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  1. Ever see the show Duck Hunter? On our last cruise two guys looked like they just stepped out of the show. Great guys and had a lot of fun talking with them. They were very popular.
  2. Thank you! Everyone was so dressed up back then. Not for me today, I wore a suit and tie for too many years to dress that way today and I don't think I am alone, but not apposed to doing it a couple of times, just not all the time. It was a different time. It reminds me of pictures of when my mother was a little girl watching the 4th of July parade with her parents and everyone was so dressed up. I'm going to guess back in the 40's. It must have been crazy fun to be at the cutting edge of cruising.
  3. I wonder if this has always been a problem. I have been cruising for twenty years and it certainly has been for that long. That response is gobbledygook. You could use it for any rule. Of course by not doing anything it forces anyone who wants to have a "prime" chair to do the same, or get up very early and lay around until their favorite activities start while they stare at all of the reserved chairs. Each cruise is a bit different, but when the chogs are out in force I personally feel it changes the vibe of the ship. Another reason we love our balcony.
  4. When you get to your room, your card(s) will be in a sealed envelope in a small holder on the wall adjacent to your door. Per the app, it can be frustrating at times. But again, it is Celebrities IT department.
  5. I live in Minne-Snow-Ta and this past winter was a tough one. My wife runs an in-home daycare and I handle the shovel duties. There were way too many days this winter where I had to shovel 3 or more times a day to keep it safe for the parents and kids. I know there are some absolutely stunning "colder" places that I would love to visit. But not until I retire, or I can do multiple trips a year. Now it is mostly to the Caribbean and I am fine with that. When you are dealing with weeks of snow and then weeks of -25º weather, sometimes summer doesn't even warm up your bones enough.
  6. When my Mother wintered in Arizona, she would tell me about the field workers wearing wool hats and parkas picking when it was 85º-90º out.
  7. Personally I can't imagine trying to get to Key West for a cruise. Years ago we flew into Miami and then drove halfway down the Keys to our rental house, still a haul after our flight. At the time I checked to see what it would cost to add a short flight from Miami to Key West and it was more than my flight from Minneapolis to Miami. That said, I do not believe they have the all around infrastructure required.
  8. Howdy, fellow Wisconsinite here, my wife and I grew up in Madison. You mentioned train, I have seen people ask about Amtrak and I would only think about them if I had added three or more days on each end of my cruise. I don't know how it is in other parts of the country, but my luck with them is not good. And it has been for trips under 10 hours, I can't imagine if it was multiple days. The delays can be excruciating.
  9. Years ago our family was at a Disney resort in Florida and it was 40º. We still hit the huge outdoor pool and people would just walk by and shake their heads. Your blood gets thicker in the northern climates.
  10. Or rent a trike and really take it all in. My daughter (22) and I had a wonderful time. The east side was absolutely fantastic.
  11. No one episode in particular stands out, I try to let things roll off my back. Those that are so surprised at the behavior of others while cruising, keep your attention at the same level when home. Shopping, driving, eating out and so on. T same bad behavior can be found. I used to get frustrated with those who were in the "ask forgiveness" and not permission crowd. Now, it seems the "ask forgiveness" is even gone.
  12. On boats (fishing) the steering wheel is on the right side (sometimes in the center) because of the rotation of the propeller. So if you think of the captain/person driving the boat as the star, the starboard side is on the right.
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