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  1. Vince, This caught my eye today: full page ad in the WaPo. Tag line: "Vegas Means Business"
  2. Here in Maryland, we just got my wife(OLoPP) her first "Fauci Ouchie." It was at one of our mass vax sites in, of all things, the parking lot of an amusement park(seeing the tops of roller coasters close by was a nice dystopian touch.) It was a drive up and get your shot set-up. Took 1:21 from first wait in line to arm jab. Not nothing, but not bad, considering the result. I'd estimate 50-100 National Guard personnel directing traffic, keeping things moving in an orderly fashion, probably 50 or so med professionals administering doses. Reminded me what we can do with a little organizatio
  3. Is it premature to say: "Time will tell"
  4. Well, in my IT days, we had edition, version, modification. So maybe Crystal Clean 4.1.1? Seriously, sounds like four solos seated at a table for eight. Not ideal, but it's something.
  5. Done, at least for spring. We offer the option of subing out the guacamole for our cicadamole with our famous cicadadilla. But act fast, as this will be coming off the menu for the next 17 years. And wait until you hear what exactly imparts the green color to our healthy menu smoothies.
  6. Well, here in NA, the asparagus is coming into season. Relatedly, I have discovered how easy it is to make Hollandaise sauce in a blender. Dietetically, this is like figuring out how to construct a nuclear device in your basement. Just because you can do a thing, doesn't mean you should. Still...
  7. Nope. We use those at the bar. Cognac, creme de menthe, dehydrated mosquito as a stir straw. IOW, the classic Stinger.
  8. Is it true that this summer they'll be delivering injections by mosquito? I'm sorry. Couldn't resist.
  9. Silk restaurant has a bar area that is just off the pool area. You could grab a round and then be a few steps to sitting under the night sky. Pretty sure the last rezzie they take is 9:30ish, so the bar must be open until then, if not a little later. Not quite what you're looking for, but you'll probably have the whole deck to yourselves.
  10. Nope, all is quite. Which is frustrating because I keep penciling in the Chez's famous cicadadilla on the menu, only to have to take it off. "Tastes just like chicken!"
  11. Cherry Blossom update: Here in DC, we have reached peduncle elongation.
  12. I find your business prognostications less persuasive than your medical ones.
  13. Ok, this isn't exactly off topic, but I don't want to clutter up the threads of everyone being serious about vaccinations and all. Just to point out: in the US Krispy Kreme has announced they will give a free doughnut every day, for the rest of the year, to everyone who has been vaccinated. Yakov Smirnov voice: "is this a great country, or what?"
  14. Great question, and "contactless" is marketing speak, and can't be literally true. Just spitballing, but my guess based on how many local restaurants have reopened: we order all courses at once(maybe not dessert) via scanning a QR code on the table or via Crystal app on our phones(maybe even the in-room interface.) Delivered with no interaction other than dropping the plates(and clearing them.) Water delivered in a carafe, self serve. Wine ordered same as food: if by glass ,somm brings half carafe. If by bottle, presented to table opened, first glass poured by som
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