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  1. So now I'm thinking about descriptors for Ut Mot Havet: Tranquil Pastoral Contemplative Soothing Reflective But funeral dirge? Nah. That would only occur to the crowd who, as the old American joke goes, when they hear the "William Tell Overture" think only of the theme to "The Lone Ranger."
  2. Huh. Well, we're in the camp with those who have it on our portable devices. As to the complainers, the phrase "more money than taste" comes to mind.
  3. The latter half of that is rather elegant. I tip my cap.
  4. Well, I will admit to not knowing the precise demarcation of veganism. Also, I am not an allergy skeptic, as OLoPP is allergic to shellfish(no plateaus on the Chez's menu.) I will merely let Daniel Humm, chef/proprietor of EMP explain what he is doing(this is an excerpt from his email of this morning): "With that in mind, I’m excited to share that we’ve made the decision to serve a plant-based menu in which we do not use any animal products — every dish is made from vegetables, both from the earth and the sea, as well as fruits, legumes, fungi, grains, and s
  5. And in somewhat related food world news, Eleven Madison Park in NYC, one of only 14(?) Michelin three star restaurants in the US has announced it is going vegan: no meat, no fish. I'm going to hold a wake at the Chez.
  6. Is fried squirrel one of the 33? "Tastes just like chicken..."
  7. Beav, I'm an 11. Your turn to step to the plate. I have complete confidence in you: (You too, exotica Vince)
  8. "May Day." Nice reference. Gotta go, Kentucky Derby is about to post, it's going to be my ticket to the next world cruise. I got a horse right here, his name is Paul Revere. BTW, that's a reference to a song with the best title in the history of Broadway. If you can name it without searching, dinner for two at the Chez is on the proprietor.
  9. Today's lunch special at the Chez was a brined, panko crusted, air fried chicken breast sandwich. So good it caused OLoPP to remark that I could get a job manning the Trident Grill on Crystal. To which I replied "no thanks, those folks work for a living." It also makes me wonder how the crew recall is going. A week or two ago I got an email from the Morton's steakhouse chain advertising openings for all positions, all locations, $250 sign-on bonus. It occurs to me that restarting an economy is not like flipping a switch, but rather more like starting that sports car that sat
  10. Yeah, sure. Like I haven't seen "Fatal Attraction."
  11. The Michelin 2021 star ratings for DC came out last week and once again, nary a mention of the Chez. Wow, one lousy case of food poisoning, one single inspector, and they never forget. And that was years ago. And the guy lived. I mean, sheesh.
  12. This makes me think: "tips for an extended cruise" post from an, ahem, extended cruiser would be a most valuable resource.
  13. Here's one: Vince's family: Vince, really, Knorr? Vince: It was a moment of weakness... Please note, this is a food post. Also, I'm glad I came upon this update after dinner, would have made me ravenous otherwise.
  14. Going off topic just proves things are getting back to normal. Also, this board has an official monitor.
  15. Indeed. And the best to you regarding your health.
  16. Got that covered. Making her favorite meal tonight. The cookbook calls it "braised chicken thighs with white beans, pancetta, and rosemary." We feature it on the menu as "Chicken and Beans."
  17. It's a glorious day here in Maryland. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and... OLoPP got her second "Fauci Ouchie!" It was interesting, both times we used a mass vax site run by the state (Six Flags). It's very well run. Three weeks ago from first wait to shot was one hour 21 minutes. Today is was 10 minutes. All the articles I'm seeing about the supply/demand tipping point, well they're accurate, at least around here.
  18. Vince, As you well know, every block in LV is a LONG block. The scale of those resorts suckers you into thinking "it's right next door." Then 25 minute later you're still walking and "right next door" doesn't seem to be getting any nearer. And it's 92F("but hey man, it's a dry heat.") I mean, walking cross town in Manhattan is a 5 minute stroll compared to LV. And yes, the Virgin is the former Hard Rock, on Paradise. Still, I miss what may be the most uniquely American city.
  19. OK, sorry, but time for another of my periodic cri de coeur's: the recent influx to the board of amateur epidemiologists/safe travel advisors is not helpful, tiresome, and dispiriting. Relatedly, does CC have a limit on the number of posters on one's "ignore user" list? I don't know but, as they say in Texas, I'm fixin' to find out. Also: long live the Oxford comma.
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