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  1. I comprehend why the room fare is double.....they are making up for lost revenue because singles don’t book things like couples massages and family photo packages. We don’t like it but have learned to accept it. But this is just bizarre......Charging singles for Two beverage packages and two sets of gratuities and two wifi packages is unheard of. And unbelievable. we have never felt the need to write to the president of the company but are composing the letter now......
  2. We all know that when it comes to dealing with single passengers Celebrity sometimes makes mistakes in wording. Recently there was a double points promotion and when it was first announced it looks like it didn’t apply to people selling in single cabins, like on edge and Apex, but then later it turned out it applied to all singles occupying any cabin. now on Celebrity, singles occupying a double room pay double, minus the extra taxes and fees. so, say two people’s fare is $ 2000 plus $100 per person in taxes, the two pay $2200. The single would pay $2100. h
  3. It would be nice if all things transferred between Azamara, Royal and Celebrity, but no, it cant be done
  4. ArizonaWildcat, What makes you say that all hours will be extended And maybe three seatings as well?
  5. So this tells me that cruising in January is probably a pipe dream even if the CDC gives the go-ahead😢
  6. There may be other conditions. You got a lower price than you otherwise might have, and you can expect that there are other travel-agency conditions regarding final payment dates, cancellation penalties and who knows what else they have thought of
  7. Can the Government bodies in charge of visas and work permits work that quickly? Potential new hires will all need passports. Can their governments Quickly issue new passports? Can USPH officials certify ships so fast? of less importance, can entertainers get ready for shows in that amount of time?
  8. Perhaps this is one of those cases where the travel agent has put together a group and is including the OP in the group, with its associated booking requirements. I speculate this based on the OP saying that a direct booking would be higher priced than going through the travel agent.
  9. But do you not have to have a Facebook account to be able to post on the Celebrity Page? We are not on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any other platforms
  10. Not on any of those social media, so no opportunities for us this week
  11. I can’t believe that someone would provide answers on this site. It’s the thin end of the wedge. Captains Club quiz followed by SAT questions, then the GRE‘s, and LS A.T.. Really where does it stop.
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