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  1. Good news. The cancellation fee was not applied since we booked another cruise upon cancelling the first one.
  2. we are currently booked on a cruise in late July 2020. We are changing to one a few weeks earlier. Crystal wants to impose a $100 cancellation fee. Since we are booking another cruise, will they refund that fee?
  3. I cannot find the entertainers and lecturers on a cruise. What happened to the old, new website? they keep making it more and more difficult!
  4. Thanks for the quick replies. I am a US citizen. Does that mean that I will be able to get a visa on the ship for both Sanya Pt, China, and Hong Kong? We will be staying in Hong Kong for 2 days post cruise.
  5. We are booked on the April Singapore to Hong Kong cruise. It says we need visas for Cambodia, China, and Vietnam. Do we need to obtain them before sailing ?
  6. Our group of 8 is loving every minute of Perry’s performances. He packs them in each night. We were thrilled when we found out he would be on this cruise with us. We are so disappointed to learn he has no cruises scheduled at this time. We are hoping the Crystal executives reconsider their decision. We are thoroughly entertained each night by his quick wit and his musical talent. The AS is packed each evening.
  7. Could you tell me who you used for the private tour you took?
  8. I have been on many Serenity cruises in a C3. I have never heard any noise. I am sailing soon in the same cabin.
  9. I'm very excited to be borading in a week. I do have a question, though. Are there binoculars in the rooms? We were on the Serenity in July, and there were binoculars there. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  10. I appreciate that Keith took the time to find out there are more lecturers than has been indicated on the website. I am thrilled!! Thank you, Keith for finding out for me.
  11. We are sailing on 8201 that sails on January 7th. The cruises has 5 sea days, yet only 2 lecturers are listed. We kept thinking that . with the new website, the postings were delayed. Yet, here we are about a month to go, and the same 2 lecturers, with no additions, are posted. Crystal seems to be far behind, with what they used to do. Six months out, we used to get excited about seeing certain favorite lecturers. Not so here. Disappointed, to say the least!!
  12. I had the identical issue 4 years ago except we had mailed them our visas in July for a December cruise. Everyday they told us they would be released the next day. This went on for a month, from the end of October. We missed our 2 days in Iguazu Falls that we had scheduled prior to the cruise. They finally got the visas to us on Saturday for a Sunday flight to the ship. It was a horrible, stressful trip due to the uncertainty of getting the visas from Pinnacle. During the last week, I spoke to them 3 times a day. It is a very expensive service. With all our aggravation, they never offered to lower the cost.
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