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  1. We really liked the K with CO on our 35 day cruise in 2023 & have it booked for a December cruise BUT...I found a Caribbean cruise on the Volendam & am having a hard time thinking about going back to a smaller ship without a separate CO....see my signature for the ships we've been on & convince me which one I'd like better, please. TIA.
  2. I'm sorry Jacqui - somehow I missed, or have forgotten, what you did to your foot that's causing you such trouble.
  3. Yes, we upgraded to a Neptune & the laundry & CO that we prepaid were both refunded. ENJOY!
  4. This used to be my drink of choice - have to try it again.
  5. @JazzyV I don't know how tall you are - I'm 5'3" & my bed is 25" inches from the ground...it was probably the right height for me to back up to & logroll on to....unless the air mattress is really tall, you will need something higher.
  6. I had an issue with the one (& only) bratwurst I ordered - it wasn 't even warm in the middle! It was gross!!
  7. Oh Bruno I'm sorry for your loss but you were such a loving & caring son, know your dad passed in peace & love.
  8. Are they a low light or a bright light? Thanks....the ones I bought are super bright & very annoying.
  9. Here's our 14+ year old pup, Max. He's an Eskipoo - American Eskimo & poodle.
  10. I'm from western Washington where Louie Louie originated....it's my ringtone on my phone. 🙂
  11. @Nickelpenny Thanks for more fabulous pictures...they are amazing.
  12. & do try any garments on -- I bought a blouse/top & unfortunately it runs small --- wish I would have followed my advice....it's hanging in my closet & has never been worn.
  13. I'm chiming in on the doctor thread....I've never been crazy about my PCP -- he was a default choice when our previous PCP retired....I had dealt with the 'new guy' as a nurse & thought he was pretty good but as his patient, I've never been really satisfied with him. We have Medicare A & B as well as Kaiser....again I dealt with a Kaiser MD as a nurse & liked him (& worked with his sister, also an RN)...finally got an appointment to see him yesterday & he's working on getting my pain meds figured out so I can get some relief....the surgeon's PA put me on increasing doses of Gabapentin, which I didn't do....this new MD said 300 mg was probably too much & reduced the dose to 100 at bedtime along with Ultram once a day...too soon to know the results BUT....he's going on a sabbatical for 9 months so I won't be able to see him again till January.....anyway had a bunch of labs drawn yesterday, got a pneumonia booster, need a DXA scan, etc.....so so far I'm very pleased.
  14. We were under a small uncarpeted area of the Lido, near Canaletto, & we heard chair scraping around 10 pm every night....didn't last long but any cabin under the Lido is a hard no for us.
  15. Except when you don't like on our 35 day cruise out of San Diego last year....was part of the "herd".
  16. @JazzyV - have you tried Ultram (Tramadol)? I'm not sure if Gabapentin was really helping or just masking the pain & making me sleepy. Tramadol 50 mg q 6 hours as needed (Im only taking it when I get up & before bed) seems to help.
  17. Max, our Eskipoo, does much better with an inflatable collar than a cone.
  18. Finally a positive medical message!! DH & I have Medicare A & B & since he is a federal retiree we have Kaiser as a supplemental. Our PCP's office went to a membership practice effective January 1 to the tune of $250 pp per year which covers a lot. I decided since we were already paying for Kaiser I'd switch to an MD I dealt with when I was still a practicing RN. Noitified our PCP's practice on Friday to transfer my records to Kaiser & today I received a letter stating this practice would provide routine & emergency care for 30 days till I reestablish with another provider....I thought that was a very generous & thoughful thing for them to do.
  19. @kazu Have you asked your vet for recommendations? Since they make house calls I would think they would be a good resource or your groomer?
  20. We did this cruise in 2023 ....For Tahiti -- I wouldn't recommend Unique Tahiti Tours----finding the vehicle at the pier was somewhat confusing - the owner showed up but our driver wasn't there yet...owner gave me something to give to the driver when he did (which I did)...shortly after departing for the tour the Mercedes van started not starting after any stop that was made -- the driver finally figured out how to keep that from happening. The rest of the tour was as described except we stopped for lunch at a place, which was not included in the price of the tour as we found out after we'd eaten & there was no light or soap or hand sanitizer in the restroom. Then on the way back to the ship, the driver took us to his house where he had to touch base with his wife. We did see what was advertised but the whole thing was kind of weird.
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