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  1. My mouth is watering for those scones. I also think they are sweet pea flowers.
  2. Got a few pictures before the storms hit. The giant white Hibiscus -- the few that are left -- finally bloomed: The bunny eating bread: Not many morning glories left:
  3. Our local news has actually been talking about the fires and all the damage they have caused.
  4. OOPS -- should have said immigration instead of customs.
  5. We have done a ton of back-to-back and Collector Cruises and never had to show any documents. We only had to show our passports.
  6. Each year the procedures for Ft Lauderdale change. Sometimes we have had to get off the ship to go through customs. Then we had to wait until the ship goes down to zero count before we were allowed back on the ship. If there are a lot of passengers doing the back-to-back or Collectors Cruise, then the process of going through customs is done on the ship. We have all met in the show lounge and waited there for customs to come on board. One time we had to pass through the night club and get our ID cards punched. Another thing that keeps changing -- sometimes we have had to attend the second lifeboat drill -- sometimes we didn't. Your ID card should already be set up for both weeks when you get it at check in. On the last full day of the first segment you will get a letter explaining what will be done on turn around day.
  7. Wishing all the Westerdam passengers a great day in Juneau.
  8. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Please feel free to ask questions.
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