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  1. Thanks for all the great posts. And Alan Wong's....I like the way you think.
  2. Best one yet! Now you'll have the state tourism board wanting to use your stuff. (BTW, Alaska is not in Appalachia, but the tonal match is perfect.) You know how you can tell you're not in Appalachia? The locals have all their teeth! I'll show myself out...
  3. The exact location in London Phileas Fogg had 80 days to return to in order to win his wager. I thought it appropriate. 😀
  4. Thank you both for the explanation. So basically, people dress up like the Gorton's Fisherman, get liquored up and then...there are cod involved. This has something to do with the length of the Newfoundland winter, doesn't it?
  5. Poor internet connectivity can be frustrating, but there are some really personal and mean-spirited posts to this thread. These posts are from folks venting to the wide world via...the internet. Let us mourn the passing of irony, which died this date in the year 2020.
  6. Vince, Every time you make a comment like this, I wonder: Have you been cruising Crystal since you were about 12? Were you documenting tile and flooring in place when you were 12? Do you have a room in your house filled with samples of every hard good and soft surface Crystal has ever used? (You do, don't you?) Seriously, your knowledge is encyclopedic.
  7. Ha, like I'll play on your turf. Here's one for you: what was Dr Strangelove's name in the original Geman? Bonus comment: "Do not forsake me oh my driby"
  8. Let's see, we started with a thread on comparisons of Crystal, Seabourn and Oceania. And we seemed to have arrived at: "cruising hasn't been the same since they got rid of the chamber pots!" This is a very CC plot twist. (and whoever called me out for premature award of an off-topic Oscar was so, so right.)
  9. When you consider how close most of these cruises are to the 120 day final payment due date, I think this is a less significant announcement than it appears at first glance.
  10. And "Dances with Wolves" beat, among others, "Goodfellas" for best picture. The judges stand by their decision.
  11. "And in the category of Veering Off Topic on Cruise Critic: The Oscar goes to..."
  12. Vince, Wow, thanks for that. Let me see if my feeble understanding of a little of what Crystal is up to translates into your final paragraph above. I occurs to me that a consequence of the new flex fares is the elimination of refunds across a cabin category to those of us who booked earlier at a higher price. In other words, no more checking w your TA to see if the price went down, you are on the hook for your transaction price. There's Crystal's elimination of margin erosion. Is that your point above, or am I completely lost at sea? On another note, all this makes me thank the cruise gods even more for drib's fine work.
  13. Best wishes to all. I am confused on one point. The full WCers boarded today, but the ship is overnighting in Miami, with everyone else boarding tomorrow? This strikes me as atypical. Or am I missing something?
  14. Vince, If you're so inclined, could you expand on your "hyperactive yield management" point? I find these nuts and bolts of the business discussions fascinating, and you're one of the few contributors who can do so with actual cruise biz insight
  15. Eight ships in port in Miami today. Busy, busy day.
  16. Well, it took you until episode 6, but you have finally acknowledged the obvious....that you have gone to the dogs. Dogged reporting on your part. But still a doggone shame. You could have done your narration in doggerel. Had enough? OK, then. As always, thanks for the 10 minutes of technicolor glory you add each week to my black and white life.
  17. Oh, you really captured the atmospherics with this episode. Clearly no fluke. Yeah, I'm short on material. I'd get hooked on open mic night with this stuff. Anyway, thanks and enjoy bin-joe and all the rest (wait, you already did, never mind...)
  18. "Oh my gosh. Crystal has myriad, if minor, options available in dining that are not printed on every menu, nor broadcast over the PA during the captain's daily briefing. I ask you friends, is this equality? Is this luxury? Raspberries for all, or raspberries for none!"
  19. A cogent, pithy review. Thanks for sharing it.
  20. We've been on a couple Crystal cruises now that have been subsegmented, and I am one of those worriers that fret it will negatively affect the quality of the cruise. In the end, neither time was it a factor. After all, it's a bit of luck of the draw isn't it? I mean, if a large group you find annoying gets on day one, you might be wishing they get off at what is, to you, mid-cruise. I suppose one can argue the likelihood of that happening increases the shorter the cruise, but I think that is a mighty slim limb to climb out on. Even on a six or seven night subsegment, it's not like Crystal is advertising it for $400/pp.
  21. Well, I certainly won't disagree with that characterization of Crystal pax, and I can't quibble with the industry expertise you bring to the subject. But I remain a bit skeptical that Crystal pax are that radically resistant to change as compared to regular cruisers on other luxury lines. Go to any other lux line thread here on CC, and it seems to me you'll find a similar amount of kvetching about changes, both large and small, some on matters that date back years. Part of that is the nature of cruisers, and part of it is the nature of the subset who choose to hang around CC. Also, you forgot to mention the turn down chocolates. 😁
  22. "This thing, about which we do not care, we found to be lacking on Crystal."
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