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  1. There was a large attack on many websites yesterday that I read about. I had trouble with a bunch of websites, probably Celebrity/RCL etc were part of the group attacked.
  2. LCG is one of my favorites, its nothing fancy just good cuts of meats fish done very simply. Which is all you need if it is a good cut. Never have had an issue with wind at all, but I usually make sure I set it for when not moving to fast between Islands or ports.....only have used it for Caribbean cruises. Always able to find discounts for the specialty places of course time is not always the ideal time. I agree Murano can be great but tbh I was completely underwhelmed the last 2 times I went there.
  3. Order what you like, or go outside your comfort zone, everyones tastes are different. I ordered a dish once everyone was raving about at a restaurant and did not care for it but I found other things I loved.
  4. The beer is on the last page of the menu at cellar masters for whichever ships still have it. I think the equinox is the only one that has been converted to Craft Social so far, Alot of the beer was not available on the last cruise. Im wondering how it will be now with the supply issues everywhere. Ill deal with it and find things as I go
  5. Completely agree, I would never see Celebrity or anyone really doing that, its the same thing as people then saying we dont like the upgrade/redone etc ship and want to be compensated for the changes.
  6. Pretty much, there is a wine pairing for each course at the cost of around 60. The wine is matched with the course your eating. If you choose not to pay extra for the pairing you can get wine that is included in your package at the venue being served. The premium package for drinks does not include the wine pairing menu and those wines are usually (not always) are over the premium drink package. I think I found it once with one wine that it was not. I remember a dinner I had that paired Elks Cove Pinot Gris with one of the courses, that wine is available by glass at the Wine Cellar I know
  7. But then wait until you see the lines at the ships front desk people demanding compensation since they could not have the full day on board while waiting for there assigned time.
  8. Agree had fun picking the multiple different options on the Qsine menu and never made it thru all the options we chose. It was a fun way of food preparation and presentation, Le Petit also holds no interest for me at least with a fixed menu overall
  9. you can still get wine, or I have just not the ones being offered in the pairing.
  10. Well my Nov cruise will be interesting, Grand Cayman is one stop, which from all looks is not happening but Key West is another which should happen but would be happy to avoid tbh
  11. This is no different than many other industries. Automation in stores for checkout. Factories going more automated Just buying whatever over the internet now etc. I worked in the hospitality industry many years and know the frustrations overall. What the lines are doing is happening thru out. No different when I stay at the Ritz or Four Seasons (if Im staying 3 or less days I dont bother with housekeeping and just ask for towels midway sometimes) if you want to say they are comparable to a cruise. Its partially labor issues, some wage issues etc. I dont mind this change overall or as p
  12. I still see provisioning issues for a while for the ships. The supply chain is so far behind on things right now and no where enough truck drivers to get this taken care of at this point. I go out in Nov and expect some improvement but overall it will take 1/2 year to get things back to capacity at least I think. Im not really sure what to expect at all when I go.
  13. Just take cellular data off, and stay in wifi mode, what I always end up doing. I did it on my last trip to the DR. I do the wifi calling also so much simpler. Was the first time on my last trip a few weeks ago to the DR that I actually had to carry my phone, menus etc only on the phone, kind of liked it much better. No excess paper, things on the table anymore, once ordered phone was put away into my travel partners purse.
  14. https://onespaworld.com/at-sea/spas-at-sea/ They handle many lines spas. I think they were with Celebrity before Canyon Ranch came in for the past few years. They were the same when I used them before Canyon Ranch if anything they were less pushy on sales but who knows now with them trying to recover now.
  15. Always enjoyed the chef tables, been to about 6ish I think looking back. Lots of great food, yes the wine i usually an extra 50ish for the paired. But it not something I do often, well often enough anyways.
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