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  1. The Reflection was anchored off of Ft Lauderdale when we arrived in Ft Lauderdale on Sept 5th on the Equinox.
  2. Deck 8 is directly under the Lido deck and not a desirable location with noise from above, we always book them on Deck 6. We have one next August on Oosterdam for 14 nights in Greece.
  3. Anything less than a lie flat seat in business class is really only Premium Economy.
  4. You are right, we are basing our air estimate on what prices were this year for similar flights. We will not be able to book or look at air with HAL Air until October, 330 days out. Good to know we can change our O Life option up to final payment. We chose the Bev package when we booked last January and based on info so far here we may do the shore excursion option since several of the ones we are looking at are well over $100 each.
  5. We are booked on the Marina for a 10 day Baltics cruise next Aug. We are in a A1 Concierge cabin. We are looking at the O Life options and trying to decide which one is the best value. Since the wine and beer with meals package is the O life beverage option, it has about a $800 value. Are the shore excursions just a cash value credit or ones that have to be chosen from a specific list like Viking Ocean? If any excursion can be chosen this could be the best value. The $600 OBC seems to be the least value. We are not doing the inclusive air option because we only fly internationally business class and Oceania is ridiculous on the added cost plus fees for this option so we are taking the $1100pp cost reduction on the O Life fare cost. We are doing a cruise with HAL 4 days after the O cruise RT from Venice. We can use HAL air to book business class air RT from San Antonio to Copenhagen and returning from Venice for around $3300pp. This would be about $2000pp less than what O wants. O quoted us $4500pp plus $175pp for a deviation fee for business class on the same route as we can get with HAL. The ridiculous part is the $4500 is on top of the O Life with air fare so when we add the $1100pp discount for O Life without air to the $4500 plus $175 we would be actually paying $5775pp for airfare.
  6. We were on the Equinox Aug 27th sailing and purchased a future cruise while onboard. We are interested in a 2023 European cruise and the onboard cruise booking person told us the 2023 European schedule will be released in November. We have 90 days to book our future cruise and November falls into that time frame. BTW, we sailed in our first Retreat class and IMHO, Royal and HAL have nothing that compares to the service and amenities you get on Celebrity Retreat Class.
  7. We got off a wonderfully cruise yesterday in a Celebrity Suite on the Equinox and had an unending supply of Evian bottled water in our suite. We went through 4 bottles a day. We tried some of the canned water in other parts of the ship and it had a terrible metallic taste so we drank the Evian exclusively.
  8. Exactly, I was in the purified water business for 20 years and the minerals add back some taste that keeps the water from being flat tasting. Look at the ingredients of any "purified" water in a grocery store. Starbucks starts with purified water and has a proprietary list of minerals they add back to enhance the taste of their coffee.
  9. Thanks, i am sitting in FLL airport with 5G and it is so scary fast.
  10. The Sunrise as we arrived back in Ft Lauderdale. What a sight to end our best cruise of all time.
  11. Last night was the second Evening Chic night and the food and service in Luminae was so excellent. I had the Surf and Surf, delicious seared scallops and a surprisingly good lobster tail. This is the first time I can honestly say the lobster was worth eating on a cruise ship. This was basically two entrees, and either one can be ordered with a steak (not on menu) for surf and turf. The highlight was desert. We dinned with another couple and they asked Nic our waiter, if the Chef could go do a Grand Mariner soufflé for us, again not on the menu, and all 4 of us enjoyed this delicious desert. It was much better than the one we had earlier in the week at Murano. This is the kind of service you get in Luminae.
  12. Thanks, this the first time I have done a live blog but the terriblely slow "streaming " internet has not made it easier. That is basically the only thing on the cruise that we could call a miss.
  13. Darn, that means when we get home late tomorrow, I will have to order and then drive to pick up a pizza, such a first world problem, lol😁
  14. No mask required for adults any where on the ship. Plenty of chairs and lounges availability at all times around the pool so naturally social distancing. I think the hot tubs are supposed to be limited to 3 or 4 at one time but no clue if it is enforced. You need to realize you are safer on this cruise ship than walking into a grocery store or restaurant at home.
  15. I have to agree 100% and Jim you are also someone we would love to cruise with as well.
  16. Are we allowed to take our Butler home with us?
  17. We saw something earlier today that is scarry from a virus perspective. We walked by the Effy shop and they were holding a raffle of jewelry and there must have been 50 or more passengers crammed in the shop most not wearing a mask and absolutely no social distancing, I see a potential super spreader and Celebrity should ban these activities considering the cases this week.
  18. On this cruise all but one suite are sold out and Luminae has never been close to full. When you are seated they are seating every other table first until it gets a little fuller.
  19. We were told 15 minutes within 6 feet proximity triggered the tracelets.
  20. I am glad you are out of jail and that I am not the only one that thinks the scrambled eggs are terribly inedible.
  21. I will be asking for the fresh eggs tomorrow for sure, even in an omelet.
  22. We were told that 15 minutes is the guidelines the ship is using with the tracelets for being around a positive person. The secret is to not stay in one place more than 15 minutes.
  23. We found out while in the Retreat Lounge that the current Covid outbreak was traced back to the Martini bar and that 4 bartenders are quarantined. Doesn't surprise me since there is no social distancing there during busy times.
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