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  1. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Chicken Minestrone -- sounds great -- had DH pull out a chicken beast to defrost. I promise not to give up the ship today. Dare day -- dare people to stay safe doing these violent times. Love the quote today.
  2. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Smiles are great!! And I can turn off DH's TV to save my hearing. I'll pass on today's suggestion for dinner. Going to have grilled chicken breasts.
  3. I got that e-mail from Princess -- looked at it. If we were to go on a world cruise, that itinerary would not appeal to us.
  4. Picture was taken on Wednesday. Have no idea what these tiny cascading flowers are.
  5. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. I agree -- have been loving the maps showing where the ships are. Plants got plenty of water yesterday -- thanks to 2 storms. Porcupine meatballs -- pass. Will have grilled pork chops with corn muffins.
  6. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. Happy holidays to those who celebrate Shavuot. No composting here. Dinner suggestion of creamy celery beef stroganoff sounds great.
  7. OP -- thank you for the link. Thanks to all others that have reported about getting crew home, luggage still not home etc. Sad situation for all.
  8. Thank you OP for the link. No -- we would not go on a cruise where we have to be 6 feet from others, wear masks, etc. It would not be a fun cruise.
  9. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens. Everything is so unpredictable at this time.
  10. Thank you Rich for the Daily report. National hamburger day -- would love to have a hamburger but storms are to move in this afternoon -- no grilling. Having potato, carrot, chicken chowder for dinner.
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