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  1. Makes sense now why the name change to group. Glad that was just a stock purchase and but there is a lot of debt that needs to addressed eventually.
  2. Im considering an all inclusive for end of Nov beg of December in the DR. I am close to moving my b2b to next year in the lift and shift. I do prefer cruising, like others pointed out, I also enjoy the different ports and getting to see many different things. But I also am a beach bum at heart and would be content with a nice all inclusive with different activities, or do nothing at all. Considering the Excellence in Punta Cana, wanted to make sure it was Adults only etc. if I do go.
  3. Haven’t seen any emails from them yet. I got my 5 pts posted yesterday so that was a nice bonus. Probably doing lift and shift on my cruises that I have in nov to next year. Hoping they extend lift and shift thru August at least but shall see
  4. Pretty common now a days people don’t read And like you said expect instant gratification.
  5. Agree this was just safe route. But it was correct thing to do instead letting many wonder what is going on why no announcements. Everyone knew they were formulating plans but at least this shows there is movement towards something. Understand why some are looking for more but the way things are now it’s ever changing and all could be changed tomorrow depending on how controlled the virus is. There are to many variables still on all of this. Even looking at land based vacations so many things changing.
  6. This would go hand and hand with the letter received from Celebrity. I do not think it has anything to do with a merger working together. Neither company has assets to be able to do it economically. Will see what happens with it but its a step in the direction needed. Changes of who knows what will be happen
  7. From my understanding RCL and NCL are working together on this jointly The expert panel formed by cruise operators Royal Caribbean and Norwegian in developing cruising protocols has gotten the support of the CDC and will share findings with the rest of the industry, says panel co-chair Michael Leavitt, who is former governor of Utah and HHS secretary under the Bush administration. Leavitt tells WSJ the panel will focus on screening and exposure reduction; environmental operations such as engineering controls; response contingencies and planning; and destination and route planning.
  8. None or the “what if’s” are known at this point. Temps will definitely be taken that’s about all we know. Don’t think any guidance will be given until the virus s under control somewhat. But that is also a what if. Wouldn’t worry about speculating or assumptions at this point,
  9. Ohh no to many emails.opt out it’s easy but don’t complain when you miss a deal Funny what people complain about. The word to remember they are marketing. Seasoned cruisers see right them. But it’s funny to see they complain why did they send this out comments. I look evaluate and move on. It’s no bother in any way. But so many just want something better than they already have. How did you get there by seeing probably some of these emails. I think so may want each deal to take more off each booking per email . Not gonna happen
  10. 300 count your blessings. Cruise lines can change itinerary at any time. Stuff happens. Neither dr or Bahamas are interesting. It has been a wonderful ship day for me a cpl times
  11. mostly on the days when new sales start I have noticed, and they been changing sales almost every week/2 weeks now
  12. Usually strange things happen the first morning when they update the website with new prices/specials which today is. In truth Celebrity should close the website down for an hour of maintenance when doing this so it comes back working properly instead of uploading the new special and removing the old one on the live system. Might make less headaches
  13. Question on overall lift and shift, say you do the bid up for a room and are approved/win etc, ie oceanview to a balcony. If you do lift and shift will you be placed in a balcony. Just wondering, I have 2 cruises B2B in November that Im scheduled to be doing. Hoping first off they go, secondly they extend the lift and shift program past Aug 1 date. Just thinking about that cause I do plan on bidding for a higher level room, one of the cruises is in an OV and would like to move it to a balcony but of course all the bidding doesn't really happen to your about 6-7 weeks out from the cruise so the lift and shift will have to be extended hopefully.
  14. My guess they will run them to they start sailing or announce start up. It’s a marketing strategy. Get good info so they know how to target the audience. I’m fine gets me closer to elite plus. Hopefully 2022 be there. All depends
  15. And it wont be until July as has been stated, they are not converted right away, done in one big batch sometime around July 14 they should be appearing as it says on the website. So if you read the points will be tallied up for June and then applied at towards the end of next month.
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