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  1. Oh no that could mean 1200 passengers all showing up at 11:30 Yikes!!
  2. Thanks for the information, I just moved ours up from 12:30 to 11:30 am on our Aug 27th cruise. That is the first time I have seen on the app a time sooner than 12 pm after we checked in.
  3. Food is so subjective what one person dislikes another raves about. The best way, if you are a first time Celebrity cruiser, is to try both and make your own decision.
  4. It is also our 50th anniversary but with 4 sea days I should have time to post live.
  5. According to my Celebrity app the Sky Lounge is open every day from 4pm to 2am. If you have either drinks package they are free up to the cost limits of the package. We are on the 8/27 Equinox sailing.
  6. We also have sailed both and have upcoming cruises on both. For the comparing the same itinerary Celebrity gets our vote, they have special separate restaurants for both Suites and Aqua Class cabins with completely different menus from the MDR. HAL has a joke called Club Orange for suites and those willing to pay more per day in other cabins. We are on the Oosterdam next year for a Greek cruise only because Celebrity did not have a close one to it. We prefer Signature Suites on HAL but nothing close in amenities to a Celebrity Aqua Class cabin or a Sky Suite. Our cruise next month we are in a
  7. Want to follow up on our Delta flight changes. After Delta canceled our return flights and put us on a late afternoon flight that got us home late at night, I called Celebrity Air to see if we could get changed to a return flight that leaves at 12:05pm. This flight is almost sold out but the CA agent said he would send a request for the change to Delta, that was Sunday morning. Last night I received a message from CA that our request was accepted at no additional charge from Delta. We will now be home in San Antonio at 5:10pm. I am a very happy CA customer. BTW with all of these changes by D
  8. Do not forget the exceptional martinis in the martini bar are all over the $9 classic limit.
  9. I hope so and that they will continue to make it very unappealing for the unvaccinated to cruise from Florida with protocols that include masking, shore excursion restrictions, segregation in bars and dining rooms and extra testing costs.
  10. We upgrade to premium for the better wine and premium spirts selection. There is a huge difference between a $9 and $15 glass of wine. I am a Gin drinker and at home I prefer Bombay Blue Sapphire, Hendricks and Tanqueray 10 which are only in the Premium package. For $12 pp per day including gratuity the upgrade is well worth the cost for. When we had the just the classic package we found we ended up buying more bottles of wine for dinner that exceeded what the upgrade costs for the whole cruise. From looking at the current list of wines by the glass I see no reason the buy any more bottles. W
  11. We are We are doing both on our cruise next month. Murano on the night of our 50th anniversary. BTW Grand Marnier Souffle is one of my favorite deserts.
  12. Thank you for posting, we are on her next month forc10 days, so I am following your cruise.
  13. Are you in a suite and did you use the Suites guest entrance?
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