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  1. We have noticed this happening many times in both the MDR and Specialty Restaurants at tables close to us. We have our way of avoiding this. When we sit down and the waiter approaches our table, we immediately inform him that we are not in a hurry and that we will be having wine (sometimes ours or sometimes theirs, does not matter) and that we will not order any food until our first glass of wine has been poured. The wine attendant shows up at our table within 2-3 minutes after that... and they are both trained for the rest of the cruise 😉
  2. Isn't life great? Now you can spill half price wine all over your clothes and get them cleaned for free
  3. Don't forget that it is also eligible for the 3-Star Mariner and 4-Star Mariner discounts of 25% and 50%. A wonderful place to have lunch on sea days.
  4. Same page where he talks about bathrobes in the Lido Buffet, pool chair hogging, cutting lines in the Lido Buffet, and being rude to HAL crew ... RIGHT ON THE BOOK's COVER PAGE !!!
  5. Don't really care what the number is as long as it's an "even" number 😉
  6. It seems more and more people are opting for this scenario once they reach 4 Star level. We did 😉
  7. We have been lucky enough to have our medallions presented by the Captain and Hotel Director every time. And, one time, we were accompanied to the Dining Room by the Hotel Director who sat and had lunch with us. Seems like this does not happen any more.
  8. Then choose a bottle the first night and ask the wine steward to deliver the other five to your room. They are your bottles to do with as you wish.
  9. More trouble than it's worth, really.
  10. No need for you to do that. Just let them keep the bottles in the Dining Room for you and they will bring you your selection every night. They will also keep any unfinished bottle and you can have it the next night (or you can bring it with you to finish somewhere else, a bar or your cabin,...it's up to you)
  11. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, it is very clear where HAL is going. Having BB King, Billboard Onboard and the Rock Room all playing at the same time at night is not quite the same as a nursing home. The times, they are a'changin my friend 😉, whether we like it or not. In trying to attract cruisers for many years ahead, some old traditions must unfortunately be dropped in favour of new traditions. To quote one of the greatest hockey players of all times, Wayne Gretzky, "I do not skate to where the puck is, I skate to where the puck will be!" And that is where HAL executives believe they are going, although I don't always have much faith in their beliefs.
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