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  1. We were on Regent recently. They do grand buffets, but only on Sundays that are also sea days and then, only once per cruise. We attended a cooking demo hosted by the head chef. A question was asked about food waste. He said the only waste incurred was from the grand buffet. Standards are such that the left over food could not even be served to the crew, but had to be disposed of. I agree it's an anachronism best left to a mention in a lecture about the history of passenger cruising.
  2. I'm with the Senior Flamingo on this one. We were on Grandeur in December, never heard the cabin occupants on one side, spirited conversation did filter in from the love seat side. Honestly, I don't know if my antennae would have been so active had I not already read about the issue on this board(the good and ills of social media.) Anyway, after a 16 day cruise, it was so minor for us that we've booked a BtB on Grandeur for next December. Even if an issue the potential remedies are many: ear plugs, a white noise machine, one(more) last one in the Meridian Lounge(my preference.)
  3. That would be helpful. We were on Grandeur in December and indulged in wine off the specialty list (whatever Regent calls it) twice(both times in Prime 7.) Don't remember a gratuity line, but by that time evening merriment had been had.
  4. Well, we were on the Dec 21 Canal cruise in a Superior F1. Never knew if the folks on one side of us were in their cabin on not. On the other side, we always knew when they were talking. I don't know what to say about that other than YMMV.
  5. OK, for you, we'll suspend the usual formal-optional dress code for the sup celebrating the big winter batch of French onion soup I made today. Good use of a day not fit to go outdoors anyway. But no board shorts. Gotta have some standards.
  6. We were on the Grandeur Dec 21 MIA-LA cruise, 16 nights. Experienced Crystal cruisers, first time on Regent. I'm too lazy to write a review(and frankly I find them of little value as I have no idea the perspective of the reviewer.) We were pretty much over the moon. The ship was of course bright and shiny, but the service was much smoother than I had been expecting on a ship so recently put into service. Food(important to us) was also just fine to excellent, with the few misses easily corrected and not worth further comment. Also, luuuved the Culinary Arts Kitchen experience. My proof? We've booked Grandeur BtB this December over the holidays. Sorry to say, but the eternal verities of cruising still apply: 1) You won't know until you've tried it 2) The only opinion that matters is yours
  7. 24F at 1 PM here, about 8 inches of fresh snow on the ground, so I'm fighting back by wielding a hot stove. Hot chocolate this morning, grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. It's Saturday, so steak tonight according to her majesty's wishes. Life is good.
  8. I remember that sojourn. At the time, I called it "the Royest thing Roy has ever Royed." Still true!
  9. Welp, my apologies. And I wish that we had, the experience would undoubtedly have been better. The rest of the story: we spent an additional two nights in LA specifically to dine at a restaurant I've been jonesing in go to for years. I snagged a rezzie there, even scored one of their limited servings of pressed duck. After all of that, we would have been better off with Mom's leftovers. I even know how to burp Tupperware, and I promise we'd return it clean.
  10. No delay at all. It's my land lubber understanding that cruise ships pay a premium for a fairly specific slot, while cargo ships are more flexible(those Ralph Lauren knock-off polos can wait a few days.) We've been thru three times before, overall transit time was per the usual. Our canal guide (not that great, BTW) said the cargo pre-entry wait time was up to six days. But I wouldn't rely on that. Any way, we had smooth sailing.
  11. The following is not meant to be, nor imply, a comparison of any sort: Just back from 16 nights on the brand-spanking-new Regent Seven Seas Grandeur, MIA-LA via the Canal(duh). We had a fabulous time. As the cliche goes: "gotta go home to rest up."
  12. Ooops, sorry, meant to post the above to the off-topic thread. Didn't intend to step on someone else's topic.
  13. We're signed up for this class on the 12/21 sailing. I know that Regent uses induction cooktops however, given that true wok cooking involves high heat and oil, I'm not expecting us to do a whole lot of wokery. Still, should be fun.
  14. Tomorrow we depart for Miami, to do the obvious. Just finished packing. It's been literally years since we've packed for anything more involved than five nights in NYC. Man, that was a lousy several hours.
  15. Has SF completely abandoned use of the old, and I do mean old, terminal?
  16. I am sorry, but things came up. I know you would have loved my "should you whisk in a figure eight or a circular motion" lecture. Followed by my "fold clockwise or counter clockwise" talk. That one is always lively!
  17. I appreciate that, but we're quite the opposite. We're looking forward to being filled with surprise, wonder, and awe. (The Oxford comma lives on!)
  18. I never sullied it. I'd just get on the elevator with a lit one dangling from my lip. Always sparked conversation. I'm kidding, sheesh. Totally unrelatedly: enough is enough. Texas is on our no-go list.
  19. Well, yes and no. I started following a lot of these folks during The Unfortunate Hiatus while I was trying to sort out alternatives. I watched a lot of videos from one couple. Their differentiator was really high quality video, well edited. It was especially good at the food porn. I watched as they climbed the influencer tree to better and better comps, all the while making the very infrequent "that course was a bit off" comment. Everything else on their cruises was perfect. I no longer follow them.
  20. A little tidbit from the referenced article: The Port of Los Angeles was adding infrastructure for shore power as far back as 2014, and information on the port’s website indicates it was used on at least 90% of cruise ship and container vessel visits between January and August of this year. So port of LA started implementing shore power almost 10 years ago, and 90% of cruise ships and container vessels using the port this year were able to integrate it. But Regent got caught unawares when planning and building a ship they launched less than a month ago. Uh-huh.
  21. Oh, that is so arch I'm envious. Aren't you on GR 12/21? Let's have a drink, I like your roll.
  22. I dunno know, that looks like watermelon to me.(Patty will get that joke.)
  23. Interesting topic. Irony is, I just posted about this same subject, different cruise line, on the Regent board. Feel free to check it out, just make sure you've popped plenty of popcorn.
  24. Alright, here comes a rant(if you're not in the mood for that, which is understandable, please just scroll on:) We're on this cruise, first time on Regent. We are folks who save and save and save to go on a luxury cruise. With all that's gone on in the world we haven't done so for five years now. We picked Regent for their reputation, this great itinerary and the allure of a shiny new ship(despite my misgivings about a new ship rollout, hoo boy, should have listened to that inner voice of caution.) I understand that things happen and do try to be flexible. We were prepared for cabin doors creaking, drawers not closing, all of that fine tuning stuff. But be clear on what Regent told us this was all about: They let a newbuild, designed to take on shoreside electrical power, leave the dockyard unfinished.(And oh yeah, they were so happy with how things were going they tacked on a cruise before the first announced cruise.) And they're going to sail it to Miami, where the grand proceedings can't be interrupted. So that leave us MIA-LA pax to be the ox that gets gored. Too bad, so sad. An OBC on an AI cruise? Yippee. 20% FCC within two years? Outside of our budget to be useful. Same for the additional discounts on slow sellers in 2024. Go on, let me have it. You can't do worse to us than Regent already has.
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