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  1. Pleased our booking for YIN back in early 2021 for mid 2022 happened. With promos of OBC pp included, the same booking today is about 30% higher USD. I guess supply and demand?
  2. a visual meditation tool. thank you.
  3. MS Nieuw Statendam / Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas, USVI
  4. Point well made. Blanket statements about service and food was not warranted, I will admit. Should one expect boarding times similar to pre Covid-19 now? IMO unlikely. Guessing in the US wait times for rapid testing, temperature checks, Security and Immigrations to be longer than what was in the past. We hope to see how it works out! 🙂
  5. It is not necessary. My thinking is why bother at all? A can of crisps and cheap bottled water? Perhaps a sicky bun pulled from a vending machine? Thanks, no. It is all a matter of expectation vs reality. Food and drink are all subjective as we know. If one is fine with those selections offered, then good for them! Some may not be so impressed with what the YC offers guests.
  6. It does not look premium to me. Disappointed. YC guests rates are premium and Pringles crisps are, well, to be nice, nasty and insulting in a premium setting. Stop it with blaming Covid-19 on lack of service. That is a way to reduce everything from customer, food, quality, and bar service. Land based vacays are looking more appealing. Just my opinion. My rant for today 🙂
  7. The anti-vax movement in the US is enormous. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are are not vaccinated. If vaccinations are not mandatory to cruise on MSC, I'll spend my coin elsewhere.
  8. Delightful. If you don't mind me asking. How did you arrive at the POM and have your baggage arrive as to avoid the "luggage drop off area?" Many thanks.
  9. Yeah, that’s absolutely right. It’s a classic example of being hoisted by one’s own petard. LOL DFWGUYZ Cool Cruiser 517 posts December 21, 2009 SE FL USA #6 Posted 58 minutes ago my favorite line in the Forbes article: “There is no inalienable constitutional right to cruise, so it should be within the cruise lines’ purview to make this decision.”
  10. Bump. Guess we'll soon find out what updates were done soon!
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