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  1. If these cruises do not depart, visit or return to any US ports you may be OK. We have 2 Europe cruises on the Infinity booked in May and August that are 12 and 10 days long that so far have not been cancelled. The bigger problems are if Italy, Spain and Greece are not in lockdowns next year.
  2. Final payment for our May 20, 2021 Infinity cruise from Venice is due in mid February so we are waiting to see what happens before then. I doubt we will sail if the vaccine is not available by then. At this point I would give our odds at 50/50.
  3. I can see this being a requirement to get on any cruise ship along with rapid testing before boarding for 2021 and 2022. Additionally I can see, once a vaccine is available most International airlines and destinations may have the same requirements.
  4. That is the same information I received that the Infinity will be in Europe all next year until December when she leaves for South American cruises.
  5. I was just looking on the Celebrity website and it still shows Jan-April 2021 3, 4 & 5 day cruises from Miami and the April 24 TA from Miami to Rome. However there is no TA to the US from Europe prior to the Jan 2021 sailings. I would not be betting any money or final payments that any of the US Infinity cruises will happen in the US early next year. With the CDC restrictions on more than 8 night cruises departing from US ports, I do not see how the TA will happen at this point. In Dec. 2021 the Infinity will also do a TA from Lisbon to Rio in South America.
  6. This is only true for cruises that either depart, visit or return to US ports. The CDC has no authority outside of these parameters. We have a 10 and 12 night cruise booked for next year in Europe.
  7. Last year when we did our Alaska Cruise when docked we had 4G service with ATT while docked in all Alaska ports and had no problem streaming on our tablets. Our grandson was with us and was able to facetime with his parents too.
  8. Unless I am wrong, I thought the CDC limits on cruise length is only for cruise ships arriving or departing from US ports and has no bearing for non US destinations.
  9. We start looking at fares as soon as the 330 days out time is reached. The best fares can be found on Tuesdays and Thursdays but through Celebrity Air you have jump as soon as you see a fare and route you like and want. I looked today and the flights we have in August from San Antonio to Barcelona and home from Lisbon to SAT and the Delta flights we booked in October do not show on Celebrity Air but American had the same route at the same price of $2330 pp that we paid in October. BTW on American the Premium Economy was $1680pp on the same routes. So for about 700pp more on AA you could fly Bu
  10. I would love a Celebrity cruise ship full of more like you and your husband. Most of our circle of friends are much younger than my wife and I. I leaned a long time of go being around younger folks keeps us young. A ship full of boomers and Gen X folks means Celebrity is making money and will be even more successful. When my wife and I were your ages with a couple of kids plus 2 weeks of vacation a year and saving for college and other things taking 2 or 3 trips a year was impossible. I look forward to meeting you on a X ship in the future..
  11. It sounds to me that someone in this thread is jealous of us seasoned citizens who have a very nice retirement portfolio and can afford to travel in first or business class when we fly internationally or on longer domestic flights.
  12. For most international flights there are no "First" class seats with most carriers, which have been replaced by Business class mostly lay flat seats which may be called different names by the airlines. Delta calls this class Delta One. When flying Business class any domestic connector flights in the US to the International flight hub are in First class seats. In Europe connector flights by airlines like KLM have no first class seats which are now called European Business class. For example our flights from San Antonio to Venice on Delta. We have first class seats from SAT to Detroit and then
  13. Before you start lambasting anyone who prefers to fly to Europe on Business class, know your facts. I am not bragging but making a point. We are flying in May 2021 from San Antonio to Venice RT on Delta Business class for $2760 per person. Our Business class seats in August from SAT to Barcelona and home to SAT from Lisbon are $2300 pp RT. I would never pay 8K per person. So for 4 RT Business class seats we are paying a little over $10K no where near the $50k you quoted. Both Delta flights next year are a little less than $1000 pp over coach or Delta Comfort fares, which is very easy to afford
  14. My wife and I are both retired Boomers (70 years old) and do not care who Celebrity markets too, it makes no difference to us. We can because of savings and aggressive financial investments while working, afford to travel first class and almost as often as we want. So we have both the time and discretionary income to travel. We choose to sail with Celebrity because we like the current product and for us the ability to book a great cabin (AQ or higher) with a private dinning room and get the 4 perks package for a little more but less than if bought individually, are what's import
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