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  1. YAY!!! Hope the shipping cost to the US will be less. Keep us posted, please.
  2. Lisa -- could you share your FB name so I can look at the videos, please.
  3. My go-to is Spray & Wash - either the spray or it comes in a container like deodorant -- the latter is great for travel & I feel it works better than the spray.
  4. About a month after we bought our new Subaru we had to take it back for a run-through with a rep to explain all the bells & whistles we hadn't figured out. When we lifted the hood there was a lot of squirrel/mouse droppings throughout the engine compartment -- apparently Subaru used/uses soy something to coat the wires --- say what? Anyway we were told to put Downy (& only) fabric sheets in the engine compartment as well as 1 in the glove box as they don't like the smell.... so far so good & it's been about a year & half & no further damage..we change the sheets about ev
  5. All I can find for Dreft 3 oz is stain remover....???
  6. Thanks - I was thinking more of handwashing in the bathroom sink.
  7. Has anybody used these & what's your opinion of them? We're booked on a 35 day cruise & in the past, we've used the 'stuff the bag' plan, which we still will do, but there are some things I don't want to send to the laundry.... TIA
  8. The DAV is a terrific resource!! Helped hubby way more than any other agency.
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