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  1. I had some small ones on my thighs -- had them lasered with good results.
  2. I understand but the FCC was removed from our account by HAL when we requested the refund so we assumed, maybe in error, that the refund was going forward.
  3. We are still trying to get our refund from a cruise we cancelled for April, 2020---1st we requested FCCs which were credited to our account. After further thought, we decided we wanted a refund instead. It is now almost a year later & we are still hassling with HAL about getting it.
  4. & Costco might still sell it -- they did but haven't looked lately.
  5. Do a Google search for the brand you like.
  6. Hubby & I were supposed to get our 2nd Moderna shots today & tomorrow (in Washington State) but due to the weather, the shipments couldn't get here so we're rescheduled for next week.
  7. I've got the same patches on my neck (at the hair line - no other places on my body)....I've been diagnosed with plaque psoriasis....no cure & really just topicals to calm it down. Mine started when I was coloring my hair & my scalp really blistered from an ingredient in the dye that it turned out I was allergic to....had laser treatments that didn't help at all, tried different hair products (shampoos, conditioners) & when I (seldom) color it, I use Clairol Beautiful Colors --- semi-permanent color. Mine itches so I need to refrain from scratching it.
  8. In our county in Washington State there have been NO shipments of either vaccine for the last 2 weeks....not good for the clinics that have been set up. Hoping for some so those of us that have gotten the 1st shot can get the 2nd.
  9. DH packs a couple of days before & then ends up digging through his suitcase for something he already packed.... 😁. I pack most everything the night before & just add in the few things I used that night.
  10. We didn't have any reaction to the 1st ones either but today at my pulmonologist's office, the LPN there said after her 2nd one she was achy, nauseated, dizzy, felt weakened.....hope that doesn't happen to any of us....
  11. I, also, am a team member for our Covid shots here in Washington State --- it is truly an amazing experience to have so many patients express their thanks.
  12. We've done both boarding & house sitters....we prefer the housesitting arrangement when we're gone for any length of time.
  13. As a retired hospital RN I can appreciate this....
  14. Subaru does the same thing --- soy based wire covers...GRRR. Had only had my new car for 2 weeks (in the garage) & they had already visited. We were told Downy (& only Downy) dryer sheets would deter them....so far so good but they need replaced every couple of months.
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