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  1. Mario is also one of our favourites. Very personable and very present everywhere on the ship. His interaction with Captain Rens Van Eerten remains unmatched.
  2. They also dressed them up in the ugliest grey suits available that took away all individuality and personality. The bar staff and MDR waiters are better dressed than the CDs 😉 Come to think of it, so are the room stewards and tender drivers!
  3. Right now, HAL will gladly welcome anyone who is willing to part with some money! Doesn't matter what color, age, political stripe, nationality, height or weight ... just bring us your $$$
  4. Why are people acting like 5-year old kids on Christmas Eve regarding the return of cruising? The assumptions, wild guesses and illogical predictions are totally useless. Breathe in, breathe out, buy a few good books, grab your favorite chair and relax. The cruise lines, I am positive, will let us know when they are ready for us 😏
  5. Absolutely. I do not personally know the man and wish him no ill-will, but it was very obvious from the day he was appointed that he did not possess the skills or competencies required for the position he was granted. He was in way over his head, so to speak 😉.
  6. You do have to admit they they sort of look like the same thing 😏 Very confusing for the poor waiters...LOL
  7. They have been saying that just to get rid of people. Hopefully, that is not your case! Hang in there!
  8. So the first seating for early dining would be at 2 pm ??? People would probably complain that it interferes with their tea time 🙄
  9. And some people you talk to say there is more dancing on the smaller ships. They can't all be right 🤔
  10. I knew using the IRS as an example would set off a few rants. They are so well liked by millions of Americans. 😋 The IRS does this every year. They have systems designed to do this every year. Oh, and they don't really have to worry about shareholders and staying in business and taking care of their employees by trying to get them home. The problem with this theory is that one of the main functions of the IRS is to process tax returns, including refunds. Thus they have a large number of people dedicated to the task, and their systems are set up specifically and directly for it. My IRS return was 75 pages, it took my accountant a few months and then it was ready for my review, after that he e-filed. There was a lot of prep work before the IRS had to "push" the button. It took the IRS about 4 weeks to "push" the button with everything verified by a CPA to get my personal refund. The IRS didn't have to to do the preparation math. We really do like Holland America, as evidenced by our 5-Star Mariner status. We believe that their onboard service is an excellent value and are as anxious as anybody else to step foot on one their ships as soon as possible. What we have unfortunately noticed over the last few years is that their head office management team is certainly not up to par with their onboard teams. As I have said before ... a multi-million dollar international corporation managed like a corner store. Hopefully, this terrible pandemic will open some eyes and changes will be contemplated to ensure a brighter future. The changes at the top have already started and we look forward to what is to come. p.s. Your cheque is in the mail !
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