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  1. This program doesnt seem to operate in the UK. Does anyone know why?
  2. Looking forward to reading along. Very interested in retreat area and loung and of course the veranda and suite furniture currently in the suite! Have a great time!
  3. Thats what those aft rooms need....its a long walk to the retreat! Now a table.....
  4. Thank you for doing room service. As others have commented it is a total design fail. Also there doesnt seem to be a coffee table in the main suite which can be raised to eating height. Not possible to have in suite dining without this. Someone corporate need to speedily get onto this to order suitable chairs and tables for all the sky suites....practicality first!
  5. I would have expexted something pretty spectacular for what you are paying. It seems that an understanding of the use of personal outdoor space is a little lacking in Celebrity thinking. We have an aft S1 booked. I love to lie out at night and have been known to sleep outside. Not possible without a lounger.
  6. I'd love it if you could order room setvice for food and drinks or breakfast to see what the butler does to that little table so you can eat sensibly.
  7. Thank you. Access is easy thank heavens... no lying on the floor!
  8. Very sorry to hear this. I had a fall this summer and hit my head but they managed to glue it. Hope you'll feel better soon. Have the butler deliver dinner to set out on the veranda and have an easy night!
  9. Thanks. It looks bigger than on S class...we'll see!
  10. I hadnt noticed the bar stools along the edge of one end of the pool. I thi k I found my pool lounger lol!
  11. An idea of whether the speciality drinks shown come with the premium drink package would be of great interest. Thanks
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