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  1. All fair points from Fletcher - we enjoyed it as an introduction to the region. One correction though - the Ovation was able to dock close to the centre of Saigon in our case. Larger ships do have to dock some distance away - and may depend on tides of course. Bangkok on the other hand was over an hour away by bus from the port so less convenient.
  2. We did the first half of this route in reverse, ie Hong Kong to Singapore on Ovation in January 2020 - our first time with Seabourn and our first time in this region. We really enjoyed it and would certainly do it again. highlights were: the beach day at Ko Kood - much more than caviar in the surf, but book in advance if you want to use any of the water sports equipment visit to Hoi An - a fascinating old city Saigon - we overnighted there and in retrospect we weren’t adventurous enough. Another couple went on an evening food tour on the back of scooters which sound
  3. I can only comment on the first question. On our 14 night cruise on Ovation last January we were able to make two online reservations for TK Grill beforehand, ie one for each week. As the previous poster says, TK Grill is good but we enjoyed Earth & Ocean, Seabourn’s “pop-up” on the patio, just as much - obviously weather-dependent.
  4. We think they’re great, but be aware there is no shade on the balcony. We much prefer that to the overhang on deck 9 A2 cabins.
  5. We were able to make two online reservations - one in each week - for our 14 day Asia cruise in January this year.
  6. Seabourn cancelled the Quest’s programme of Autumn 2021 cruises between Montreal and Boston, because of the restrictions on 7+ Day cruises accessing US ports. I guess if they’re not doing these then they don’t need the repositioning cruise to get Quest over there. Pity...
  7. Twice, both waiting in a line, both in Greece. 1. Standing waiting to board an inter-island ferry in Piraeus, going to Paros. Turned around to find ex-school friend, from same small town in Scotland, standing behind me. 2. On Hydra, in line to buy tickets for hydrofoil to Piraeus. Person behind me taps me on shoulder and says “weren’t we on safari together in Kenya last year?” Err...yes! DW asks “Is there anywhere we can go where you don’t know someone??!!”
  8. The sun deck directly above the deck 11 Aqua Class cabins is used for film shows so you will get some noise from the soundtrack when you are on your balcony. That has never bothered us and we much prefer the deck 11 Aqua Class cabins to deck 9. The rear facing cabins are over the Oceanview bar so you will get some noise from the musicians there, but they are popular for their larger balconies. Both the films and the musicians wind up around 9pm from memory, so not a problem late at night. Also be aware that there is no cover over the deck 11 balconies so you will often be in full
  9. No personal experience (only done V3) but you might find Cruise Critic’s own pictures helpful. If you click on the More tab at the top of this page then “Ships” in the drop down menu and go to Seabourn Ovation you’ll find lots of pictures taken around the ship and the Veranda Suite shown must be a V2 because it has the half metal/half glass rail. We found this a really useful resource when we were planning our trip and went for V3 because the half metal/half glass rail made it look rather claustrophobic. hope this helps.
  10. We’re just off Ovation travelling from Hong Kong to Singapore so definitely no need for blankets! We ate at Earth & Ocean several times - we normally got there a couple of minutes before 7 and the waiters were happy to seat us. Never had a problem getting a table but it definitely got busier as the cruise progressed, as passengers found out about Seabourn’s best kept secret 😀 . Limited menu choices but the food was always excellent and the waiters were really well organised and welcoming.
  11. I suppose it’s possible Deck 11 on Infinity is different but we’ve been in 1108,1107 and 1120 on other M-class ships and they all follow the pattern in wrk2cruise’s post. The difference is only a few inches so not worth stressing over, but definitely a variance as they follow the windows of the Oceanview cafe below. Here is a photo of the fire exit notice from the back of our door on Summit from January. FWIW we would always go for deck 11 because of the deck 9 overhang. and yes, pagers were the norm at Blu in January if you arrive 7-7.30 but wait time usually 10-15 minut
  12. We are first-time Seabourn cruisers (booked on Ovation Hong Kong to Singapore Jan 2020) so can’t comment on previous experience but we’ve received three emails with upgrade discount offers, the first just before final payment deadline and the other two after. In each case the upgrade is from our V3 booking to V5/6, Penthouse or Owners suite and the upgrade cost is reducing each time. The penthouse offer is quite attractive (£2.2k per person extra for a 14 night cruise) but we will resist temptation for now at least...
  13. On our January 2018 cruise out of San Juan scheduled departure was 8.30pm but incoming flights were affected by the blizzard further North. We delayed departure by at least a couple of hours (it was a sea day the next day so no time pressure) to wait for some of the flights but some folk only caught up with the ship on day 3. 4.30 does feel tight if there are any hold-ups along the way - and I agree San Juan is an interesting city to explore.
  14. We are perhaps on the same cruise as you - departing 4 January. We have two nights booked pre-cruise, staying in Central on Hong Kong island. We intend to make the most of our time in HK but stay alert to what is happening around us and move away from any large groups that may gather. It would be a pity to stay holed up in our hotel given there is so much to see and do around the island.
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