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  1. Blu wont be open during embarkation unfortunately. The only other is the dining room but that is for Concierge guests only I never understood why Aqua and the Suites are not allowed a special area for embarkation but its understandable because of the chaos that is going getting provisions on/new crew etc in the background.
  2. More or less because of the sale they are running with one free perk. No reason to revise the whole structure. But I have seen "idiots so called" do stranger things.
  3. If you are on Celebrity you will not need anything except you Key/Room Card. All your account info is on there. Its no bigger than a drivers license. Some do keep them on a lanyard around there neck, many discussions on it but I just keep it in a key card holder. On the ship don't need anything else, and you need that room key/card for getting on and off ship
  4. The packages are all perspective. In truth is it worth it for most people to get it, not really but I also don't feel like having all the charges on my account later on and having to take care of it. I usually upgrade to the Premium Pkg also, the classic is usually a perk I always have anyway so the upgrade during a sale, rare but do happen, I find worth it especially for the WCB and the Martini Bar. $69 is a lot to drink every day if you figure it out for the Premium but in the end I do it because I don't want to be bothered for the after cruise charges I have to take care of. Plus getting the evian or bottled water is a plus for the excursions. The wines I don't find that incredible but usually find ones I like in the pkgs. That's the benefit from the pkg, don't like the drink or wine guess what just get another
  5. Gotcha I just noticed that on the site. Doesn't look like any of the excursions I was interested in went down, if anything they went up. One of these days Celebrity might indicate what is on sale and whats not, I know wishful dreams overall
  6. This is not even showing up on my CP for my Nov trip...sigh Is this limited to certain time period for cruises.
  7. Its a name, that's all. Still comes down to quality and skill of chef preparing it. I have a few local chefs where I live that I would put there food on par with some of the so called big names, or Michelin stars. I worked in the hotel/restaurant industry many years running places. The chefs did the big city thing in there younger life now just run small farm to table. And in NH/Vt you get some great ingredients to choose from. I do like Chef Boloud food and restaurants but they can design the menus for X but it still comes down to the execution and ingredients. For large size ships that is not an easy task.
  8. Great thoughts and agree that food is based off the quality that is bought, I think many don't understand the point or the scope of the amount of food that is made for the ships this size, celebrity are 2500 plus ppl I think besides the ones for Galapagos. That is a lot of meals to prepare and large scale quality control that needs to be done. I agree Murano is above par. For what they do though, the high end banquet it is really good. Yes not the same as going to my favorite small restaurants, mainly farm to table and talking to the chef. I am trying smaller ships next year (Seabourn) but still your dealing with a good size. Food is subjective tho and have had different dishes on cruises I didn't care for, easy enough to get something else.
  9. Depends how long ago you booked. I think you have 60 days. I got similar perks than transferred to a ta who gave me an xtra 250 obc.
  10. I tend to be creature of habit of where I keep my card holder so I do understand the reasoning why some need the lanyards.
  11. Same as many, Im good in keeping it in my pocket, usually just use one of my card holders to carry it around. Only reason in that is what I also take off ship with ID and CC along with some cash. I see many with the lanyards, personally I just wouldn't like them.
  12. That has been how I looked at it also. I find it a great benefit now since I usually try to take 10+ day cruises. I really only pack for 1/2 a cruise and do laundry.
  13. Only time I saw it on sale was over Thanksgiving last year for my cruise. They had great deals that weekend. I think it was $25 dollar deposits and one free perk. Will be onboard this year during thanksgiving, YEH!! I was able to upgrade the drinks at 30% off for the premium. not much savings but does count.
  14. If your looking for on par with Michelin not going to get it. Like many said food is subjective. I worked in Hospitality many years and have had no issues with any of the service or food, if I didn't like something I got something else pretty simple. The food in the specialty have always been a step up but would not put them on par with Michelin at all. That is a different level which is not I cant see doing on a ship with 2k4k people. But for what Celebrity does I find they are better then the other mass market lines, carnival, ncl, rcl, etc. I am going to be doing an Asmara cruise next year, really bad spelling on my behalf btw. I have not been in Luminare because I don't book suites, I only sleep in the room and store clothes to change in. Im always out an about spending as much time I can in the outdoors on the pool deck, shows etc.
  15. The last time I saw any sale for my cruise for drinks was back over Thanksgiving, I upgraded to Premium then but have not see dinner yet have a sale. I did buy a dinner pkg for 6 nights with a 34 overall but thinking of cxling it and hoping for a sale but I find that a fair amount tho. . I sale on Nov 18 Reflection. Hoping for another sale on excursions since there is one I want to sign up for.
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