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  1. There are many review of LPC….have you done a search of this site?
  2. Has anyone established for certain, one way or the other, that the adjacent verandahs in these porthole veranda staterooms can be opened up to each other? This is such a great feature of S class verandahs and of course is impossible with IV.
  3. Porthole verandah, from photos posted
  4. You can open the sliding glass door and sit outside.
  5. No there is not. there is a Concierge but he or she is abailable to the whole ship. ( not just passengers in Concierge Class ). You can’t contact them ahead of time.
  6. Those nightly parties were for elite and above, not select and above. They did host a Captain’s Club Celebration once per cruise, and that was for Select and above. Both are now, for all intents and purposes, gone.
  7. You know, i hope, that there is no balcony, just a window. The window opens but the effect is nothing like a balcony
  8. Fixed price but there may be a couple of extra cost options
  9. So her priority is that she needs to vape in the room or she won’t go at all? No matter how much money is wasted? so very, very sad
  10. Remember you aren’t cashing out the OBC, you are buying chipe which must be wagered
  11. How did she manage to get to the ship? Did she fly? Did she wear a mask?
  12. No change to that policy, bring as much soft drink as you like
  13. The latest statement doesn’t mention not having it on the first night. Oversight? Or new policy? With the Celebrity website you never know
  14. Allowed yes but they generally don’t work very well
  15. The sofa on edge was hard as a rock. I can’t imagine sleeping on it
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