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  1. The Guarantee Fairy will also bite the dust with this new program.
  2. LB_NJ

    Ocean View Balcony Guarantee

    The ability to change assumes that there is an open cabin. The way cruise ships are booking these days there is a high likelihood that another cabin will not be an open.
  3. Can't access the setsail pass after getting an upgrade. Anyone have this happen to them.
  4. On my cruise the minimum bid for suite was $500 per person. FYI, I don't think you get double points.
  5. Got an upgrade from interior to ocean view (obstructed) on Empress of the Seas 8 day cruise. The upgrade is going to cost $120 per person however, it is a small boat and the interior cabins are 119 feet while oceanview is139. The new cabin is also more midships on the same deck. Given that oceanview has always been at least $500 dollars more for as long as I have checked seems like an OK deal.
  6. LB_NJ

    Government Shutdown

    It is probably unconstitutional to make people work without getting paid. Air traffic controllers were different. Law enforcement should never be privatized.
  7. LB_NJ

    Government Shutdown

    At some point TSA agents will stop showing up and the airports will close. Trickle down effect will be not enough passengers to fill cruise ships.
  8. LB_NJ

    Cienfuegos - self guided walking tour input

    Where exactly do the tenders dock in Cienfuegos? Just in case I have to find my own way back.
  9. LB_NJ

    FAQ Cruising to Santiago, Cienfuegos, Havana

    Exactly where does the tender dock in Cienfuegos (building, cross streets, etc.)? I want to get a map of the local area.
  10. LB_NJ

    Empress of the Seas in Cienfuegos and Santiago

    Exactly where does the tender dock in Cienfuegos? I want to print out a map of the area.
  11. LB_NJ

    Passport Requirements

    FYI, there are some ports (i.e., CUBA) where you need an actual passport book. Nothing else will do. I suggest that you check the ports you are stopping at and ask RC. If it weren't for the government shutdown there are ways to get a passport very quickly.
  12. Why would they offer a suite through the upgrade program if they can sell it outright for regular price? The program is really to help them sell unsold cabins.
  13. LB_NJ

    Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Parking

    I don't know if when I went it was a one-off or the way they normally work. As far as I know, when I went, having them park the car was the only option.
  14. Was the line for people with the APP shorter?
  15. It is more likely they are "refurbishing" the two decks rather than removing. I am on a cruise scheduled in a week. I will try to find out.