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  1. No, thank goodness. I adore her. Always attentive and the little perks are so kind.
  2. Not according to my PCC, 25 years with Holland America in Seattle. Booked a 2021 at non-have it all and said if fare dropped to give her a call to re-fare. ???
  3. Sure, we would cruise with restrictions in place and have plans in the Spring of 2021. Some people do not cruise to socialize. Quarantine for introverts is not a problem. As for ports, have done many, so, been there and done that. For us, it is just being on a ship that is rewarding. And, the food of course!
  4. I didn't include the word implement. Can you edit a Headline after a it's been posted?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF1yjqww6LQ&list=WL&index=19&t=521s
  6. Do cocktail bartenders, waiters or waitress receive the 15% gratuity on the Coke beverage packages or have you already paid that in advance?
  7. Of course it is a personal judgement. We tip $5.00 US for two people. But we're the type to leave 20% at land based restaurants also.
  8. You're welcome rkacruiser. Like you, our preference is also Port Everglades. We use off port parking but those to park on port property will be thankful for the new parking garage. I know remodeling of the current terminals is ongoing. I did find that a parking garage is under construction: A new 1,888-space parking garage to serve Cruise Terminals 2 and 4 is under construction, featuring an air-conditioned bridge with moving walkways to deliver guests to Terminal 2. As far as adding new terminals I am not sure.
  9. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22472-port-everglades-construction-new-start-a-major-milestone.html
  10. A schedule of when and where would be nice. We thoroughly enjoyed PMJB on the Nieuw Statendam this last November. Following.
  11. One, non-sweet, favorite of ours is Rudi Sodomin's creation served on HAL when your lucky. https://honestcooking.com/chilled-pea-soup-with-chives-recipe/
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