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  1. Years ago we were leaving out of LA and they were having issues with luggage "accidentally" falling in the drink. I believe there was threat of a strike over wages for the port employees. So we got a bunch of larger (I believe 5 gallon) Ziploc bags. Fortunately our bags stayed out of the water, so it wasn't needed.
  2. In all the years of traveling, our favorite was at (I believe) St. Kitts where we went to a day resort. They had a store where everything was made local and my wife, who rarely buys any souvenirs, had a ball and purchased several. One being a very cool napkin holder. We still proudly display all of them and enjoy the memories.
  3. ^^^^100% this ^^^^. And you can add essential oils. There is a scent in those oils that most or all have and it triggers headaches and makes me nauseous. I know many love them, but remember, not all do.
  4. I'm sorry for your loss. I also thank you for sharing the 'good' from Celebrity. Human nature favors negative news, so it is much appreciated.
  5. Just an FYI that ordering eggs will most likely means they will be cold. I'm sure it's a haul to get the food to your room. And we joked about the 'scrambled egg' like product that came two mornings. It was just a strange way they prepared them, not the fact that they were cold. As for tipping, we usually tip $5.
  6. I can guarantee you people travel when they should be home sick. My wife does daycare and it is a known tactic for parents to medicate their kids and then drop them off hoping that SHE will deal with it so they don't have to. It's called, 'drug and drop'. Very unfair to the child and anyone else who gets infected.
  7. We used Uber for everything on our last trip and it was fine.
  8. Oh I worked the MDR bar servers hard on my cruise a couple of months ago. They got nice tips, and I got tipsy.
  9. I am reading a book called "Non Obvious" and they reference loyalty programs. They often don't provide enough value to gain 'true' loyalty. A consumer can be a fan of a product, but that doesn't mean that they won't change to another competitor. True loyalty programs are a slow process, and in today's world of public companies, we know that isn't easy to do. My biggest gripe and why I don't intentionally do them anymore, is when they put the rules in shifting sands. It is nothing more than a slap in the face for those who worked hard to gain their points, only to see the finish line moved again and again.
  10. Lack of awareness. It's not just people on scooters, or people walking on a ship. It's EVERYWHERE.
  11. It was just a month or so ago I could use the new cumbersome search feature on CC. Some frustration, but I was still able to find my desired results. It seems to be falling down hill. 1- When clicking on specific choices (and I like them) from the drop down when clicking in the search box, how about leave it open to check multiple choices all at once? Now you have to click a choice, then click the search box, then click your choice and so on. 2- How about not changing my 'choices' to the default setting. Sometimes it won't let me change it back, so I have to leave a forum and then return with a new search. Not fun, especially when you add in #1 above. 3- Making the search function, 'functionable' should be paramount so we can eliminate redundant threads.
  12. Great to get another perspective from someone who enjoyed your help here at CC. Thank you~
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