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  1. We have stayed in this area on constellation and LOVED it. admittedly, we had an aft facing balcony and yours may not be (I think there are only 5) but this is a great location for many reasons. I can’t recall any more motion than usual. BUT - one word of caution, we knew someone who stayed in 1111 and their phone rang all the time from mis dialed calls!
  2. Want a sweet deal on a suite? celebrity infinity 4-25-20 14 nights $1899
  3. Celebrity edge 4-12-20 7 nights balcony $999 on exciting deals
  4. Celebrity eclipse 15 nights balcony $999 3-15-20 on exciting deals
  5. While the heated, tile loungers on S class ships have a beautiful picture window, the M class ships are a closed room, much less enjoyable. I agree Blu is the primary upgrade and $800 is more than I’d pay.
  6. I was thinking what’s wrong is that hideous orange structure hanging off the side of a ship........
  7. I’m so puzzled here. The OP booked a $19,000 vacation, NONREFUNDABLE With a travel agent (not celebritycruises) and is upset there is a $100 fee to modify it? Or presumably $900 to just walk away? Seems like a small amount in the big scheme of things and not really a cruiseline complaint. Just my two cents, but pay the $100 and chalk it up to experience.
  8. One other thought, the first nights menu in Blu is usually excellent, so I wouldn’t book it then. You can see the menus posted each day by the door, so find a menu that isn’t your favorite dish in Blu, then use your “freebie”
  9. Unfortunately, only you know if you booked with a non refundable deposit, or a refundable deposit.
  10. Count us as NOT A FAN! We had a dining package on silhouette and used one for la petit. I regret it. First, we were told to be early as the show starts “on time” We did. About 20 minutes early. and waited Others did NOT arrive early, so...... they delayed the start. about 30 minutes past the scheduled start. I was ready to walk out. They talked me out of it, but we already were not liking it. The show, and meal, were just okay. Won’t go back. EVER
  11. If you don’t like your current cabin after its assigned, there is a “move-up” process to bid on other cabins. It’s usually within a month of your cruise, but you have that option!
  12. If some staff member has lugged my breakfast the length of the ship and up to whatever deck we’re on, i’ll happily contribute $5 or so for the effort. My motto is “standard gratuities cover standard services” anything above and beyond gets a little more.
  13. Nope, I can’t taste the difference in vodka in a bloody caesar, BUT, i might feel the difference the next day! I like premium for other reasons, for instance Macallan. Since I’ve paid for it, I’ll ask for grey goose, why not?
  14. price fluctuations are normal. up and down. Wait until 45 days before your cruise and that same cabin will likely be 50% DOWN. But minus any perks, so you're likely happy with your deal, which in the end, is ALL that matters! Enjoy your cruise.
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