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  1. In September I have to pay the remaining balance on my Dec. cruise out of Baltimore. So far Royal does not have any protocols listed for Baltimore. I really do not like the idea of putting down more money on a cruise when I have no idea what the rules will be for the cruise. I had hoped that by now everything would be settled.
  2. Personally, if we want to go to Disney, I would fly to Orlando and stay in Disney. Doing it through the cruise just adds time complications to a Disney visit. As to NY area cruise ports in winter the probability of closure is small (buy trip insurance). We live in the area so I would rather drive to a cruise port then have to get on an airplane, so I would cruise out of here in the winter. Not sure I would cruise out of here in the winter if my destination was the Caribbean AND I also had to board a plane, personal preference. One thing you might want to consider is that although Newark airport rarely closes, delays into Newark get worse with bad weather. I personally would not do a same day flight and departure.
  3. Itineraries have always been subject to change, per the contract. However, at the moment I don't think itineraries are worth the paper they are printed on (worth even less if not printed 🙂. They just give you a general idea of the part of the world the ship is traveling to. You will probably get a good idea of the actual itinerary once you board. We have a 12 day cruise on Royal scheduled for Dec and I am counting on them docking at at least one foreign port for legal reasons. I am ok with the rest being sea days.
  4. Does wine work like mixed drinks on classic? I mean, if a wine costs more then what is allocated on classic (i think it is $9 on Always Included) do you just pay the difference plus gratuity?
  5. We recently did a land trip to Alaska (different locations of course). Most shops open however many restaurants closed. I was told that they typically rely on foreign exchange students to staff restaurants so this is a big problem this year.
  6. I have been reading that there is a huge backlog of passport renewal.
  7. Looking to go on a relatively inexpensive cruise next June and Deck 2 on the Summit seems well priced. Any concerns with an inside cabin on Deck 2?
  8. Personally i prefer Bayonne because parking is cheaper and the easiest to get to, Manhattan second (not much harder to get to but parking is more expensive. Brooklyn is just a pain. Manhattan is probably better if you do not have a car.
  9. The CDC guidelines are reasonable as a start. A replay of thousands of passengers quarantined on ships is not acceptable. IF, and it is a big IF, things go well then the CDC will hopefully relax some of the guidelines. Besides the mask wearing take a look at some of the other items. Like the need to immediately return to port if 75 people on a 5,000 pax ship come down with COVID. No independent shore excursions. Agreements with local housing and medical facilities to take all ill passengers. If the cruise lines were smart they would require 98% passenger vaccination to reduce the chances of any outbreak on the ship and try to be profitable at 80% capacity to reduce ship congestion. If a state doesn't allow vaccine requirements, just don't sail out of those ports.
  10. It is very confusing. I looked last night at the Alaska's government web site and it still says you need a COVID test either before you get there or at the airport. I really hope this gets clear before May.
  11. I have been on the QM2, Grandeur, and Oceania Insignia. Never on NCL. I like the Grandeur, I tend to like smaller ships. Of the 3 I have listed I prefer the food on Insignia best. Grandeur the least. I like the drinks, ambiance, and on-board activities best on the QM2. My second choice would be Insignia. Personal taste of course. Personally, overall I would put Grandeur at the bottom of those 3, however, with the right itinerary and price I definitely would sail on her again.
  12. I have been on the QM2, Princess, and Oceania along with Royal. Personally, I would put Royal at the bottom of those four and Oceania and QM2 at the top. For cruises with maximum sea days (eg, TA) I would probably give the slight edge to QM2 as there is more to do then Oceania.
  13. Currently $48 for deluxe drink package + internet (not including gratuity) for Dec. Enchantment sailing. Since we already purchased the standalone package can't see what that is due to RCLs website redesign.
  14. Thankyou, I just looked at the CDC website and saw it there. I also saw that the CDC requires that the cruise ship test each and every crewmember and passenger at embarkation and disembarkation. That is a lot of testing for a large ship.
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