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  1. What movies are playing on the Amsterdam?
  2. I'm having another problem also. I am following my roll call, and it keeps un-following me. It's so weird, because I check my "new content I follow" and don't see updates for days, so I go look at what I follow, and it's gone. I add it again, and 2 days later (today) it was gone again.
  3. Oh, that is sad the freebie is gone. Thanks everyone.
  4. It was a couple of years ago, but we signed up on embarkation day for a small amount of free internet. Is this no longer offered? Does anyone have the rate options?
  5. Thanks everyone, this has been very helpful!
  6. Thanks everyone. If we pre-purchase and they have a name on it, can only that person use the card? I'm asking because I'm considering letting my teenage daughter keep the card with her, because she is liable to use it more than I. But occasionally I may want a soda. If the card is in her name, will I not be able to use it?
  7. Can you purchase the Soda Fountain Value Card $50 for $25 once on board, or do you need to pre-purchase it online?
  8. What we did one time, when my son's best friend sailed with us, is he brought a roll-up camping pad and sleeping bag and slept on the floor. He was getting a free cruise, so no complaints. In your situation, the kids may have to trade off nights on the fold out couch and floor. Alternatively you could sleep on the fold out couch and the kids would have the twin beds.
  9. Never mind, found my answer. Thanks again everyone!
  10. Sorry, one more question, is the bag deal a one time deal, or can you do multiple bags throughout the cruise. Trying to see what is the better deal for us. If we can do the bag deal more than once per cruise, it would be 5 bags of laundry to exceed the $7 per day.
  11. Thanks, really appreciate the info.
  12. Do you have to be on board to purchase this? I didn't see a way to pre-purchase this online. For a 14 day cruise this would be $98 for the 2 of us if it is per cabin, correct?
  13. Perfect, thanks so much for this information. It is extremely helpful.
  14. Deck plans still has a launderette on the Amsterdam. How does this work? Do they have detergent and fabric softener available? Does the machine take coins or charged to onboard account? Any details provided is greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks everyone! I actually don't know if I have "no upgrade" on this upcoming cruise. I've done that in the past, but a personal cruise consultant booked these, and I don't know where to see this in the new website. I'll go poke around to see if I can find it. Thanks again.
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