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  1. I just got the surf for my cruise. The 30% made it kind of reasonable but I should be able to submit it for work expense. I hope anyway. Only really need to check emails thru out day.
  2. Glad you enjoyed I’m on the reflection on nov 18 out of ft lauderdale.
  3. I only will pay with what I’m comfortable with. I base it on a pp per day number. This includes the whole trip from air to hotel etc. if the cruise is in my happy area I’m good. Always have been able to do that with celebrity. I did it with ncl n msc n didn’t enjoy the overall experience on those lines. Celebrity still gives me the best overall experience for myself n family. What others pay that’s there choice.
  4. I tried that. But many have said once you get onboard go to desk and have them do it. Online res captains club won’t do it.
  5. Interesting they have Buffalo Trace, not a terrible one esp for Manhattan's. Wish I could find Blantons on board. O well.
  6. I think that is part of the whole problem here how people are perceiving things. Beverage package perk was not free. It was drinks at no cost when on board but it was paid for at the 30-35pp per night additional cost when you the cruise was purchased. Its marketing which every brand does to confuse the people into a perception that is not the reality of the situation.
  7. Its shown it is not included with the suites, the surcharge, its posted numerous times in the thread. This is only affecting reg cabins on people who take one of the perk packages that include the bev package. If you don't take the bev package the $14 is not added to the cruise. Everyone can take it as it is, Id rather have it this way then spread to all rooms but others can disagree. I don't see Celebrity as a booze cruise as some have pointed out. I have always seen the same amount of people drinking heavily even before the perk of the alcohol package. I think the shift has been with these, I know for me anyway, I drink a lot more of the premium coffees and juices, along with premium waters. I don't drink soda so that was never an interest in the packages. I also will try different wines more often. I drink the same amount of alcohol but overall much more of the beverages one can purchase. As many have pointed out there are other cruise lines and that is what the market offers. Choices are good to have and its the nature of the business. I have shopped around and for Caribbean sailings I still find Celebrity the best overall product for myself and my family.
  8. Works great on one device at a time. A cpl Cruises I had to purchase it to keep notice of work stuff I was involved in. When I didn’t use it other family members were able to sign in on there phones tablets etc with no problem. I was able to put it in for a business expense n reimbursed. Yeh
  9. In no sense do I feel celebrity is in troubled waters. Like many pointed out change happens, and some do not like it. There are many cruise lines out there to make everyone happy for what there looking for. Celebrity works for me the best especially for the Caribbean cruises which I like to do in the late fall early winter. Its easier to complain then point out the great things, that is the nature of many.
  10. Charters happen. Only once happened to me Tho i haven’t been on as many cruises as others. It was 7 months out. Like some others I don’t book air until much closer but also many airlines only have out a certain amount of months. Hotels are easy to change cxl. I don’t worry about it unless they did something like that cpl months out. Then different story. I been shifted in hotels because they were overbooked etc. no worries I deal with it. Usually got some type of something back etc but stayed professional thru it I worked and ran hotels had to move guests because of different issues. 95% were understanding had a few who went ballistic. Actually had one guy try to jump over the desk and hit me. Let’s just say he lost his job after a talk with his company.
  11. You cancel up to final payment. If you have a good price now and like it no reason to cxl. Prices change and fluctuate so much from day to day it seems.
  12. My next two sailings on celebrity are avg 250 pp with 2 perks in concierge c1 that’s including air n excursions. I have 2 perks. I have never paid higher than 275 pp per night. Seaborn or silver seas etc would be great but hey all average out at least Minimum 150 pp per night. Yes definitely better overall but doesn’t appeal to me at this point. Chaise lounge clean room good service wide selection of food etc is what I look for. Movies tote bags shampoo not so important. To some it is and that’s fine. Celebrity still works for me even with the 28 per night increase with beverage. I look at the other lines and do compare always. But for basic Caribbean still good. When I look for European definitely different story most likely will go for river cruise or something much more intimate
  13. Completely agree. The numbers still work for me since I usually do 10 day or longer cruises. But will watch how much water n coffees along with wine I drink on my nov cruise to have some data. But figuring coffees are 5 and waters are 4-5 each I’m at twenty quickly before touching a glass of wine or mixed drink.
  14. Free is a misnomer. If you got the perks package with 2 perks it was around 35 a day pp added to the cruise fare. was never free.
  15. Looks like 15 but there might be others who know. Found this on a quick search https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2864
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