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  1. Great advice Rols and sfvoyage, Macau is a good choice pre or post cruise. It is a lovely East meets West experience. Don't go to the Casino's and lose your hard earned money. Enjoy the great restaurants and lots of Pastel de Nata (Portuguese custard tarts). The local culture is rather special. Sfvoyage we will be on our B2B on Encore picking up your brother and sister in law in Bali. The published Protest schedule is reassuring at least you know where to avoid. We are surprised at Kwun Tong as protest location. Many thanks . Susi n you are correct, folk forget that this part of Asia is winter and can be chilly.
  2. sfvoyage thank you kindly for your Hong Kong update. I have been watching and waiting for your post, There is nothing like news from some one who has been on the ground. We will watch and wait until the New Year to assess the situation before our next visit.
  3. Why Bah humbug, our many conversations whilst Cruising on Seabourn ships Cruisers we have spoken to are savy enough to find the merits of Seabourn. Their own research is what they believe , not ratings. Cross comparisons of Cruise style , itinieraries and value for money etc. Others have been enticed by wonderful reviews verbally spoken from family and friends on return from their holidays. Conversations about Cruising are prolific these days with folk of our generation and with colleagues. The ridiculous use of numbers in the name of ratings, these days in our lives is very disconcerting , confusing and more than a bit coloured at times. Personally we would never read or believe ratings outcomes. It is our wonderful experiences which bring us home to Seabourn time and again.
  4. Looking forward to hering re changes. By the way did I not read our Master of the review and all good sense , Henry, is aboard Ody currently?
  5. Hi Julie, so kind of you to pass on this information. I will certainly enquire as we also have a local Dan Murphy which is pretty up market. We have some great boutique growers throughout the country these days, I gather you enjoyed the tasting. Taste is the word , we are always looking to tickle our taste buds and being non alcholic a good alternative for a refreshing beverage, especially in warmer climes.
  6. Thanks for the tip Henry that sounds like a great proposal for Seabourn to follow up. Meanwhile I shall search out a bottle of Spice 94.
  7. sfvoyage We just woke up to your detailed response, many thanks. We have had some personal conact with HK and certainly there has been barrage of coverage on our TV . Your analysis is valued as media often does not give a true portrayal of the current status and locals are understandably a bit "Mum" about the situation. To those who know HK it is a big shock and very sad. We usually stay in Causeway Bay at Lanson Place. Family live on HK Island friends all over. Appreciate your thoughts.
  8. alexandra cruiser, I understand your hestation, you have much to consider for smooth passage when travelling. Please may we assure you, as Rols so eloquently did in his post. The fact you are travelling with Seabourn is an assurance you will be looked after well and never in harms way. The practical side of leaving from Barcelona is : Prior to boarding and from the airport you will not pass through the area of demonstration. Stay one night at the Hotel Eurostars Grand Marina right on the Port and literally just walk on to the ship. Please don't give up on your dreams, you will be okay and have a wonderful Cruise.
  9. Hi sfvoyager, we are guessing that you are au fait with HK. Would you mind reporting your veiwing (non political) on the current freedom of movement, airport arrival and observations of how HK is coping? By the way in which area will you be staying? We would appreciate your words as we are needing to make a visit soon.
  10. Raphael360 your order is pertinent to us we are cruising the tropics. The Quinine in the tonic was once thought to prevent malaria. Make that a double please. I am still keen to try the said Sedlip or Stryyk.
  11. Chairsin another great post, always factual . Your remarks totally resemble our thoughts.
  12. We agree totally Isklaar, Mocktails are generally very sugary. Apart from not being of our taste and being totally off limits if you have Diabetes or other blood sugar health issues. It is very pleasing to read posts which relate to thoughts of wether with considered opinion and thought the feasibility of these specific distilled non alcoholic beverage is a possibility. Apart from our pleasure there is a business point of view. A thought just occurred to us , as guests often request specialty drinks pre cruise, do CC posters think Seabourn would consider request orders of these new Non Alcholic bevarages for their Bars ?
  13. It is very disappointing to hear that the article prempted the roll out of this fantastic inclusion on Seabourn ships. We are sure there are many Seabourn Cruisers who would welcome these non alcoholic bevarages. As I previously mentioned we do take a tipple, but we would love to have these drinks included in our onboard pleasure. Some days you just do not feel like alcohol but enjoy the flavours of a distilled spirit cocktail. (yes! drink water, juice ,coffee, tea).Of these we drink copious amounts daily ). These non alcoholic beverages also give an inclusiveness socially to those who choose or cannot drink alcohol . We are not complaining about what we get for our money, we appreciate Seabourn's genorosity and are generally satisfied loyal guests. Just the thought of returning to Cruise with Seabourn is a very happy thought. Do you think these drinks are a feasible inclusion?
  14. We have just received our new copy of the HERALD. One of the interesting articles is headed as "New Wave No Alcohol Cocktails. New distilled no alcohol spirits, it is a most intriguing article. Whilst I enjoy a tipple the description of taste and enjoyment of these new bevarages sound very appealing. Have any recent Seabourn Cruisers tasted these cocktails?
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