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  1. If not a bank lobby available, I think arrivals in airports are next best bet for not having skimmers attached. Agree or not?
  2. Do you recall the approximately cost of the golf cart and are they plentiful enough you can count on them? I don't think my husband will be able to do the 5 mile walk.
  3. It must have been quite a good cruise if you are going to repeat it next year!!!!
  4. I understand the shows are twice a night on the two larger ships. Can you tell me what the times are for these? Thanks!
  5. Can you have that buttermilk chicken as room service?
  6. Jan, we are also staying in Dubai at the end of our Seabourn cruise in early December... my friends tell me that there is little difference in doing "At the Top" versus going all the way up...they do say to get a skip-the-line ticket in advance...also recommend a Groupon for a reasonable price (which you can get 30 days or less out).
  7. I am so glad you guys are spinning gold out of straw! Obviously I just noticed a fluke! My apologies.
  8. Had been following some itineraries and noticed Seabourn was now offering a $500 room credit, internet minutes etc as if it were additional savings. However, the port taxes and fees went up about $600.... It seems deceptive as I doubt there was an actual change of that magnitude in those fees in a week's time.
  9. Yes...and it also comes in a mint green...lovely smell... we too have been hooked since Seabourn spoiled us to it.
  10. I think the chargers Regent has are just beautiful in the restaurants. However, I find it odd they are immediately whisked away when the food is brought. Seems rather tacky and leaves the table "undressed". According to etiquette, "In service à la russe charger plates are called service plates and are kept on the table during the entire meal until dessert is served. Service plates act as a base forsoup bowls, salad plates, and for the main course. A service plate is removed before dessert." Does anyone else think this is odd?
  11. I have absolutely no issues with the captain’s handling of this incident. He and the pilot evaluated wind conditions which were well within sailing limits. However at departure there was an unexpected and sustained wind gust occurring at a critical time in the departure process. I believe all his decisions were in the best interests of everyone, and while disappointed in missing our most anticipated port, I sure prefer he erred on the side of safety rather than be discussing this from a lifeboat!
  12. We just departed. There was damage to the bumper but inspection shows all is safe. So terribly sad we are missing this port. Going to Capri was the main reason I booked this cruise, and I know others felt the same with the big visitor spots like Pompei and Amalfi coast being missed. Wished they could have kept this port and dropped another less interesting one.
  13. Thank you all. Rather what I suspected! But I had not thought of champagne and having hand washed items pressed! Brilliant!
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