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  1. Looking for information about this hotel. I have read wonderful reviews but looking for info regarding room size and difference between a Classic Double room and a Superior Double room. Thanks! vicky
  2. I have found that by first rolling items and putting them into a plastic bag and then into the paper bag helps with increasing the number of items and less likely to rip the paper bag.
  3. The additional gratuity is just charged on the difference so yes, 4.80
  4. We recently stayed at the H10 Catalunya Plaza. Great hotel and location and an amazing breakfast. The only drawback was that the room was small ( and not a basic room) with all our luggage.
  5. You can do your interview at several airports. No appointment needed We just did it at JFK.
  6. Dinner was 30 this past Sept. we really enjoy the porch.
  7. Agreed. The gusset entertainers are fosters very good, some outstanding. We also enjoy the variety of music around the ship at the different venues.
  8. We always used to enjoy the shows when they were produced by an independent company. SInce Celebrity has taken over producing them, not so much.
  9. I believe there were two on our Reflection cruise this past Sept.
  10. Looking forward to reading along as you cruise. You’re brave to drive in England but your itinerary sounds wonderful. Enjoy!
  11. I really enjoy Celebrity’s duck ( usually served on one chic night) and always look forward to it. Wanting to see pictures is part of the planning fun and anticipation!
  12. Thanks for doing this. Hopefully someone at Celebrity reads it as well.
  13. Just off a Celebrity ship last week. They also told us taxis were limited. However, there was plenty lined up and very orderly procedure. We were in one a few minutes after getting to the line. Enjoy.
  14. Also just off the ship. Had a fantastic cruise. To us it really did not seem any more crowed than the other S class ships. We had the class package and could just pay the difference for a martini in the Martini Bar ($4 plus tip). Captain club members were able to order the smaller martinis during Captain club party hours ( 5-7). The bartenders there were terrific.
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