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  1. IMO, cruise lines will build for the niche (a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service). While Baby Boomers are a very large segment of disposable income, the Millennial's are fast approaching this market. To stay up to what is expected, HAL seems to be somewhat on trend. Larger ships, (3 thousand, plus) and certainly guaranties more profit. The Little things like USB outlets bedside and now credenza's also, large Televisions with complete cruise and Passenger Portfolio information and intranet WiFi applications such as Navigator, The Music Walk are making it more appealing for the targeted market. Mid-Sized Ships will always be in demand, just my thought. Yes, there is a tipping point as to the number of passengers that many Baby Boomers and to some extent Millennial's that will not cruise with. It is quite interesting to watch the Market and the trends.
  2. Greetings, Jacqui. Eastern Caribbean, Nieuw Statendam, 7 days, November 10, 2019 will receive 3* on this sailing 😊 ! Thank you.
  3. Yes, on two occasions. Ordered just for the room, small bouquets, and each time they were beautifully done and lasted (with a little water attention by us) for our entire 7-10 day sailings. Nice addition to any cabin choice, IMO.
  4. We really enjoyed 7142 on the Noordam (same class, sister ship to Oosterdam) Having a port, aft-wrap balcony made for some good photographs. As others have mentioned, the staff for suite guests is impeccable. Enjoy!
  5. Rene Robles with R.V. Private Tours & Taxi gave us a wonderful, tailored schedule to our specifications. He had us scheduled for the cable car at Mount Isabel de Torres earlier in the morning due to the afternoons producing clouds up its height. A full day of exploration at our request. Awesome job.
  6. Yes, and thanks. Did the app download for phone and looking forward to using soon.
  7. If you acquire the seating charts for specific ships, requests can be made for a specific table. This has worked best for us going through our TA. The request is not always granted but always worth a try.
  8. Looks serious but I don't know how it will affect the actual docking of ships.
  9. On occasion, we've been asked for our cabin number by the wait staff when we hand out envelopes with our extra tips at the end of the voyage. I'm guessing they want to see if we reduced or canceled the auto gratuities. We have never reduced or deleted the auto gratuities. But we were wondering if the staff, i.e., cabin steward and dining staff can see who has removed or reduced gratuities? We wonder if the staff also rates passengers to the cruise line?
  10. Yum Yum present on Kdam 2018 and Oosterdam 2018 cruises. A wonderful treat.
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