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  1. Thank you for the wonderful commentary and photos. Safe travels back home.
  2. Beautiful pictures of the floral arrangements onboard.
  3. We avoid BA. We don't like the business class seating arrangement (though I understand it may be changing), and I don't like having to pay extra for a seat assignment in business class.
  4. Update as of 31 July... looks like the union will have to give 14 days notice of any planned strike. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-49175569
  5. In our experience (2 Regent cruises so far, 2 more booked), it has been the second night of the cruise. I can't recall the time, 6:30 or 7:00pm??? I'm sure someone here will be able to confirm.
  6. Good to see some other CC members from the UK chime in, as I was also a little surprised byGrJ Berkshire's blanket statement about no tipping. My recollection was that we'd tip in restaurants (if no service charge was already assessed). We knew we didn't need to tip in pubs and bars.
  7. Also having issues over the last several days... Error 500, and the board in general is sort of sluggish.
  8. Yes, it is the same card - used for getting on and off the ship, and into your suite. edit: and for purchases onboard, if any
  9. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures of Flam. It is a beautiful region, and it looks like your weather was perfect.
  10. Thanks for taking us along. Enjoy your cruise on the Navigator.
  11. Agree, using miles/points for discounted/saver business class seats is many times the most attractive option. Of course, FINDING those seats can sometimes be a challenge! We travel so much that seeking out the best airfare arrangements (on a decent carrier) is sort of my mission in life - LOL. I enjoy the challenge, but I totally get how others would find value in Regent's included air. It is a nice option.
  12. With regard to the included business class air, one should really do their homework. Sometimes it might make sense to take the credit that Regent offers for air, and then either buy your own air, or perhaps use points. We have done both.
  13. Good to point out the construction, and yes, it is going on, and will be for some time (2023!) https://www.lamag.com/citythinkblog/lax-renovation/
  14. The online travel insurance brokers frequently mentioned here are: insuremytrip.com squaremouth.com tripinsurancestore.com You'll fine the same prices at each site, as the underlying premium is set by the individual insurance carrier.
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