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  1. Was on the Volendam for over 30 days in February and never encountered a problem finding an unoccupied lounge chair on the Promenade deck... even when workers shut down part of the promenade for maintenance.
  2. Most sommeliers and wine afficionados can tell you that, in New Zealand, source of some of the world's most boisterously scented whites, there's even a brand of Sauvignon Blanc called Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush. Don't know about the U.S. but it is widely available in Canada for approx $19 a bottle.
  3. Yes and Yes. They are very generous with the allocation based on $300 a day spending. If you end the cruise, for example, at $675, chances are you will get 3 bonus days.
  4. A Vista Suite is a suite and will show if you select "suite" as your search criteria. Any room identified as a "suite" on HAL's website or literature qualifies for double points and if it doesn't specify "suite" then it doesn't.
  5. And how many times have you done that? 🙄
  6. Any two people can share. You do not need to be from the same cabin.
  7. That's right. Mariner points (or days) are awarded based on your original booking. You would have been awarded double points had you upgraded to a NS before final payment and paid full price. If the offer comes from HAL after final payment (at a hugely discounted rate) you get points based on your original cabin.
  8. WOW ... You were on the original Voyage of the Vikings ?
  9. "Dressing up" is for kids and clowns. "Dressing properly" is for adults. 😉
  10. Just wondering why your travel agent did not automatically ask HAL for the ZPM credit while booking your 2020 cruise when you got back home? Guess not all travel agents are created equal LOL 🙄
  11. Unfortunately, not the case on all cruise lines. 🤐
  12. No priority boarding, or any other perks for that matter. What you get is one GREAT room. Very spacious, nice bathroom and large balcony. Enjoy!
  13. If it takes away space now available to regular passengers, I am against it. Getting back to making Tamarind into Club Orange, only available on 4 ships, I would suggest to turn the much underutilized Gallery Bar (now on Vista ships and later) into Club Orange. I have never seen the Gallery Bar busy at anytime. It is underutilized on most ships and as much a wasted space as the disco was. It could be an ideal space for Club Orange.
  14. No problem with the Neptune Lounge. It is a space for those who book suites at a higher basic fare than other passengers and they are getting what they paid for without taking anything away from anybody else. The Tamarind is now available to ALL guests regardless of type of stateroom. Closing it down and only allowing entry to suite occupants or those willing to pay a surcharge would deprive the general population of a great space they currently have access to. A backward step if you ask me.
  15. Not perfect if it prevents 90% of the passengers from enjoying that space without paying a surcharge. 🙄 And it is only on 4 ships.
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