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  1. Consideration for others in a public area is a hallmark of good manners.
  2. Oh they most certainly do. And the effective rate they have paid for those "free" cabins is an order or two of magnitude greater than those of us simply purchasing the cruise have paid.
  3. Oh of course, a Friday drop. Now I wish I hadn't spent all that money on Disney +. And my completely superficial comments on each episode might be delayed a bit. The studio has chosen to roll out this feature during one of those rare times we are cruising ourselves. Probably timed to qualify for Emmy nominations, or some such. I'll check in Variety, they'll know.
  4. Our experience when cruising on Crystal just does not line up with this idea of "smoothing things over, " whatever the size of your party. No one in service has their hand out, ever. Crystal is not Las Vegas.
  5. You might be in luck. Motorola has just reintroduced a $1500 flip phone. Maybe that's supported.
  6. Yeah, you have me. I quoted his comment about speakers, rather than the one above that, which was about entertainers. And yes, the Symphony we will not accommodate such a revue. Which is why I did not suggest it.
  7. Interesting point Vince. Makes me wonder if the Supper Club is, partly, Crystal's way of trying to thread the needle on this? A night (or two) of high quality nostalgia while refreshing the show lounge acts. (And yes, only on Serenity for now.)
  8. Ah now, this brings into sharper relief something rolling around in the back of my mind for a while. There have been interesting new perspectives on Crystal dropping in lately. Recently, there was a Regent aficionado who, in great detail, wasn't won over ("could only make do in CP!") Now, to the best of my knowledge, we have a new and frequent commenter yet to travel on Crystal, liberal with preemptive appraisals. Marketing takes many forms...
  9. Interesting. I assume the personnel checking you in pier side were Crystal onboard personnel, and not pier contracted folks dressed in Crystal blazers like in the old, old days.
  10. What you mean of course is you do not like taking oral meds. Because you are certainly taking medicine.
  11. OK, more butler questions, but still: Turnaround day is a bit hectic with a lot of crew pulling double duties. Can we still expect canapes in the suite on turnaround day? I know we can order in-room from the specialty restaurants. Can we mix and match? Say, lobster tempura from UmUm to start, followed by lasagna from Prego? (And yes, it's not UmUm. If you keyboarded like I do, you'd want to save strokes too.)
  12. We have our seventh warm weather cruise on Crystal coming up. My Crystal ball predicts: About half, maybe 60%, of Waterside will be in collared shirts sans jackets and tie. This will be split in some mix of dress shirts and collared sport shirts. Rest in jackets, 20% in ties, tops. Really, as long as you don't try to rock a pair of cargo shorts and a T-shirt, you'll be fine. Don't sweat it, and enjoy your cruise.
  13. Can't speak for the cabins, but when we were onboard Symphony last year Makers Mark and Knob Creek were both readily available. I can't imagine they'd deny you that in cabin, but must defer to those in the know. Anyway, IMO, Jim Beam is pretty good hooch.
  14. Ah, that's much better. (We can see the starboard cam view over the net, appears to be pointed at the deck of the wing bridge.)
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