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  1. 100 power up points not 100 Captain’s Club points.....
  2. With no cash flow, there are no big renovations in progress as far as anyone can tell. The ships are mostly at anchor, not in dry docks
  3. In a post COVID world it is entirely possible that Luminae will go to reserved dining times, and may restrict non-suite passengers from coming in as guests
  4. I would not trust that YouTube blogger in future
  5. Redtravel, that is very common, but not what the OP desires. They are looking for a way to book two rooms, one a suite and the other not, for use by two passengers, finding a way to get the suite privileges for both. That is a completely different situation from yours
  6. We would be among those who “Abandon ship” if all of them are as bas as edge.....not our cuppa tea at all
  7. I find the idea of booking the suite and the inside together intriguing in a post covid environment. Start with the assumption that the cruise line needs to make the choice to sail at less than 100% occupancy for a while. So this room might Be designated for non-occupancy. Along comes a passenger who wants to book it as a “spare” room. So the occupancy level would stay the same, but there would be some income derived by allowing this booking. I would even venture that they might negotiate a reduced rate. After all, some revenue is better than no revenue for that room. it would clearly take some negotiating to accomplish this booking but it might be worth the discussion.
  8. All rooms on celebrity have the “chillers” which is a good name for them because they are not true refrigerators, a few of the upper suites have actual refrigerators but there is some sort of appliance for keeping drinks cold in each room
  9. I think the point is that Pinnacle is not Zenith, and Elite Plus is not Diamond Plus
  10. Again, you won’t see any changes until midmonth July
  11. People have done what it takes to earn the points but no points have actually been added to anyone’s account
  12. The points wont be added to your account until midmonth, so look for them in mid-July
  13. First activity was a survey, that was ok. Second required Facebook or Instagram, Which we don’t have and aren’t interested in acquiring
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