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  1. The only concern I would have here is that it is a B2B and if submitted together could be considered 1 cruise of 27 days for $250 credit rather than 1 17 day at $250, and a 10 day at $100. Even with 2 booking numbers it might depend on the person receiving the request.
  2. Just checked and I found that Mighty Cruise Ships is on Discovery Canada, not available on my Discovery Channel - oh well, I'd love to see it.
  3. I originally posted the chart being referenced. I have stated several times that I don't know where it came from, but it appeared on the spreadsheet for the 2018 VoV. Posts have confirmed that they have paid the prices listed. As far as 20 and 25 days being the same price, I can offer two plausible explanations. One is simply a typo transferring the amounts to the original spreadsheet. Or, two, if you reference post 115 it shows that HAL is selling a package in advance for 20 - 26 days for one price, so it could be that when the spreadsheet was done everything between 20 and 25 days was the same price.
  4. The late shows generally start at 10pm and have seating available at showtime.
  5. For purchased OBC, go to "My Itinerary" and look at the first day. My purchased OBC shows up there. All was purchased by calling Ship's Services.
  6. I had an interesting situation at the end of my recent Nieuw Amsterdam cruise. I had both refundable and non refundable credit. On the last night of the cruise I cleared my account as usual. No problems. The next morning I had a note under my door directing me to see the front desk about my account. The first thing I did was look at my account on line and a new line was added "Promo Credits" with a charge of $10.12. Here is the situation. I spent more than my non refundable credit, but due to refunds (mainly for the internet being down for 2 days) and lower than normal spending I had a refund that exceeded my refundable credit. The night auditor came out and insisted he couldn't refund more than my refundable credit. I pointed out that I had spent more than my non refundable credit, and that if he didn't refund the full amount then I wouldn't be getting the full credit for the internet being out. He went to the back and one of the Guest Services people came out and said that it was taken care of and provided me a copy of the account zeroed out.
  7. Some notes about self-desembarkation. You MUST be able to handle your own luggage! I have seen people struggle with this, but the ship personnel won't help. On the Koningsdam last year we were told to gather in the (then) Lincoln Center Stage. When I arrived about 5 minutes before the appointed time the seating area was almost full. A few minutes later it was and people started congregating in the open area between Billboard and Lincoln Center. When the ship was cleared for desembarkation, ships crew made sure that those in Lincoln Center got off first and many of the people standing were upset. While you can carry your luggage off whenever you wish, if you have more than carry on luggage it gets in the way of everyone else trying to leave. It has gotten easier to find luggage in the big holding area, or maybe I'm just used to it now.
  8. Not from ship to ship, yes to length of cruise. All ships now have the three tiered plans which get cheaper per day as the cruise gets longer.
  9. Unless what you need to do includes streaming video and maybe video calls, I would stick to the surf package. For the first few cruises I did with the tiered packages I paid for the Premium Package as I thought I would need it. On my more recent three weeks I purchased only the surf package and it was fine for my needs. It will allow voice calls using What'sAp and Vontage VoIP. There will be no problem purchasing it once you are on board.
  10. I was on Nieuw Amsterdam from Feb 24 to today. I don't generally eat in the MDR, but each evening's menu had a note to the effect that $10 would be charged for additional entrees. It is not all ships, just four for testing, Nieuw Statendam is not included. There are 2 threads (at least) which discuss this fully.
  11. Same here, I found them last night when I started checking to make sure I had everything ready to pack. They don't really matter to me either. A couple of years ago I was in Portugal and bought a 2 port 220v usb charger so I am set either way. Helps in European hotels as well. Pictures with and without books for reference
  12. Verandah 5100 has 2 US 110v and 2 Euro 220v on the desk along with 2 usb chargers (behind the books). There are also 2 usb chargers, one on each side of the bed. I don't see any others
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