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  1. Will wait to see the pricing overall.
  2. So choose a cruise based of the who gives better points. Interesting. I look for a good deal, interesting location, and overall service but points is the last thing I would consider tbh. I am elite and elite plus if my cruises go next year. Don’t see any level ever reached since where I plan on traveling and how will be changing to more land based outdoor type it looks like Ie long cycling, hiking etc. Deals come along and go, if current one is not interesting I’ll pass and look at next one but ooo it would have given dbl points for a benefit that may not ever exist for me in the future.
  3. Good point. All inclusive can mean many things. I actually agree on some point if celebrity does “all inclusive” with it including tips and drinks. Of course then this would bring out the idiotic popcorn discussion of tips and why can’t I pay the people individually. The price point added be around 75 or so pp per night probably higher. But seeing when booking prices 1500 higher on a 10 day cruise than use to would drive to many people away. Yes many here break it down but the average consumer nope.
  4. Wouldn’t doubt they are looking at it as an option overall Everything is always on the table including decommissioning ships, selling ships etc going all inclusive and thinking of making a major change like that during this surreal time would completely put them out of business as they would lose most of core customers by pricing them out. Like posted earlier big difference running all inclusive on 1000or less ships vs over 2000. just find it totally improbable and just a rumor. The zenith person might have some insight but without any executive level celebrity person saying its true or wh
  5. That’s the crazy thing about social media, celebrity has not posted anything. This is rumor is from someone seeing something posted on Facebook on a celebrity group.maybe, slightly, doubtful the person has some insight but would have the same if I posted ooohh I heard that Edge n Apex collided and sunk. All fake news.
  6. I. Guessing thru March min all itinerary will 7 or less. Also not all ships will be in service until more info is gathered on the cruises. No reason to start bringing into service until known all protocols and safe cruising can take place. Also now will see cruise itineraries come about who where will allow etc. lots more pieces to go. This was just step one overall. Let’s the cruise lines start working plans in a test environment in a way
  7. The main thing is now it’s in cruise lines hands and start seeing actual plans come out.
  8. As it should be. The lifted order is not just go still lots of steps to take place but it’s a step forward. Now we will see what the protocols will be officially from the cruise lines. But now we will see plans officially not just guesswork
  9. I get some here and there from celebrity but none from others or I probably marked them as junk long ago so never see them. Almost all my bookings have been thru TA’s or transferred over to ta’s.
  10. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article246754076.html now just need to see the protocols officially in place. But it’s a good first step moving forward. It’s in the cruise lines hands now
  11. Completely agree, I have been tested multiple times, Health care also. Now I do work at home more or less all the time. I work at a Lvl 1 trauma hospital and was required to be tested even tho I had very minimal patient contact. I would sail if it was available and proposed precautions are put in place. This is overall a personal decision for everyone on there comfort/risk lvl and fear of the virus.
  12. Hence I dont have network tv got rid of it years ago. It is definitely political motivated and slanted to network views. I see the up to date numbers every day from reports from the hospital infectious disease dept. Completely agree with your points and how it is slanted one way or another in the US.
  13. Don't disagree with that at all and every person needs to do what they feel is best. Also I have no reason to be stressed on the virus, more just needed to change how I approach things now but stress not really. Still low percentage of overall getting the virus. Yes safety is very important, mask, no big gatherings etc. Still around only 3% or so of catching it and .06% of it being fatal based on US population. Just I feel that it is being rushed with out enough testing on long term affects of vaccine. Ill continue with the mask and other precautions as needed. Only time when I really
  14. got the same, I fly out next week on the 6th and have a return flight of Dec 5th. Same offered refund etc. Not concerned either way. Will have my mask on etc. Use to them, since they are on most of the time anyway, work in Health care tho most of time from home but some days do have to go over to one of the affiliates etc. Was supposed to be getting on a cruise during that period but that all of course has been cxled. Traveling down to Austin, Tx to visit a co worker and work down there (currently in NH) for a few weeks and do some travel over to the Grand Canyon etc.
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