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  1. Thankyou, I just looked at the CDC website and saw it there. I also saw that the CDC requires that the cruise ship test each and every crewmember and passenger at embarkation and disembarkation. That is a lot of testing for a large ship.
  2. Also, Iceland may not allow the cruise. I think that at the moment they do not allow visitors from the US. I might be wrong. I believe that at the moment Iceland requires visitors to have either proof of the vaccine or proof of prior infection (I think proof of prior infection only works for EU/EFTA countries) before they will let you travel around the country. So, even if the US allows a cruise ship to dock here Iceland may not let it dock there. I assume that the cruise ship could divert to the Caribbean to complete a cruise.
  3. "If a certain threshold level of COVID-19 is detected onboard the ship during your voyage, the voyage will end immediately, the ship will return to the port of embarkation, and your subsequent travel, including your return home, may be restricted or delayed." Just noticed this. I guess I should not be surprised. Anyone know what the threshold level is? Would be nice if they gave actual numbers/percentages instead of just some vague wording.
  4. Unfortunately they can't do cruise to nowhere under US law. Solves a lot of COVID problems if they could.
  5. Once vaccines are widely available I assume things will change. For example, at some point they may require all adult visitors prove they have been vaccinated. However, this year, why would they do away with the requirement that every visitor have a negative COVID test? This protects their country and their economy. It also protects their tourist industry, the part that uses the expensive hotels and restaurants. I have not found anything that shows the contribution to GDP of cruise ship tourists vs those arriving by air or yacht. Als
  6. Why would you assume they would be any different for cruise ships then ("Super") yacht or airline passengers?
  7. Bermuda is currently not accepting passengers from cruise ships. There is no way for a cruise passenger to apply for a Visitor Travel Authorization. THIS IS NOT A CDC ISSUE. I assume once sailing starts every person on the ship (passengers and crew, not sure if this includes children and infants) would have to individually take a Covid-19 PCR test "no more than 5 days before arrival in Bermuda." Then everyone uploads the negative test to the Bermuda Government, pay the $75 fee ($30 for 9 and younger). Once you get the Travel Authorization you would have to
  8. In general I have seen things lower then what I purchased them originally for. But it depends on the item and of course if I originally purchased something at a very good price. Royal tends to vary prices a lot while, from what I have seen Princess does not. Just by way of comparison.
  9. Will RCL let us bring our own HEPA filter to our cabin?
  10. I can't see the current drink package price that we purchased on a Dec. 2021 Enchantment sailing. I wonder if everyone calls RCL daily they may change back.
  11. Regular negligence may be waivable in a contract. Depends on the jurisdiction (choice of law part of the contract). Also, if there is an arbitration clause in the contract it is up to the arbitrator to make some of the decisions.
  12. Whether or not you should do a cruise in the North Atlantic in September comes down to a few questions: 1) are you very susceptible to sea sickness, you are much more likely to get rough seas in the North Atlantic in September then a cruise out of Tampa to the Caribbean in January (personally I would try a TA on the QM in December, but that is me); 2) there is a good chance that the route will change that time of year, how important is that to you (personally I have been to St. John and if you don't make that stop I do not think it an issue) or are you just doing this
  13. This is how we also did it, although when refundable was only around $100-$150 would sometimes opt for that. I also took the insurance because one of my wife's relatives ended up with a $70k medical bill due to inadequate travel insurance. At this point would agree that need to wait until there is some stability before booking anything at sea.
  14. I received an FCC however my travel agent says the value that RC put on the FCC is too high. She is probably right however I would like to just have it applied and let RC come back and fix it rather then wait for RC to issue a new updated FCC (could take years for an updated FCC at the rate they are doing things). Is there any way to call RC directly and check the value of the current FCC?
  15. The Cayman Islands are also closed to cruise ships as well some other Caribbean and South Pacific Islands. At the moment I believe that Bermuda is effectively closed to cruise ships although they don't specifically state it that way.
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