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  1. Balcony lovers should really think twice before booking edge. What they are calling infinity verandah are simply ocean view rooms with operable windows
  2. We didn’t like the dark and creepy hallway leading to Eden so we never went back after trying it once. Go early if you want to get a seat in the martini bar
  3. Sometimes ships stay at sea an extra day, sometimes they come into port a day early, let passengers off and thn head out to sea to wait out the storm, sometimes hurricanes change course and wo, whi knows at this stage what will happen? Watch the Celebrity home page for announcements
  4. Is there any indication this is a permanent change?
  5. Pool hours vary. Solarium pool is 16 and older unless they set up some “family hours” as they often do in inclement weather
  6. Anyone can order a drink for someone else, you just have to pay for it.
  7. No, not always but nearly so. Also, there can be more capacity than there are actual passengers on board since they do allow for a certain number of triple and quad occupancies, and there may be none on voyagers during school term
  8. We always use a travel agent and never have had an issue with his service. Having someone who can arrange things for us and fight for us if anything goes wrong is more important than “owning” our reservation. As the saying goes, YMMV
  9. Liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, pastes many large grocery stores and drugstores stock travel sizes of commonly used items, all 3 oz. or less.
  10. Three oz or less......toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, shaving cream, body wash gel, hair spray, cologne, face cream, liquid foundation makeup, moisturizer, body butter, decongestant spray, saline solution for contact lenses, eyedrops, moisturizer, sun block, insect repellant spray, cough medicine, antibacterial cream and ointment, they all count....... There are exceptions for presription medicines in tge original packaging with the pharmacy label and doctor’s rx
  11. And what’s worse, that one telephone is on a party line with my Aunt Maud who ties it up gosspiping with Mayberry’s only telephone operator, Sarah
  12. Just ask and Concierge will set up an appointment for you
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