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  1. Dutchclogs I hope all is well with you and your family. Vicky
  2. Hoping also for rapid testing available before one boards a ship.
  3. Usually cabins with pull out sofa ( a square or triangle on the cabin) have the bed by the bath. Locate one and count every other one.
  4. This has been terrific. Truly enjoyed cruising with you..
  5. Love this! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip ( especially we just cancelled our cruise in Oct. with many of the same ports). Have a Sunset Martini on me.
  6. Love the Blue Martine and the Sunset Martini. Also the Aspen at Cafe Bacio.
  7. A good diversion during these trying times. So little posted lately on these boards. Everyone appreciates the seriousness of the the current state of affairs but a little diversion is appreciated. Stay healthy everyone.
  8. Originally from Syosset. Lived right next to the LIE when it was being built also. We used to sled down from the overpass ( South Oyster Bay Rd) down to where the highway would be. Hoping all your cruises are a go!
  9. Waiting also. Several years back it was down to around $5. Kicked ourselves for not buying a few hundred shares!
  10. Sailed on the Equinox this past Feb. Great cruise and captain. The ship was really hopping in the evenings. Have a wonderful cruise!
  11. We actually did quite well with the sale. We have been watching the one way fares to Venice for a cruise in October and they have been quite high for several months ( same price with Celebrity). . With the sale, it was $200 less. We are on the B2B TA and the agent asked where we will be traveling to from Tampa. She looked at adding those flights and it brought the overall cost down another $200 ( still can’t figure this out). Apparently the airline considers it a print trip. One reason we looked at Celebrity air was if for some reason the corona virus is still an issue in the fall, they will refund, etc. Plus payment not due until final payment and refundable.
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