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  1. Hello everyone. Just stopping by to thank everyone for all the wonderful thoughts and prayers especially Jacqui for posting what is happening to me and she and Jose are doing well after his cataract surgery and her teeth work. It has been a long 2 months of hospitals, etc. and it is definite that we will never be cruising again. Thus I have lost (for now anyways) in CC. Maybe sometime I will return. You all enjoy your cruises when they resume. Yonnie
  2. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Chocolate wafers -- I'll go for them. Chicken tenders done on the grill sound great.
  3. Thank you Rich for the Daily report and map. Would love to see an UFO. Have no idea what we will have for dinner.
  4. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. I'll have macadamia ice cream. Today's quote is great. Having chicken with roasted apples.
  5. Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends.
  6. White Oak -- 20 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.
  7. Thank you Rich for the daily report. Yea -- Women's day!! Doubt if we will see a meteor today. Having a pork chop today. Our county in PA has to close all their Bars -- no drinks can be served until further notice. Thanks to a large rise in the number of Covid-19 cases. It's going to be a hot and humid day.
  8. Thanks for all the interesting pictures.
  9. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Love the map. Already gave DH a hug when we got up this morning. Have to see if there are some flowers that I can take a picture of tday. Happy Birthday Micky Arison. Have a doctor's appointment late this afternoon so not sure what I will throw together for dinner.
  10. Glad to hear that you got your refund.
  11. Thank you for the link. Prices for cruises will most likely go down but spending on the ships and shore will go up.
  12. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Love tapioca -- will have DH pick some up today. Not sure what we are having today for dinner.
  13. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. No Bingo games around here. Many bars closing down -- virus outbreak happening -- again. Having just plain chicken. Wine sounds good.
  14. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Forgiveness -- we all should practice this every day -- would make for a better world. I'll stick with my plain cocktails. Dinner and wine sounds great.
  15. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Always enjoy the maps and seeing where the ships are anchored. Don't like Catfish but breaded pork chops with a good wine sounds wonderful.
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