on CC. Noteworthy to me was that I don't think I could find 10 people on CC that say they are waiting on Crystal. I was surprised to read "we are waiting on Crystal" by at least 10 names.
  3. Has Virtuoso released any further information?
  4. ltuckchapman - thanks for posting your refund from Crystal. Mention of a TA's name incurs a quick removal! Your refund today, for an April 2 cancellation shows some progress on Crystal's part (on their promise of "in order of date of cancellation"). CommedoreDave cancelled March 17 and rec'd 13 August TheKingD cancelled about a week later, March 27, and rec'd refund a month later, 13 Sept. A data set of only 2 is all I have, but at least the graph line is in the right direction.
  5. According to the Crystal Society facebook page in the last few days, 10 people have posted that they are awaiting refunds from Crystal. In some cases the passenger cancelled; in others Crystal did. Date of cancellation mention March most often. For privacy reasons I will not post their names here.
  6. I am aware of these Stickman https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2750766-crystal-refund-roll-call/?do=findComment&comment=60216618 nfcu https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2750766-crystal-refund-roll-call/?do=findComment&comment=60243631 commedoredave https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2750766-crystal-refund-roll-call/?do=findComment&comment=60271501 TheKingD https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2750766-crystal-refund-roll-call/?do=findComment&comment=60359918
  7. Today the Crystal Society Facebook page had a similar thread to this one. The original thread and all 26 replies are gone (deleted?). Not one would be considered accusatory or negative. There was one reply from Crystal Admin, apologizing for the confusion and explaining they were sent in error.
  8. Wolber's assistant has effectively contradicted her boss's formal press release (quote: we are now projecting a minimum of 90 days for refunds through the summer). I doubt he is amused. You +/-180 days is double Wolber's estimate. We all understand your frustration.
  9. Yes, for cancellations Crystal sends 2 pieces of paper. One shows the credit card transactions, the other the FCCs. Both go to the TA, so your friends may need to follow up with him/her.
  10. Your friends should have received a 'payment confirmation' from Crystal. It shows the date of payment, the amount, and the 16 digit credit card number, with some numbers XXXXX. On the second line it shows the date of refund, the amount, and again the 16 digits with some XXXX. This may be enough for BMO. EDIT to add: However, this doesn't mean Crystal has entered those 16 digits onto their terminal and pushed the send button, in other words, completed the transacttion. Think of the chit you get from a retail merchant when you return something - that little chit is proof the merchant has sent your credit card details to the credit card company/bank. We don't see that with Crystal. Another however, you may be able to ask Crystal for a reference number for the transaction, if indeed it was processed. BMO may be wanting proof the transaction was processed, which the payment confirmation does not provide. The payment confirmation is more "intend to refund".
  11. As I have posted a day or so ago, it is my understanding that Crystal is not processing any refunds until reorganization/restructuring/equity partner issues begin to resolve. Crystal's LA/Miami staff say "we are continuing to proces ... please be patient". This has been the case since +/- August 20/25. Credit card disputes excepted.
  12. I believe Crystal was silent on when to expect refunds prior to March 18. I thank MightyQuinn for posting the various 90-day promises. The June 18th version is on page 12.
  13. I suggest going to the website for your credit card. Enter a search for "dispute". Download the forms that your credit card needs, and begin to complete the necessary information. At a minimum you will need your statements for the dates the charges were processed on your credit card (and possibly the reference numbers), the forms from Crystal that indicated a refund was coming, and the screen captures of the 90-day turnaround for refunds. You can find 3 versions of the 90-day promises on this thread - 23 July, 18 June, and 18 March. Only the 23 July is on Crystal's website right now. Your credit card may require more.
  14. Agree. Early in 2018, Wolber said Crystal's shoreside team will strive to match Crystal's extraordinary shipboard delivery. "Our crew delivers, and the shoreside team will, too,' Wolber pledged, to applause from the sales gala attendees. http://staging.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/crystal-leaders-lay-out-the-brand-s-stabilization-strategy.html
  15. I believe that taxes, fees and port charges, as well as air considerations and goodwill reimbursements, are refunded by cheque. Filing a dispute is unlikely to work. I have read that Crystal is not releasing any monies until restructuring and reorganization - as well as the equity partner - related to Genting is more clear. And Crystal has not released monies since August 20. (Monies going to credit card disputes seems to be still flowing. Perhaps that is from the bonds that credit card companies have with merchants - Vince is much better positioned to answer that than I can) Addendum to my previous post today: In terms of full disclosure: some of the words are taken from a different cruise blog I read. Sorry I can't credit the source, or my post will be deleted.
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